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TweetMany Canadians hoped to have bid a final farewell to offensive conservative Member of Parliament Rob Anders when he lost the Conservative Party nomination in Calgary-Signal Hill to Ron Liepert earlier this year. But perhaps it was wishful thinking to believe a stunning rebuke in the area of the city he represented for 17 years was enough to end […]

Alberta Diary: Rob Anders, Canada’s Worst MP, has been handed his great big hat a second time

Calgary West MP Rob Anders waves farewell from the back of a pickup truck, a type of vehicle that along with firearms was numbered among his most loved things. Below: Nomination victor Martin Shields; Mr. Anders in one of his favourite poses, with a great big pistol, and asleep in the House of Commons.

Leaving so soon, Mr. Anders? Here’s your hat.

Long before Canadians had the Ford Brothers to humiliate them around the globe, there was Rob Anders, the hardy perennial of the Canadian loony right – elected six times over 17 years by the inattentive voters (Read more…)

Calgary Grit: The Rob Anders Rejection Tour Continues

Rob Anders, hard at work

I know I said I wouldn’t blog much over the next year, but if I have to come on here every time Rob Anders loses a nomination, I’m going to run out of bandwidth.

Here was Rob back in July, on his decision to seek the CPC nomination in Bow River:

“I really feel that [Bow River] is the Alberta I moved to in the 1980s. It’s a place with more trucks, and it certainly wouldn’t have elected someone like Naheed Nenshi, or other liberals pretending to be Conservatives these days. I feel a real (Read more…) - Alberta politics: Nomination update: Yellowhead by-election, Bow River Tories vote, and Anybody but Xiao

TweetPremier Jim Prentice announced this week that five-term Conservative Member of Parliament Rob Merrifield would be appointed as Alberta’s representative in Washington D.C. Mr. Merrifield’s resignation from the House of Commons means that a federal by-election will need to be called in the Yellowhead riding by March 17, 2015. This would be the fourth federal […] - Alberta politics: Alberta Politics Catch Up: Pipelines, Planes, Cities and Rob Anders

TweetSpending a few days in another province can sometimes give you a different perspective on important national issues. Spending the last week in British Columbia served as a good reminder to this political watcher about how emotional the debate around pipelines and the Oilsands are in Alberta’s neighbouring province. While I am sure opinion is divided in B.C., I lost […]

Alberta Diary: Blogosphere heaves sigh of relief: ‘Canada’s Worst MP’ Rob Anders is back, for now anyway

Rob Anders in his second most famous pose, the most famous with his eyes open, with 4.5-litre hat plus circa-.45 revolver. Mr. Anders is thought to be Canada’s Worst MP and hopes to keep it that way. Below: Bow River Conservative candidates Rolly Ashdown and Martin Shields.

Rob Anders to Canada: “I’m baaaaaaaaack!”

It’s a staple of the horror movie genre: You can’t keep a bad man down. Who can forget Hannibal Lecter’s last call to Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs? “I’m having an old friend for dinner.”

Or Jack Torrance in the Shining (Read more…)

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Rob Anders New Gig: Smitin’ The Infidel For YOU, Alberta!

@Bigcitylib2 @paulisci @colbycosh Brooks Medieval Faire a short while ago. Anders was introduced as “MP for this area.”— Chris Turner (@theturner) August 9, 2014 - Alberta politics: Rob Anders to run in new Bow River riding?

TweetSources say that controversial Member of Parliament Rob Anders is preparing to run for the federal Conservative nomination in new rural Bow River riding south east of Calgary. The six-term MP has represented Calgary-West since 1997 but lost a heated Conservative nomination contest in the new Calgary-Signal Hill riding to former Progressive Conservative MLA Ron Liepert. It was previously been speculated that Mr. Anders could […] - Alberta politics: Tories invite Mike Allen back in, Wildrose show Joe Anglin the door

TweetProgressive Conservative MLAs have voted to extend an invitation to Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo MLA Mike Allen to rejoin their caucus. Mr. Allen, a relatively popular first-term politician in his constituency, left the PC caucus after he was arrested while trying to hire two prostitutes in St. Paul, Minnesota. Unfortunately for the Mr. Allen, the prostitutes happened to be police officers. […]

Calgary Grit: 10 Years of Blogging

Happy Trails

Back when I first sat down to rant about politics on May 15th 2004, I never expected I’d still be doing this over 3,000 posts later. The blog has outlasted 3 Liberal leaders, been through 4 federal elections, and documented my involvement on a handful of losing leadership campaigns. During that time, Bart Ramson turned into Dan Arnold, I moved to Edmonton, finished school, and became a “Toronto Grit”. Shortly thereafter, Naheed Nenshi became mayor of Calgary and Rob Ford became mayor of Toronto. Go figure.

Nenshi and Ford have provided me with bountiful amounts (Read more…)

Alberta Diary: With friends like these… How much did gun lovers’ aid hurt Rob Anders’ candidacy?

Soon-to-be-former MP Rob Anders with would-be MP Melissa Mathieson. Did this photo help, or hurt, his unsuccessful candidacy? Below: Ron Liepert, the Conservative who beat Mr. Anders in the Calgary Signal Hill riding nomination battle.

How big a role did the guns ’n’ ammo crowd play in the defeat Calgary West MP Rob Anders by former Alberta PC cabinet minister Ron Liepert for the Conservative Party nomination in the new Calgary Signal Hill riding?

It’s impossible to say with any certainty, of course, because there were a bazillion and one perfectly good reasons for the Conservative Party members who got (Read more…)

Alberta Diary: Waiting in ambush for PC leadership candidate Ken Hughes: the ghosts of health care disasters past and present

Back in the day when Alberta Health Services was still full of promise, AHS board chair Ken Hughes, above left, got his instructions from health minister Ron Liepert, right. Mr. Hughes is now a candidate for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party and Mr. Liepert is a candidate for Parliament. So far, though, Mr. Hughes is the only candidate for the leadership! Actual Alberta politicians may not appear exactly as illustrated. Below: the real Mr. Hughes and Shiraz Shariff, the last Alberta politician to beat Mr. Hughes in a fair fight.


Unless some brave outsider (Read more…) - Alberta politics: Conservatives spar for safe Alberta ridings

TweetWhile the epic battle between Rob Anders and Ron Liepert in Calgary-Signal Hill was entertaining to watch, preparation for the next federal election has sparked nomination contests in ridings across the province. And with two by-elections expected to be called within weeks, federal political parties are lining up their candidates for the vote. By-Election nominations Fort McMurray-Athabasca […]

Calgary Grit: Vote Out Anders

It was Ron Liepert by a nose for the Calgary Signal Hill Conservative nomination.

“Secret Liberal” Ron Liepert has done what a mayor, cabinet minister, and premier failed to do – defeated Rob Anders. And, boy, do typing those words ever feel good.

First elected in 1997, Rob Anders gained notoriety in 2001, voting against honourary citizenship for Nelson Mandela and calling him a “terrorist” – a sentiment Anders doubled down on earlier this year after Mandela’s death. In between, he has been a punching bag for progressives, and pretty much everyone who follows politics (except for former (Read more…) - Alberta politics: Good riddance, Rob Anders

TweetIt finally happened. The man who called Nelson Mandela a terrorist, insulted Canada’s veterans, and called for war against Russia, has suffered his first major defeat since he was first elected in 1997. After a campaign filled with accusations of dirty tricks and political mischief, arch conservative Member of Parliament Rob Anders lost the Conservative Party nomination in the new […]

Montreal Simon: Rob Anders: The Con Loon Finally Bites the Dust

He tried every dirty trick in the book to try to win his nomination battle.He smeared his opponents as closet Liberals. He used misleading robocalls against them. He called on his rabid religious base to save him.But nothing could stop the Con loon Rob Anders from facing his own personal Armageddon. Read more »

Alberta Diary: Rob Anders loses by a nose in Signal Hill as Cowtown Cons make the best of a bad choice

Lost by a nose … but what a nose! A 22-year-old Rob Anders in 1994, heckling an Oklahoma politician. Below: Calgary Signal Hill nomination victor Ron Liepert; Mr. Anders as he looks today.

There was blood in the water of the Bow River as it flowed through Cowtown last night.

After a while, it became clear the metaphorical blood had been shed by the ever-embarrassing Rob Anders, who at a mere 42 years of age had served an excruciating six terms as the Reform, Alliance and Conservative Member of Parliament for the Calgary West riding, which will soon cease to (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Rob Anders and the Ghastly Foulness of the Cons

I see that voters in the riding of Calgary Signal Hill will be deciding the fate today of the Con loon Rob Anders.And that his opponent believes that this time he can be beaten.Ron Liepert says it's a myth that controversial Calgary MP Rob Anders is somehow untouchable after a 17-year run in federal politics. And it's a streak he's hoping to bust when federal Conservatives in the riding on Calgary Signal Hill pick their nominee on Saturday. So you might think that Stephen Harper and his inner circle would be secretly hoping that Liepert can rid (Read more…) - Alberta politics: Conservatives race to the bottom in Calgary-Signal Hill

TweetWith the race for the Conservative Party nomination in Calgary-Signal Hill in less than 10 days, the Rob Anders campaign has broadcast a new robocall praising the incumbent MP for decreasing the federal Goods and Services Tax. The message also includes an attack on his opponent Ron Liepert for musing about introducing a Provincial Sales […]

Montreal Simon: Rob Anders and the Shootout at the Con Corral

When I see two guys getting ready to fight each other, my usual instinct is to try to separate them before somebody gets hurt.In the best peacekeeping tradition of this country.Or whatever…

But I have to admit that when I see Cons getting ready to fight each other, especially in redneck Alberta, my message to them is more like this:Hey guys, wait until I get out of the way eh? And then feel free to beat yourselves BLOODY !!!! Read more »

The Canadian Progressive: He called Nelson Mandela a terrorist, now claims Harper endorsement

by: Obert Madondo

Chances are you would never vote for Rob Anders even if you were a hard-core Conservative. The Calgary West MP is one of the most disagreeable politicians in Canada.

In 2001, the former Reform Party MP once called South African anti-apartheid icon, Nelson Mandela, a “terrorist“. He prevented the House of Commons from making Nelson Mandela an honorary Canadian citizen, and called the South African anti-apartheid icon a “terrorist.”

Then, as I blogged in October, 2012, he took his political grotesqueness to another level when he suggested that NDP Leader, Thomas Mulcair, had helped (Read more…)

The Cracked Crystal Ball II: Democracy, As Rob Anders Would Write It

Rob “Sleepy” Anders must be feeling the heat from having competition running against him for the nomination in Calgary Signal Hill.

Yesterday, he threatened to sue Ron Liepert over claims that Liepert’s campaign made that Anders’ campaign was making misleading phone calls to constituents. Liepert responded with a statement that says Elections Canada is investigating the incident. 

“We’ve filed complaints based on specific instances of calls from the Anders’ campaign phone number claiming to be the Liepert campaign,” he said in an email.

Today, he comes trotting out to claim that the dreaded “Red Tories” are trying to hijack his “True (Read more…) - Alberta politics: Harper endorses Rob Anders and more nomination updates

TweetWith Dave Hancock being sworn-in as the 15th Premier of Alberta and speculation running rampant about who will replace him in four to six months, I thought now would be a good opportunity to provide a quick update about nominations for federal election candidates in Alberta. Calgary-Signal Hill In what could be a deciding factor in one […]

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Great Illusion

Well he must be feeling pretty good these days. It must be his happy hour.Parliament is shutdown so he doesn't have to answer any questions about any of his many scandals.Or his foul voter suppression bill.Instead he can pose as a champion of democracy in Ukraine, harvest the ethnic vote, and dream of stealing the next election.But unfortunately for him it is too good to be true. It is just an illusion.Read more »

Alberta Diary: Dumber than a bag of Anders: Have gun-slingin’ Cowtown MP’s pistol-packin’ pals shot their patron in both feet?

The offending photo of MP Rob Anders and would-be MP Melissa Mathieson, which first turned up on a National Firearms Association Facebook page, then a political blog, then the mainstream media and has now entered the annals of idiocy. Below: the offending target; an example of a target Mr. Anders would have been smarter to pose with; Calgary Signal Hill nomination candidate Ron Liepert; and McLeod nomination candidate John Barlow.

Who squealed on Calgary West Conservative MP Rob Anders when he was playing Charlie’s Angel with a real gun and a candidate seeking a Harper Conservative nomination in a riding (Read more…)