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What you’re not being told about Libya

Bob Powell of Above Top Secret neatly unpacks the Libyan revolution-that-wasn’t. Some interesting shockers I hadn’t heard yet include the presence of al-Qaida, apparently operating with CIA blessing, in the “National Transitional Council”, and the presence of Qatari troops, in their own country’s uniform and speaking with distinctly non-African accents, among the so-called “rebels”. (The racist murders of the black Africans in Libya, often slandered as “mercenaries”, WERE known to me, but not the actual identity of who was behind them.)

Whatever your feelings on Gaddafi (and my own, like Powell’s, are very mixed), by the end of all

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Mona Eltahawy: assaulted, but unbowed

Egyptian journalist, feminist and blogger (and now US dual citizen) Mona Eltahawy tweeted the above picture at about 9 am today. She was back in Cairo to report on the latest round of protest actions at Tahrir Square, but the local police got hold of her. What followed, according to her tweet-stream, was this:

It was followed, a few hours later, by this:

She also tweeted this pic, captioned “My right hand is so swollen I can’t close it”:

She suffered fractures to that hand, as well as her left arm.

Worse than the injuries, though, were the indignities that

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Festive Left Friday Blogging: The Greatest Love Story on Earth

“Occupy Love”, featuring Asmaa Mahfouz, the young Egyptian woman who started the protest movement that eventually came to occupy all of Tahrir Square, toppling Hosni Mubarak and setting in motion a revolution that is still very much in pro… . . . → Read More: Festive Left Friday Blogging: The Greatest Love Story on Earth

Putin asks a pertinent question

Does anyone have a pertinent answer for him? I think someone does: As usual, it’s the OIL, stupid! Meanwhile, Glenn Greenwald summarizes why no decent person should support what NATO is doing to Libya: No decent human being would possibly harbor any sympathy for Gadaffi, just as none harbored any for Saddam. It’s impossible not [...] . . . → Read More: Putin asks a pertinent question

Economics for Dummies: Mike Ruppert on provocateurs and the British riots

Mike Ruppert, a former drug-enforcement cop from Los Angeles who helped expose the CIA’s role in drug smuggling to the US, analyzes the London riots. These riots have an economic root, and it’s NOT what the conservatives of the British parliament would have us believe. This is actually global in nature, and the Arab Spring [...] . . . → Read More: Economics for Dummies: Mike Ruppert on provocateurs and the British riots

In Toronto this weekend?

Then you might be interested in attending this: From Hands Off Venezuela’s e-mail list, the details: Subject: Please on the the 24thshow your solidarity with Venezuela! Sent by the Louis Riel Bolivarian Circle/Hands Off Venezuela DEAR FRIENDS OF THE VENEZUELAN BOLIVARIAN REVOLUTION, THESE LAST 12 YEARS, THE INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL OPPOSITION TO THE BOLIVARIAN REVOLUCION [...] . . . → Read More: In Toronto this weekend?

Le Snog

An enigmatic image from last night’s post-hockey riots apparently has CBC in a twit-storm: Actually, I like this image a lot better than the ones of rioters jumping on cop-cars. It’s a much truer reflection of what Vancouverites (and Canadians in general) are normally like. And no, rioting is NOT due to anarchy OR “just [...] . . . → Read More: Le Snog

Collateral Suicide

What do I have against the “humanitarian intervention” of NATO in Libya? Lots of things. This video contains a clue as to some of them: So, let’s recap: So far, no Gaddafi. Their main target (as declared by NATO) remains strangely elusive, considering all the “smart” weaponry they’ve supposedly deployed against him. All this for [...] . . . → Read More: Collateral Suicide

So, “Arab Spring” was the wrong thing for Brigette to say?

Funny, but actual Egyptians don’t think so: The Arab Spring, they say, isn’t about ballot boxes, it’s about the dignity of humanity. Something the Harper Government™ doesn’t respect, and probably never did. While we’re at it, let’s compare and contrast some other right and wrong ways to look at what Brigette did. First, the wrong [...] . . . → Read More: So, “Arab Spring” was the wrong thing for Brigette to say?