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Politics and its Discontents: Critical Thinking – Yes. Fear Mongering – No.

Last week I wrote a post critical of Rex Murphy’s CBC opinion about how the Syrian refugee situation should be handled by Justin Trudeau. At first blush, his view that more time should be taken in admitting 25,000 to Canada seemed reasonable. However, … . . . → Read More: Politics and its Discontents: Critical Thinking – Yes. Fear Mongering – No.

Politics and its Discontents: Rex Murphy On Canada’s Refugee Plans

While I am hardly dismissive of those who are expressing concerns about the speed with which the Liberal government is planning to bring in Syrian refugees, those concerns, I believe, are being exploited by some for less than noble purposes. Take, for … . . . → Read More: Politics and its Discontents: Rex Murphy On Canada’s Refugee Plans

Politics and its Discontents: A Reconsideration

While I have written about the importance of critical thinking many times on this blog, I have always considered it an ideal, a destination that we should strive for throughout our lives. Never is the journey complete; never are we entirely free from our cultural, political and social contexts and values, all of which act as filters through which we interpret events and ideas. It’s all part of being human, and I am acutely aware of the biases through which I see things.

One of my biggest biases, of course, is political in nature. I detest the Harper regime and (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: I Start To Worry

This is, I believe, the second time in recent weeks that I have agreed with Rex Murphy. You see my problem.

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Montreal Simon: Amanda Lang, Rex Murphy, and the Journalistic Crimes of CBC Management

If there was any doubt that CBC management has either lost its moral compass, or its marbles, now there can be none.For all you have to do to arrive at that conclusion is read how they are defending Amanda Lang.So, let's add it up: the government thought RBC did something wrong and RBC apologized for doing something wrong. But Lang said they didn't, and now CBC management says she's "technically correct." Which couldn't be more absurd.Or watch Rex Murphy in action this weekend at the Manning Networking Conference, along with all the other Con clowns…Read more »

Cowichan Conversations: VIDEO: Rex Murphy calls on Canada to go to war against Stephen Harper’s terror bill

Politics and its Discontents: Rex Murphy Praises Thomas Mulcair’s Stand on Bill C-51

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have no particular use for Rex Murphy. Yet last night I found myself in total agreement with him as he offered an eloquent rebuke of Harper’s Bill C-51 by praising NDP leader Thomas Mulcair’s opposition to it. You can watch his reasons below:

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Montreal Simon: CBC Management Surrenders and Bans Paid Appearances

It's taken them long enough, and it never should have happened in the first place.But the useless managers at the CBC have finally surrendered, and banned paid appearances. Read more »

Politics and its Discontents: Meanwhile, Back At The Trough

The steps of Peter Mansbridge and Rex Murphy, I imagine, have a bit of a spring today, content in the knowledge that they are no longer outliers in the land of journalistic conflicts of interest. There’s a new kid on the block (or, perhaps more appropriately, at the trough).

The Toronto Star reports that Global News anchor Leslie Roberts has been caught in a multitude of egregious conflicts of interests, promoting on air and in his tweets the interests of clients of BuzzPR, the public relations firm he owns with a partner:

Here is but one example of that the (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Another Good Reason Why Rex Murphy Should be Fired

You might think that after all that happened at the CBC this year, Rex Murphy might know when to press the mute button.You might think that with all those horrible stories about violence against women, that nasty Con dwarf might exhibit a smidgen of human decency.But no, he'd rather use his last National Post column of the year to dump all over the feminist movement.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Rex Murphy, Jian Ghomeshi, and the CBC Cult of Celebrity

It's hard to imagine a more ghastly thing to watch on a grim, grey, fall day in Harperland, than Rex Murphy on Jian Ghomeshi.The only thing more depressing would be a Stephen Harper speech, or an ISIS video.But I watched it anyway eh?Because I'm really interested in what people who work at the CBC have to say about that scandal, after seeing that its hapless managers are claiming they had no idea that their big star was harassing women and bullying his staff. Read more »

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Rex Murphy Whips It Out

His vocabulary, to show everyone how big it is.  PS.  The link works, but you don’t have to read.  Although I think somewhere about paragraph three Rex deploys a 12 syllable word meaning “cheese-burger”.

Montreal Simon: Rex Murphy: When a Pimp becomes a Pope

Lordy. I swear to Godzilla I didn't think it was possible. I really didn't believe you could be a pimp and a Pope at the same time.And the resident right-wing demagogue of the CBC's flagship news program.But Rex Murphy has proved me wrong.It turns out you can be a ghastly oil pimp, and still publish religious tracts like this one. Read more »

Montreal Simon: If the CBC Wants to Honour Knowlton Nash it Must Fire Rex Murphy

On a day when the country is mourning the CBC icon and distinguished Canadian Knowlton Nash. At a time when the CBC is bleeding to death from the savage cuts imposed by the brutish un-Canadian Harper regime.And some of its most admired journalists are taking early retirement, to try to protect the jobs of some of their younger colleagues. All honour to them.I only have one question: will the CBC now also do the honourable thing and finally fire Rex Murphy?Read more »

Politics and its Discontents: The CBC Ombudsman Makes Her Ruling

As reported by Andrew Mitrovica on iPolitiics, the CBC ombudsman, Esther Enkin, has finally reached her decision on the many conflict of interest complaints lodged against Rex Murphy and Peter Mansbridge.

Briefly, here is what she said:

“Given that Journalistic Standards and Practices spells out a commitment to independence, and the Conflict of Interest guidelines encompass perception of conflict as well, it is inconsistent with policy when CBC news and current affairs staff accept payment from groups that are likely to be in the news.

She has a somewhat timid suggestion for CBC management:

“But since taking money leads (Read more…)

The Cracked Crystal Ball II: Rex Murphy: We All Know You Are A Tory Hack …

… now just shut up about it and let the grownups talk, please.

Talk about pathetic.  In a previous column, Murphy was emphatic about how he speaks to his own beliefs and none other.  While one might almost believe that, when Murphy’s “own beliefs” sound suspiciously like talking points out of the PMO, Murphy’s audience needs to get a little more suspicious. Generally speaking, the idea of political parties blending forces, making deals with one another during elections, is not a sound one. Political parties have identities, and those identities emerge from their policies and history — and from their differences (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: CBC’s The Current: The Ethics Of Journalists And Paid Speaking Engagements

While I and others have written about Rex Murphy’s close relationship to the oil industry, a relationship that appears to be in direct conflict with his position at the CBC, Peter Mansbridge has also been embroiled in controversy recently because of a speech he give to the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP). Indeed, and somewhat parenthetically, The Star’s Heather Mallick has a blistering assessment today of Peter’s moonlighting activities.

So what constitutes proper and improper speechifying? Yesterday on CBC’s The Current, a good debate, guest-hosted by Jeffrey Kaufman, took place. Kaufman, a former Canadian journalist now working in (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: First CBC’s Rex Murphy, Now Peter Mansbridge Making Big Bucks From Oil And Gas Corporations


The CBC Should Fire Peter Mansbridge And Rex Murphy



CBC’s Peter Manbridge and Rex Murphy-The Money Is Good!

Check out this Huffington Post Canada report by Michael BolenCBC anchor Peter Mansbridge was paid by a top oil and gas industry group to give a speech on energy, raising new questions about the broadcaster’s conflict of interest policies in the wake of revelations about contributor Rex Murphy’s ties to the energy sector.

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) paid Mansbridge to speak at its Investment Symposium in December 2012 and a photo of him giving the (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: The CBC Responds To My Complaint About Rex Murphy

I received the following email yesterday from Jack Nagler, Director of Journalistic Public Accountability and Engagement at the CBC, regarding my conflict of interest complaint about Rex Murphy. Because the review is ongoing, I am treating this only as an interim response. I therefore present the letter with no commentary on my part, but please feel free, as always, to express your own views here.

Thank you for your Feb. 5th email to the CBC Ombudsman about Rex Murphy. There have been suggestions he is in a conflict of interest because he has given paid speeches to groups supportive of (Read more…)

Alberta Diary: Revelation CAPP paid Mansbridge, defender of Murphy’s speaking fees, brings simmering controversy back to boil

CBC Chief Correspondent Peter Mansbridge, back in the day before he could seriously contemplate receiving a $28,000 speaking fee just for flapping his gums over dinner. (Photo found on the Internet.) Below: Similarly compensated CBC commentator Rex Murphy, presumably at about the same moment in history. Below that: Wildrose Party Leader Danielle Smith’s enthusiastic review of Mr. Murphy’s remarks to an oil industry audience and a shot Mr. Mansbridge’s appearance before CAPP from the group’s Facebook page.

There he is, not quite as large as life and rather blurry, but nevertheless front and centre on the Facebook page of (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Rex Murphy’s Obscene and Demagogic Assault On His Critics

I see that Rex Murphy has finally responded to complaints that he is in a conflict of interest when he attacks environmentalists on the CBC, while shilling for Big Oil.And that he has done it in his usual fashion, by trying to bury the inconvenient truth under a mountain of big words. Read more »

The Disaffected Lib: Rex Murphy’s Best Friend and Staunchest Defender – Why That’d be Rex Murphy

Wherein Rex assures us all, soiled linens aside, he has not been sleeping with Big Oil and, indeed, always says what’s on his mind, unfettered though that may be by facts.

Rex, what’s that line about “thou doth protest too much, methinks”? 

Alberta Diary: Future bleak for Brent Rathgeber’s CBC disclosure bill; perhaps less so for Rex Murphy’s commentaries

Your blogger with CBC commentator Rex Murphy, quite possibly on his way to a speaking engagement with the oil industry. Below: the same blogger with Edmonton-St. Albert Member of Parliament Brent Rathgeber, who has a date with history next week; the controversial Press Progress Rex Murphy info-graphic.

ST. ALBERT, Alberta

MP Brent Rathgeber’s private member’s bill, the CBC and Public Service Disclosure and Transparency Act, is scheduled to be back before the denizens of the House of Commons on Wednesday night.

Bill C-461 has no chance of passing in the form the Edmonton-St. Albert Member of Parliament desires for (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: A Leading Exemplar of The CBC’s Policy Of Conservative Appeasement

Thanks to Montreal Simon, DESMOG CANADA, Press Progress and others for alerting us to the true extent of Rex Murphy’s egregious conflict of interest in his role as CBC commentator.

Murphy is yet another sad but solid indication of the policy of appeasement the Corporation has adopted toward the Harper cabal.

My own complaint to the CBC about this disgraceful state of affairs is still awaiting a response. When I filed it a couple of weeks ago, this is what I received from their ombudsman:

I write to acknowledge receipt of your email. The first step in the (Read more…)

Trashy's World: If Peter Mansbridge or Jian Ghomeshi…

… were rabid cheerleader against the oil sands or any other conservative darling, you can bet that there asses would be on the line! But Rex Murphy can exult in the virtues of the massive western projects all he wants and with impertinence without fear of reprisal. He can take money from the oil sand […]