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Politics and its Discontents: PROOF of Tory Election Fraud

Today I received an email from The Council of Canadians which includes a link to a sworn affidavit by Annette Desagne, a former employee of Responsive Marketing Group, attesting to election fraud through the misdirection of voters to the wrong polling stations. When you read the actual affidavit, you will see that she was clearly under the direction of the Conservative Party, and that her calls were not the actions of a rogue employee nor an isolated incident, both of which ‘explanations’ have been offered by the Harper regime.

First, an excerpt from the email:

You may have heard claims

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BigCityLib Strikes Back: A Point Worth Noting

Keith Beardsley writes:

Canadians are tuned into this story because they get these types of calls all the time. They understand the issue. Who hasn’t been called at the dinner hour by some type of telemarketer? Even if they weren’t called in the last election the general public can relate to the story, for this reason alone this story is real to Canadians and they are paying attention to it.

I would go even further and say that a fair number of Canadians have had direct contact with the Responsive Marketing Group, one of the phone spammers at the heart of