Prog Blog’s Flickr Photostream Vice: Canadian Cops Want to Search Your Mail

Update: The RCMP is now going after your mail.

Article by Justin Ling for Vice

With a federal election in its home stretch, Canada’s chiefs of police have issued a wish list of investigative powers they are hoping that the country’s next prime minister can deliver — everything from allowing them to search Canadians’ mail, to pulling back the curtain on anonymity online.

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The Canadian Progressive: RCMP planning mass arrests of indigenous Unist’ot’en activists under Bill C-51: Reports

Canadian rights defenders are warning that the RCMP is planning mass arrests of members of the indigenous Unist’ot’en First Nation using the country’s new police state law, Bill C-51.

The post RCMP planning mass arrests of indigenous Unist’ot’en activists under Bill C-51: Reports appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Cowichan Conversations: Activists Warn That The RCMP Are Planning Mass Arrest of Indigenous Activists Under Bill C-51

Conservative Leader Steve Harper!

The website ‘Thinkpol’ has posted a warning that the RCMP are preparing to move against the the Unist’ot’en clan blockade.

It certainly would raise the temperature politically. Perhaps that is

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Accidental Deliberations: Tuesday Morning Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Howard Elliott writes about the need for senior levels of government to help address the housing needs facing Canadian communities. And the report from Saskatchewan’s advisory group on poverty reduction includes housing among its key priorities as well (while also favouring work on a basic income).

- Meanwhile, Armine Yalnizyan reminds us that the Cons’ destruction of the census is making it far more difficult to identify and address social problems.

- Justin Ling documents the latest example of Stephen Harper’s utter contempt for the concept of accountability, as national media outlets (Read more…) National NewsWatch: Police demand access to your online records without a warrant

Article by Jim Bronksill for the Canadian Press

OTTAWA – A new administrative scheme that would allow police to obtain basic information about Internet subscribers without a warrant is one option being considered by federal officials following a landmark Supreme Court ruling that curbed access to such data, Canadian police chiefs say.

The glimpse into federal deliberations about how to address the highly influential court decision comes in a newly published background document from the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, which is urging the government to fill the legislative gap.

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Montreal Simon: Michael Harris: Have the Mounties Become Harper’s Private Police?

A few days ago I wrote a post where I wondered why the RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson has so far failed to explain the reason his investigators decided not to charge Nigel Wright for his role in the Duffy scandal.Even though he promised to do that more than a year ago.Now Michael Harris goes a step further and wonders whether the Mounties have become Harper's private police force. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Duffy Cover-Up: Why the RCMP Must Explain Itself

Now that we know that Stephen Harper's lawyer believed that Nigel Wright had Harper sign off on a five-point plan to payoff Mike Duffy. That good to go really meant good to go. And now that we know this:Donald Bayne, Duffy’s defence lawyer, read from the transcript of a police interview Perrin did a year ago: “He [Wright] was explicit the prime minister approved of the responses to Ms. Payne [Duffy’s lawyer], so as I said at the time, the prime minister had approved all of the five points articulated by Mr. Wright.” “That was an accurate (Read more…)

The Disaffected Lib: Will Sergeant Horton Please Take the Stand

There’s a critical aspect to the Duffy trial that we’re not going to get out of Harper’s PMO staff or his “loyal unto death” shills in the Senate or the Conservative Party executive.

It’s an aspect that goes to what appears to be a political prosecution that, it could be argued, calls justice into disrepute thereby violating Duffy’s Charter rights.

It goes from then corporal, now sergeant Horton, the investigating officer straight up to the commissioner, Hank Paulson.  Did they “fix” the investigation of the Wright-Duffy scandal in the only way possible to nail Duffy and take everyone else off (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Martha Friendly examines what a “national child care program” actually means. And Jim Stanford makes a compelling economic case as to why Canada needs one: In the case of early childhood education, however, this standard claim of government “poverty” is exactly backwards.  Because there is overwhelming and credible economic evidence that investing in universal ECE programs is actually a money-maker for governments.  In this case, the argument is truly not whether government can afford to provide universal quality care.  In reality, especially at a moment in history when economists worry (Read more…)

Pushed to the Left and Loving It: The Most Powerful Symbol You Will See This Election

I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind. John Diefenbaker

On January 6, 1941, Franklin Roosevelt, in his State of the Union Address; put forward four tenets of freedom that every citizen should enjoy:Freedom of SpeechFreedom of WorshipFreedom from WantFreedom from FearI watched a short Canadian newsreel recently, (Read more…)

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The Canadian Progressive: Anonymous “now privy to many of Stephen Harper’s most cherished secrets”

Anonymous has started releasing high-level documents retrieved from secure Harper government computers as retaliation for the RCMP’s recent murder of a protester in British Columbia.

The post Anonymous “now privy to many of Stephen Harper’s most cherished secrets” appeared first on The Canadian Progressive. Toronto Star: RCMP tracked Toronto activists with fake Facebook profile

Would liking a page or an article about blacklivesmatter on your social profile get you tracked by the RCMP, looking for other “subversive” materials? Does sharing content about social equality make you an activist? Subversive? A target of the RCMP?

And what’s next, under C-51… ?

Article by Laurent Bastien Corbeil for the Toronto Star

Has a waddle of penguins ever “liked” your Facebook page? If so, your account may have been monitored by the RCMP.

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Accidental Deliberations: Tuesday Morning Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Christopher Majka reviews Henry Mintzberg’s Rebalancing Society as a noteworthy discussion of the need for balance between the public, private and “plural” sectors. And David Madland is pleased to see the U.S.’ Democrats finally fighting back against the view that the corporate sector is the only one worth favouring through government.

- But there’s far more to be done in putting the public back in public policy – particularly when, as Bill Tieleman points out, we’re being asked to accept more and more strict “trade” agreements designed to ensure (Read more…)

Alberta Politics: Alison Redford is back, relaxed and ready to rumble with anyone who blames her for her former party’s problems

PHOTOS: A screen shot of former Alberta Premier Alison Redford as she appeared in the CBC’s interview yesterday, relaxed and confident. Below: Ms. Redford on the day in October 2011 she was chosen as the Progressive Conservative Party’s leader and premier of Alberta, and on the day in March 2014 she was sent packing by […]

The post Alison Redford is back, relaxed and ready to rumble with anyone who blames her for her former party’s problems appeared first on Alberta Politics.

Bill Longstaff: Going to jail for words

One morning in early June, Aaron Driver was walking to his bus stop in Winnipeg’s Charleswood neighbourhood when a white, unmarked van pulled up, armed men got out, forced him into the van and drove away. This is Canada, so of course the men were police officers and they were taking Mr. Driver, or Harun Abdurahman as he calls himself on twitter, to jail where he spent the next eight days.


Accidental Deliberations: Monday Morning Links

Assorted content to start your week.

- Paul Rosenberg documents how Bernie Sanders is tapping into widespread public desire and support for more socially progressive policies: Sanders is right to think that Scandanavian socialism would be popular here in the U.S., if only people knew more about it. And he’s right to make spreading that awareness a goal of his campaign. In fact, on a wide range of issue specifics Sanders lines up with strong majorities of public opinion—and has for decades.

You can get a strong sense of this from the results of the “Big Ideas” poll (Read more…) Motherboard: Canadian police looked into buying hacking software

The Internet, the greatest tool for connectivity that humankind has ever invented,  ins in danger of being turned into something it was never intended to be— a tool for governments to spy on the private lives of everybody.

Article by Matthew Braga for Motherboard

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Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Harper Police

Well as you know, Stephen Harper has turned the RCMP into the Harper Police. And sadly the Musical Ride isn't what it once was. Is there no place now where Canadians can be spared the Conservative government’s jingoistic militaristic bleating with its conjured-up images of dangers lurking around every corner, nurturing the fear that “others” are out to rob us of our freedoms?”But every now and then the Mounties still do get their man.Read more »

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: The Queen City Ex Musical Ride

Here’s an advance preview, if a similar “musical ride” comes to Regina?

Kids expecting horses and music from RCMP Musical Ride treated to para-military violence.

— CC (@canadiancynic) June 29, 2015

In-Sights: Discriminating justice: inequality before the law

Almost eight years after the death of Robert Dziekanski, Taser-toting RCMP constable Kwesi Millington was dealt a card that read, “Go Directly to Jail.” Of course, an appeal may see Millington free on bail soon and the process should ensure the RCMP pays lawyers on this case for years to come.

Millington’s 30-month sentence was not for deploying a conducted energy weapon five times nor for failure to provide medical assistance to the unconscious and breathless Polish traveller. Instead it was for perjury after he fabricated testimony given at the Braidwood Inquiry investigating Dziekanski’s death.

Former police corporal Monty (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Did the RCMP Release the Zehaf-Bibeau Tape for Political Reasons?

I'm not big on conspiracy theories, although I do believe that when living in Harperland paranoia can be a higher state of consciousness.But here's one for you: Why did the RCMP choose yesterday to release the unseen video of the crazed gunman who stormed Parliament Hill? Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Orwellian Move to Protect the RCMP

Sometime today Canada's Information Commissioner is expected to recommend that charges be laid against the RCMP, for withholding and destroying gun registry documents, before Parliament had finished debating whether they should be shredded.But if she does it will now be a meaningless gesture. For it too will be shredded.Because it seems that buried deeply in the Harper regime's latest foul omnibus bill, is a bill to protect the RCMP by rewriting history. Read more »

Accidental Deliberations: On democratic blockages

I’ve previously pointed out a few of the worrisome ways in which the Cons might try to cling to power after the next federal election even if they’d stand to lose any fairly run confidence vote.

But let’s add one more which the Cons have now publicly sanctioned: security “slippage” which has the potentially convenient effect of preventing MPs from voting in Parliament.

Montreal Simon: Why Wasn’t Nigel Wright Charged in the Duffy Affair?

Ever since the trial of Mike Duffy began, I keep getting asked the same haunting question: If Duffy is being charged with accepting a bribe, why wasn't Nigel Wright charged with bribing him by cutting him that $90,000 cheque?And I have to explain that the RCMP has yet to explain that decision. But it seems that they didn't believe that Wright obtained any "personal benefit" from that blatant bribe to try to keep Ol' Duff from opening his big mouth.And then I have to explain that yes it's true, and no I'm not insane, and since I'm not (Read more…)

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: The Dunphy Shooting: serious questions #nlpoli

Question Number 1:  Who has been trying to spin the story by feeding both David Cochrane and Fred Hutton with confidential information?

The standard police position is to withhold all information about officer-involved shootings as part of the investigation.

That’s the position Royal Newfoundland Constabulary chief Bill Janes took at his news conference on Monday morning about the death of Donny Dunphy.

Yet, both VOCM and CBC reported information on Sunday evening and early Monday morning about the fatal police shooting in a rural community that could have only come from either very highly placed political sources or police officers very close to the incident and the investigation.

Here’s the first line from Cochrane’s first story:

CBC News has learned that an officer of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, who was at the scene of the fatal shooting on Sunday in Mitchells Brook, NL, was there to investigate an alleged threat . . . → Read More: The Sir Robert Bond Papers: The Dunphy Shooting: serious questions #nlpoli