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Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Bob Rae in Regina about Honouring The Treaties

Hundreds listening to @BobRae48 at #uofr #bigcrowd #HonourTheTreaties #IdleNoMore

— Saskboy K. (@saskboy) October 31, 2014

The Calder case about the Niska people. Argued no treaty so they had Aboriginal title to the BC land. Crown: settlement extinguished title.

Millions lived in North America hundreds of years ago, but settlers viewed it as empty. By 1867, only 150000 indigenous people remained alive in Canada.

Our country must face and address tough issues at all levels of government. Largest Aboriginal population is in Toronto says Bob Rae. Dynamic in the country is changing. Assimilation and powerlessness have failed.

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Yappa Ding Ding: Leadership, leadership, leadership

I’m leaning towards Justin Trudeau for federal leader and Sandra Pupatello for Ontario provincial leader. But I don’t claim to be engaged enough to make an informed decision this time. I argued for Bob Rae when he lost to Dion and then lost to Ignatieff and then lost to party politics. I think Dalton McGuinty was a great premier but all I ever hear in local media is that he sucks. Apparently my opinion doesn’t go very far.

On the federal front, we keep putting someone up there, watch the Harper attack ads undermine their credibility, and then turf them (Read more…)

The Scott Ross: The Not So Leblanc Slate

Leadership races are often an opportunity for a political party to start over with a blank slate, Liberals might not get that chance if a slightly hypocritical Dominic Leblanc gets his way.

Liberal MP Dominic Leblanc is discouraging anyone from running for leadership who only seeks to raise their profile and that members who lost their elections shouldn’t run either. Now he may be right, but he is absolutely the wrong guy to say it.

Today Dominic Leblanc is speaking against others using the Liberal leadership race to raise their profiles, but in 2008 he himself used the leadership contest

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Yappa Ding Ding: Liberal Leaders: Guaranteed Support?

Nothing succeeds like success, and nothing fails like failure. We Liberals have blown through four leaders in recent years (I count Bob Rae among the four because he has been much more than a caretaker). Our leaders have all failed – because we have not supported them. When the Harper attack ads started, we let ourselves be affected. When a new leader had some missteps out of the gate, we called for his head. When the first election the leader presided over didn’t go well, we dumped his sorry ass.

It’s obvious that what we need to do is give

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Yappa Ding Ding: A Sad Regret that Rae Said No

Of all our options for permanent leader, Bob Rae is the most competent, experienced, principled, classy, witty, formidable, erudite and knowledgeable. We would have been very lucky to have him as permanent leader.

I was amazed he was willing to continue to stand for the job. It is six years since he first announced he would run for leader. In that time, two other candidates were chosen over him and then the party executive effectively boxed him out. His continuing interest in being permanent leader was a selfless act; the job ahead is to slowly rebuild a crumbling party, or

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Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Haste Makes Waste

“Opposition parties accuse the Harper government of stooping to a petty, new low in the muzzling of dissent.”

Note that says a “new low”, an acknowledgement that accountability is already at a low point.

Rae cited the incident as one of many examples that Canadians are “now living in a democracy with dictatorial tendencies.”

Garneau wouldn’t discuss what Van Loan said to him, citing the confidentiality of House leaders’ meetings. But he did say he believes the choice of May 18 for the party’s next opposition day was deliberate.

“I think there’s a message being sent,” Garneau

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War on drugs. NDP vs. Liberals.

I’ve been increasingly hard on the Liberals since the first days post-Chretien. So much so, I’ve gravitated towards the NDP. A prime indicator for me of my feelings towards the parties has been that which distinguishes their attitudes towards the war on drugs, particularly in regards to victimless pot.

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Left Over: It’s the Least Wonderful Time of the Year…

A lousy day all around…I can think of nothing I like less than the idea of Mulcair, the ex-Liberal, as the leader of the Party I would have gone out of my way to support and volunteer for, if anyone, and I mean anyone, running, would have beat him…

Great..we have an ex NDP Ontario yahoo running the Libs, and now we have an ex-Liberal running the NDP..who needs a coalition when the membership copped out like this? Guess, just like in the States. the progressives in the party are elsewhere today, gardening, probably, while the centrist ‘members’

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Scott's DiaTribes: Conservative attack ads already? A distraction attempt, I’d say.

Some folks in the media and elsewhere are saying the fact that the Conservatives chose to start running attack ads going after Liberal “still interim” leader Bob Rae means they view him as the de facto next permanent leader and the greater threat then the Opposition NDP’s new leader – whoever that may be – and that the 2015 general election campaign for them has already begun.

It’s possible this is part of the “permanent campaign strategy”, but I find the timing of it coinciding with all the news about the ‘Robocon’ controversy to be a tad too coincidental. I

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: SaskBot Decodes a Little More RoboScam

If Del Mastro is a robot, expect his head to blow off from a serious logic error [Star Trek style], any day now. The Liberals made an improper robocall, in Guelph of all places, and it confused the issue around the Conservative-supporting illegal robocalls across the country that impersonated Elections Canada, and misdirected voters to where they could not vote.

Is Del Mastro slumping from the CPC being caught in another lie, by a blogger?

**** #RoboCon Dishonesty circuits overloading. Danger, Danger!****

Or perhaps Del Mastro is slumping and blustery because of this other hypocrisy he’s caught in. He’s

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Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: RoboCon: “So dumb”

WARNING: The following is a disclaimer provided by Kady O’Malley, regarding the story within this blog post: “I’m sorry, but this is SO dumb”

“Tories demand Liberals release call records – but refuse to follow suit“ The Conservatives are playing poker.

“Liberals will release election phone records”

Bluff called. What’s in your hand, Mr. “Whacko” Del Mastro? A pair of jokers, I’m guessing.

As to the statement the Conservatives will not release their own records because they are not the ones making the allegations, Mr. Rae said: “Of all the wacko things that Mr. Del Mastro has said

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Scott's DiaTribes: Robo-con thoughts.

That’s what we’re naming this alleged electoral fraud scheme – at least on Twitter, apparently. My thoughts on this are as follows:

- Is Harper or high ranking members of the PMO involved? I don’t know, but the fact this is the party who has done never-before seen attack-ads in between elections, smearing opposition leaders, not to mention admitted robo-calls to Irwin Cotler’s riding, plus a plea bargain with the in-and-out issue, doesnt exactly give them a lot of credibility when they deny stuff. The Elections Canada and RCMP investigations will have to bear that out.

- Those aforementioned tactics

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Vikileaks vs. RoboCon

Democracy is more important than the feelings of a hypocritical and creepy politician.

The Scott Ross: Outshining Trudeau

Just as Liberals look at Justin Trudeau and ask if he is like his father, many are asking if he will run for leader, the answer to one is the answer to the other.

Though Justin Trudeau has stated he will not be running for Liberal Leader, citing his duty as a father to his young children, there are still two years till the leadership race. Besides the fact children grow fast in two years, one just needs to look at Bob Rae, who signed an agreement not to run, to see things change.

Justin Trudeau’s reason for not running

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The Scott Ross: Liberal Members Vote To Allow Supporters To Lose Too

Without buying a party membership you can become a Liberal supporter and not vote too.

Liberals this weekend passed numerous amendments, one of them allows for non-members to vote for Leader, and though this issue was passed by a majority, both sides of the debate lost, because so few delegates actually voted.

Whether the Liberal Convention was a success or not does not depend on what was passed or what wasn’t, that’s a matter of opinion, but what measures its success is how many Liberals were involved. And though the National Convention can be satisfied with 3200 delegates being registered,

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The Scott Ross: Liberal Change For Innovation

May 2 2011- The Liberal Party had its worst defeat in history.

June 18 2011- The Liberal Party holds an extraordinary convention over the phone and online, the first teleconference of its kind in North America.

January 11 2012- Despite suffering worst electoral defeat, Interim Leader Bob Rae announces the Liberal Party has raised the most money it ever has in one year.

January 13-15- the Liberal Party’s national convention is the first to be completely broadcast live online with 13,000 views on the first day alone.

A defeat isn’t a defeat if it makes you better for it; and

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The Scott Ross: Our Mandate

“Well you know the Conservatives say, and we know the mantra those of us who have to sit through this every day in the House of commons, that Canadians gave them a mandate to do whatever it is that they want to do; a mandate to carry out whatever abuses they want to carry out. Well Mr.Harper let me tell you something, Canadians gave us a mandate as well. They gave us a mandate to hold you to account and to keep you from abusing your power, and that’s exactly what we are going to do and what we

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The Scott Ross: Sheila Copps Wants Another Ignatieff