Mind Bending Politics: Serious Questions Remain as York School Board Trustee Steps Down

(York School Board Trustee Nancy Elgie Tenders Her Resignation via Youtube) Yesterday York Region District School Board [YRDSB] Trustee Nancy Elgie told her constituents via a Youtube video that she would be stepping down as a Trustee, months after uttering a racial slur by “mistake”.  In the almost 10 minute heavily edited statement on youtube, ...

We Pivot: My Speech to the HUMA Commons Committee on Poverty Reduction

I was honoured to receive an invitation to speak to HUMA later this morning, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities. They are studying poverty reduction strategies, … [Read more]

We Pivot: What are White Supremacists and Misogynists Afraid Of?

So, let’s dig into the fear that motivates white supremacists and misogynists. Are they in backlash/whitelash mode, afraid of losing centuries of entitlement? Because their hate doesn’t start AS hate, but as fear. And if we can understand what they’re … [Read more]

We Pivot: How Many Dead Kids in Care Is too Many?

How many thousands of dead, injured and abused kids in the care of the BC government are OK for BC Liberal Party voters? None? Try thousands over 16 years. And how many more thousands of dead, injured and abused kids … [Read more]

We Pivot: What White People Don’t Know

What we can’t know. Let’s get more in touch with our privilege.

We Pivot: The Value of the Budweiser Boycott

Budweiser has been so coy pretending their Super Bowl pro-immigration ad wasn’t political. Of course it was. Own it. But as people boycott something with the alternate spelling [Budwiser], we are able to more clearly see how people want to … [Read more]

Mind Bending Politics: The Circus That Is Our Unaccountable Education System Coming to A School Board Near You

(Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne Likely To Read From A Blank Book On School Board Accountability) Over the past few months, the York Region District School Board (YRDSB) in Ontario has been embroiled in controversy surrounding governance, accountability, and racial tensions. The governing Liberal Party of Ontario promised to get to the bottom of these systemic ...

The Canadian Progressive: Trump should be barred from entering Canada for promoting hate propaganda, says petition

A petition spreading like wildfire online demands that U.S. President Donald Trump be barred from entering Canada because his policies and actions promote hate propaganda. The post Trump should be barred from entering Canada for promoting hate propaganda, says petition appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

We Pivot: Racism is a Mental Health Disorder?

Yes? No? What do you think? This may help, and this:

We Pivot: Ask Kellie Leitch What Problem She Thinks She’s Solving

Kellie Leitch and her dog whistle politics have no place in my Canada. As we pivot to a world of greater justice and dignity, we need to beware of politicians peddling solutions to vague or non-existent problems. For it is … [Read more]

The Canadian Progressive: Van Jones Unleashes His Love Army Against Trump’s Muslim Ban

So far, more than 100,000 people have joined social justice champion and longtime civil rights activist Van Jones’ #LoveArmy campaign against Donald Trump racially-loaded exclusionary policies targeting immigrants and other vulnerable groups. The post Van Jones Unleashes His Love Army Against Trump’s Muslim Ban appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Song of the Watermelon: An Open Letter to Justin Trudeau on Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, In the wake of Sunday’s horrendous terrorist attack on Quebec’s Muslim community, I am writing to ask that you forcefully condemn not just the shooting itself, but the rising tide of Islamophobia that appears to have prompted it. On January 27, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning the ...

cmkl: Outrage and shame over Québec City shooting

There is a meme going round the internet for a couple of years now showing the faces of several American terrorists — the white man who opened fire on the audience of a Batman movie. The white man who opened fire on Sandy Hook. The white man who opened fire on a Black Baptist Church. ...

We Pivot: Actually, T***p is the Rogue One

The USA is now a rogue state, intentionally sowing ill will around the world. Canada must become a sanctuary nation immediately. #cdnpoli — WePivot.net 💭💬💭 (@WePivot) January 28, 2017 Trudeau is in Vancouver today for a Harper-style no-questions media availability. … [Read more]

Mind Bending Politics: Ministry’s Hands Are Tied On The Racial Slurs Of Trustee Elgie

(The York Region District School Board Acted To Protect Trustee Nancy Elgie From a Code of Conduct Review) This week has been a very tough week for the York Region District School Board (YRDSB).  After Tuesday’s emotional meeting with parents, and bizarre apology for racial slurs by Trustee Nancy Elgie,  the Ministry of Education has ...

Mind Bending Politics: Head Injury to Blame For Racial Behavior At York Region District School Board

(York Trustee Nancy Elgie Blames Racial Slurs on Head Injury as Public Calls for Her Resignation Grow Louder) The scandal ridden York Region District School Board met with emotional parents Tuesday night.  Many parents in York Region are concerned about the level of accountability the York Region District School Board (YRDSB) of currently has in ...

We Pivot: Which Conservative Do You Trust on First Nations Land Claims?

Is it Chris Alexander, he of the Barbaric Cultural Practices Snitch Line? I know, right. But it turns out, that among the even-more-racist Kellie Leitch, and the co-T***p admirer Kevin O’Leary, 65% of Canadians like Alexander’s idea of resolving all … [Read more]

We Pivot: March on Washington, Live in Vancouver!

It’s an hour until Vancouver’s March on Washington begins. This is what solidarity and dignity look like! Watch for updates all morning at http://twitter.com/wepivot  

Trashy's World: Goodbye yellow brick road. Hello Mordor.

Very soon, a racist, classless and misogynist piece of trash moves into to the White House. Be above this swamp rat, American friends. You are better than him and his sputtering jackals. Most of you are fine people. Fight and obstruct everything he and the GOP for the full four years, just like the GOP and their ...

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: For a Decade It was Harper Horror

Now, it may be Trump’s turn to make everything worse. I’m not planning on blogging about Trump very much, however. The man gets far too much attention, and that’s one of the things that brought him to power in the United States. While Harper was wrecking Canada, I couldn’t help but write about his lying, ...

We Pivot: T***p, the Inauguration and Our Kids’ Mental Health

Now that T***p’s inauguration is 2 weeks away I’d revisited a great piece from 2 months ago that explored how to help our children deal with what America is becoming. Beyond all these great ideas to address kids’ anxiety and … [Read more]

Politics and its Discontents: The Shape Of Ideological Purges To Come?

History teaches us that when political ideologies mutate into forms of state religion, those who stand in opposition or refuse to ‘get with the program’ are targeted. Nazism, with its elevation of the Aryan race at the expense of all others, is one prime example. Those who didn’t conform were swept away. Another, more recent ...

Wise Law Blog: LSUC Targets Racism in the Legal Profession

BY LARA FRIEDMAN AND RACHEL SPENCE  “Effective responses to racial discrimination and racial profiling start with acknowledging that racism exists.” 18 — Ontario Human Rights Commission.” The Law Society of Upper Canada recently published a report, “Working Together for Change: Strategies to Address Issues of Systemic Racism in the Legal Professions,”  The strategic framework [proposed ...

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: The new Canadian $10 Bill

Canada is finally putting a woman on the front of a bank note (other than the Queen, of course). The first will be Viola Desmond, who will replace Sir John A. MacDonald. Extraordinary bravery of Viola Desmond who will now appear on Canada's $10 bill. Via Heritage Minutes. https://t.co/GF4gyCWj8W #MakeItRight — Chris Fisher (@FisherSpeaks) December ...

We Pivot: This Week in American Fascism

Whew, what a week! As we pivot to a new world dismantling entitlements and confronting much more overt fascism, let’s reflect on what we need to call out: Fascist, white supremacists love to ban books, including To Kill A Mockingbird, … [Read more]