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Alberta Diary: Important fake news: Canada, Alberta to erect huge ‘Mother Oil’ statue near Fort Mac?

Screenshot of the fake news site. Below: Publisher David Climenhaga in his misspent youth, when he still had hair. Painting by Ryn Climenhaga.

Alberta Diary is pleased to announce a new website in the vast and growing Alberta Diary online publishing empire:, which can also be found at, appears to be some Blogspot site when you open it because the price was right and the skill-set to use it wasn’t too advanced for a sexagenarian blogger, said David Climenhaga, publisher of the Alberta Diary blog.

“Pretty soon this operation will be as (Read more…)

mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: Food for thought

Work has kept me away from my latest long fiction project for a while, and this quote keeps floating around my head. (That, and some kind of growling sound…) Alltop only growls when it’s happy. That cool background photo is … Continue reading →

wmtc: "in the midst of madness, one soldier has refused to participate": let them stay week, revolutionary thought of the day, and other coincidences

Don’t you love it when everything comes together? It’s Let Them Stay Week 2014, I’m thinking about the US war resisters in Canada, and about war resistance in general. And I’m reading a terrific youth novel, Flight, by Sherman Alexie, both fast-paced and rich with insight and meaning. And I come upon this passage. And if this doesn’t qualify as a Revolutionary Thought of the Day, I don’t know what does. Without stopping, the white soldier reaches down and picks up Bow Boy. Cradles the child in one arm. And the white soldier keeps running. He’s running towards the (Read more…)

mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: Writing is fun!

Stabbing them in the neck with a fountain pen works too … Alltop is writing up the funny!

mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: Kurt Vonnegut’s one rule

Love this quote. (via MonkeyJoys) Alltop is a humor baby.

Writings of J. Todd Ring: The Key of Keys

Egoless divine pride: the most glorious concept I have ever heard – from Tibetan Buddhism. The Uttara Tantra elaborates: There once was a prince, who lost his memory and forgot who he was. Lost in forgetfulness and confusion, he wandered aimlessly, and became a homeless beggar. Years later, a minister to the king came across […]

CuriosityCat: From My Quotes Cupboard – Teddy Roosevelt

Old Joe Cannon, Speaker of the House, has reservations about Roosevelts methods:

“Roosevelt’s all right,” Cannon tells a friend, “but he’s got no more use for the Constitution than a tomcat has for a marriage license.”

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, by Edmund Morris, New York: Ballantine 1979.

PostArctica: Duane Michals

“Who gives a fuck about what he had for breakfast? These are stylistic ticks. The digital has changed the paradigms of photography. I had an opening in Boston and this woman had a little camera with her and kept exclaiming, ‘Everything is a photograph!’ That’s the problem. The bar has been lowered so much in photography now…” -Duane Michals

“Photographers tend not to photograph what they can’t see, which is the very reason one should try to attempt it. Otherwise we’re going to go on forever just photographing more faces and more rooms and more places. Photography has to (Read more…)

wmtc: everything else is either public relations or a misattributed quote

I saw this:

and thought: that doesn’t sound like Orwell.

I have read almost everything Orwell ever published, and will eventually read everything, including all the published letters. While no one could remember every line from every essay, this just doesn’t sound like our man Eric Blair to me. Orwell wasn’t given to aphorisms or one-liners. It doesn’t fit in the theme of any book or essay. The essay that seems most relevant, “Politics and the English Language,” does not contain this line. I was skeptical.

I did several internet searches, hoping to find a source that attributed the quote (Read more…)

wmtc: rtod

Revolutionary thought of the day: This war is murder, this conquest is robbery… If this war be called patriotism then blessed be treason.

Clarence Darrow, 1898, on the Spanish-American war

Calgary Grit: There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand

Stephen Harper has made a huge mistake.

I’m not sure if Tom Mulcair has what it takes to be PM, but he’d make a fine Mr. Manager:

NDP leader Tom Mulcair was wondering where $3.1 billion in unaccounted anti-terrorism spending went when he uttered this gem:

“So the question is, is the money just in the wrong filing cabinet, is it hidden in the minister’s gazebo, is the money in the banana stand?”

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Where once they stood… #nlpoli

Labour federation boss Lana Payne made an interesting comment on Twitter over the weekend:  “there is never a time for austerity.”



You can hear all those Newfoundland politicians from the 1920s applauding her from the grave.  Those were the same politicians who spent the government into bankruptcy in about a decade.


wmtc: rtod

Revolutionary thought of the day: “Mankind. Ready to kill. I wonder how humanity managed to survive.”

“We overcame our instinct for violence.”

— Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk, “Spectre of the Gun“, Star Trek, original air date December 31, 1969

wmtc: rtod

Revolutionary thought of the day: Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is humanity’s original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion.

Oscar Wildefrom The Soul of Man under Socialism

The Equivocator: Giving the Devil the benefit of the law

A Man for All Seasons (1960) —————————————————————————————————- Roper: So now you’d give the Devil benefit of law! More: Yes. What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get after the Devil? Roper: I’d cut down every law in England … Continue reading . . . → Read More: The Equivocator: Giving the Devil the benefit of the law

Writings of J. Todd Ring: Go Back To Sleep America, At Your Own Peril

I never reprint other people’s writings, no matter how good – but I will make an exception for this. This article is a true must-read. Please, take the time to read it. Then act. Good morning America. It’s time for a new day. Kudos and warm thanks to Jill Dalton at recoveringarmybrat. I will definitely [...]

wmtc: rtod

Revolutionary thought of the day, this one brought to you by one of the world’s more famous revolutionaries.A bayonet is a tool with a worker at both ends.Vladimir Ilyich Lenin . . . → Read More: wmtc: rtod

wmtc: rtod

Revolutionary thought of the day: It is better to vote for what you want and not get it, than to vote for what you don’t want and get it.

Eugene V. Debs

wmtc: rtod

Revolutionary thought of the day: I’d rather go to prison for desertion than kill a child by mistake.

Camilo Mejia, US War Resister

An individual with opinions.: Underlooked Stephen Harper quotes P7: Stephen Harper likes Paul Martin and his onslaught and slashing of the public sector.

I’ve decided to add another part to my underlooked Harper series upon reflection with new information in mind. All of the Stephen Harper quotes, unless otherwise noted, are dug up from the leaked Harper database of controversial quotes. I’m covering them because these haven’t gotten the media or blogger attention I believe they deserve. You can (and should) read part one, two, three, four, five and six here.

“Whether I agree with what he’s doing or not, Paul Martin is obviously in the top of his area,” Harper says. “He has good support within his party, (Read more…)

wmtc: rtod: a town without poverty. it happened in canada.

Revolutionary thought of the day: Initially, the Mincome program was conceived as a labour market experiment. The government wanted to know what would happen if everybody in town received a guaranteed income, and specifically, they wanted to know whether people would still work.

It turns out they did.

Only two segments of Dauphin’s labour force worked less as a result of Mincome – new mothers and teenagers. Mothers with newborns stopped working because they wanted to stay at home longer with their babies. And teenagers worked less because they weren’t under as much pressure to support their families.

The end

. . . → Read More: wmtc: rtod: a town without poverty. it happened in canada.

wmtc: rtod

Revolutionary thought of the day: That’s a very American value right there: if you screw up in your early 20s, you — and your children — are on your own for life. . . . Why does it seem like a reasonable policy suggestion to tell Jessica she needs a husband, and pie in the sky to say she needs a union? Or a national day care system like the one in France, where teachers are well-paid, with benefits?

Katha Pollitt, “The ‘New York Times’ Misses the Mark on Inequality, Marriage”, in response to “Two Classes, Divided By ‘I Do’”.

Newsflash: a

wmtc: rtod

Revolutionary thought of the day: It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don’t want and get it.

Eugene V. Debs

wmtc: rtod

Revolutionary thought of the day: Among the peoples of the world the idea of war resistance is growing. You must fearlessly accept the challenge and aggressively spread the idea of war resistance. You must convince the people to take disarmament into their own hands and to declare that they will have no part in war or in the preparation for war. You must call on the workers of all countries to unite in refusing to become the tools of interests that war upon life. Today, in twelve countries, young men are resisting conscription and refusing military service. They are the

wmtc: rotd

Revolutionary thought of the day: Pick up Erich Maria Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front or James Jones’s From Here to Eternity. Read Henry IV. Turn to the Iliad. The allure of combat is a trap, a ploy, an old, dirty game of deception in which the powerful, who do not go to war, promise a mirage to those who do.

Chris Hedges