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Here’s some of the stuff we’ve been making lately.

This is the flannel quilt GC made for his son. He just finished it last week. It’s the softest, biggest, coziest quilt yet.

This is my mod sampler quilt. It’s got kind of a yellowish hue in the photo, but in real life . . . → Read More: Making stuff Connie’s quilt, at last

Connie’s quilt

About a year and a half ago I blogged about wanting to learn how to quilt. So Connie, who lives in Maine and whom I’ve never met, sent me her sewing machine! Just like that! Just because she’s such a generous and kind person.

I promised Connie I’d make her a . . . → Read More: Connie’s quilt, at last We’re not quick, but we don’t quit

Remember last spring when GC and I signed up for a quilting course and we each made a sampler quilt? Mine was black, white and red, and his was exquisite jewel tones on a black background? Well, we never quite finished either one of them.

And, since then, we’ve started and not finished quite . . . → Read More: We’re not quick, but we don’t quit Grumpy stuff and happy stuff

I have a cold and it’s making me uncharacteristically irritable. Little things are getting to me, like slow web sites, and disappearing menu bars in my browser, and Rosie’s squeaky toys. (I’ve never met a dog who likes her toys as much as Rosie, and especially her squeaky toys, which she likes to chew . . . → Read More: Grumpy stuff and happy stuff