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Cowichan Conversations: Trudeau Government Approves Site C Dam Permits

Dear Mr. Trudeau, Ms. Wilson-Raybould, and Ms. McKenna, I could scarcely believe my ears and my eyes at the news that your government has OKed the Site C dam permits. I am stunned, disappointed, Read more… . . . → Read More: Cowichan Conversations: Trudeau Government Approves Site C Dam Permits

Politics and its Discontents: This Is What Real Protest Looks Like

All Canadians could learn a lot from the Brits: London, United Kingdom – Activists and trade union leaders have called for a general strike and a mass campaign of civil disobedience to bring down the country’s new right-wing government as hundreds of thousands took to the streets of London and other cities to protest against austerity and public service cuts.

Organisers said a quarter of a million people had joined Saturday’s march from the Bank of England to the Houses of Parliament, with smaller protests also taking place in Glasgow, Liverpool, and Bristol, and pledged the event was only (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: First Nation group and allies resist re-opening of Mount Polley mine

Secwepemc Woman’s Warrior Society leads a strong movement against the re-opening of Imperial Metals’ Mount Polley mines following catastrophic 2014 spill.

The post First Nation group and allies resist re-opening of Mount Polley mine appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

bastard.logic: “You can’t win a person’s heart and mind when you are pointing a rifle at his or her chest”

Afghanistan War veteran Paul Szoldra:

In Afghanistan, we patrolled in big, armored trucks. We wore uniforms that conveyed the message, “We are a military force, and we are in control right now.” Many Afghans saw us as occupiers.

And now we see some of our police officers in this same way. “The militarization of law enforcement is counter-productive to domestic policing and needs to stop,” tweeted Andrew Exum, a former Army infantry officer.

If there’s one thing I learned in Afghanistan, it’s this: You can’t win a person’s heart and mind when you are pointing a rifle at (Read more…)

drive-by planet: Global Day of Rage calls for sanctions against Israel – photos: Barnaby Raine speech – "Jewish Bloc Against Zionism"

August 9 saw Day of Rage demos around the world protesting Israeli actions in Gaza and calling for sanctions. Behind the fold I’ve posted a selection of photos.

I’ve also posted a video from the London Day of Rage featuring a speech by a nineteen-year-old British activist named Barnaby Raine who has been involved in organizing a “Jewish Bloc against Zionism.” His impassioned appeal underscores the importance of solidarity of all people in the face of the inhumanity of Israeli occupation and aggression.

Click “read more” for videos and photos.

Day of Rage demos around the world:

Amman, Jordan (Read more…) . . . → Read More: drive-by planet: Global Day of Rage calls for sanctions against Israel – photos: Barnaby Raine speech – "Jewish Bloc Against Zionism"

somecanuckchick dot com: Nyms win Google+ Nymwar

3 years ago, I deleted my Google+ account in protest of its real name only policy.

At the time, I stated that if Google+ were to reverse its real name only policy, I would re-consider the deletion of my Google+ account, as well as my Google profile…

Today, Google+ has announced what amounts to a reversal of its real name only policy.

I suppose this means the Nyms have won the Google+ Nymwar, eh?

Not sure I’m going to re-activate my Google+ account, etc. anytime soon…

After all, I’ve survived 3 years without Google+.

somecanuckchick dot com: Dear Ontario: Section 53 is not the answer!

If you go to your polling station on June 12th and decline your ballot, you have not voted for anyone, or anything.

In fact, you have forfeited your right to vote and your vote has been suppressed.

REMEMBER: Voter suppression is a strategy to influence the outcome of an election by discouraging, or preventing people from exercising the right to vote.

The Decline Your Vote web site was launched by a Conservative and it promotes Section 53 of the Ontario Elections Act.

Section 53 of the Ontario Elections Act states:

An elector who has received a ballot and returns (Read more…)

drive-by planet: ‘Revolt of the rich’ – the privileged face of US-backed Venezuelan opposition: Bolivarian achievements

When reading corporate media coverage of the wave of protests that have roiled Venezuela you could be excused for thinking  a massively popular revolution is sweeping that nation. This version of events is more about political spin than reality. The protests have in fact been limited in scope and mostly specific to affluent areas… for example the Altimira district in Caracas. They are in part political theater, staged by right-wing forces that are cynically using the language and tactics of revolution in an attempt to destabilize the democratically elected government of President Nicolás Maduro.

To get a more accurate accounting (Read more…)

Writings of J. Todd Ring: What is happening in Venezuela? It’s certainly not what the mainstream media is telling you

“Much of the reporting by the mass media gives the impression that Venezuela faces a national rebellion. The reality, says Miguel Tinker Salas, is that the protests have been restricted to mostly middle and upper middle class neighborhoods, not entire cities.” – Truthout, What is happening in Venezuela?(Many, many thanks, to the honest journalism […]

drive-by planet: Ultra-nationalists and fascist thugs – tools of imperialist designs in Ukraine

The protests in the Ukraine that began last November in Kiev’s Independence Square – the Maidan – were staged to protest president Viktor Yanukovych’s decision to back out of a plan to join a trade agreement with the EU, in preference for joining the Eurasian Customs Union.

As with most political protests on this scale it isn’t a single issue conflict. Underlying the EU issue are a lot of other domestic tensions, some driven by hardline nationalists and far-right elements.

During recent street fighting in Kiev, the majority of protestors appeared to be okay with the role played by the (Read more…)

drive-by planet: As Turkey explodes Erdogan claims he is not ‘a dictator’ – rather a ‘servant of the people’

Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan claims he is not a dictator… not even a master… but rather “a servant of the people.” Not many Turkish citizens are convinced because following the Gezi Park protest, the treatment meted out to demonstrators by Turkish police has been a total horror show. It quickly became evident that the government was feeling threatened by way more than protesters in Gezi Park with concerns about green space.

Photos bear witness to the brutal nature of the crackdown. One shows a young woman in a summer dress, standing her ground courageously as tear gas is (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Canada’s Environmental Activists “Threat To National Security”: Harper Government

RCMP and CSIS treat peaceful protest actions and questioning the Harper Government as ‘forms of attack’, label activists involved “national security threats”, documents reveal. By Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive, Feb. 22, 2013: The Harper Government is intensifying its attacks on environmental and other activist movements in Canada, according to documents released under freedom of information laws, the Guardian READ MORE

Politics, Re-Spun: Attawapiskat Audit is Merely a Distraction

Green Party leader Elizabeth May published a well-thought out and clear article on Wednesday, breaking down the reasons why the ongoing media banter about Attiwapiskat fund mismanagement and Chief Theresa Spence are merely distractions from an ongoing legacy of government failure to protect indigenous people and the environment. Twitter and Facebook have become virtual battlegrounds for both government supporters and those who are involved with the Idle No More uprising. Racism, sexism and classism are rampant, and tension arising from finger pointing and blame displacement are escalating. The crux of it all is that the Canadian government, and the majority

. . . → Read More: Politics, Re-Spun: Attawapiskat Audit is Merely a Distraction

Slap Upside The Head: Meanwhile, In France…

If you speak French, you’re in for a real treat from this group of protestors in France. And if you don’t, I think you’ll find that the clip transcends language into something that is universally mockable.

Progressive Proselytizing: From Chick-fil-A to Muslim World protests

By the time Chick-fil-A quietly announced that it was no longer donating to political groups with anti-gay agendas, the cacophony of attention given to the back and forth over the Chick-fil-A controversy has been dwarfed by protests in the Muslim world sparked by a previously unknown Islamophobic amateur film produced in the US. In this post I look at the interesting phenomenon of why some, often very minor, statements or events can balloon into receiving mass attention like that given to the Chick-fil-A controversy or anti-film protests.

It should first be said that the decision by Chick-fil-A demonstrates the power that these (Read more…)

Life...A Small Spark Between Two Eternities: Montreal Student Protests

Progressive Proselytizing: Solidarity with Quebec Student Protesters

Quebec students, outraged over a 75% tuition increase, have sparked the largest protests in Quebec’s history and have already managed the rare achievement of achieving genuine, if minor, concessions that would have almost certainly not happened were it not for the protests. As is common when protests rise up, there have been many attempts to denigrate or diminish the protest and the reaction is often overly negative.

I believe that in a democracy, citizens not only have the right but also the responsibility to take the issues that they care about and that affect them, and to push for those

. . . → Read More: Progressive Proselytizing: Solidarity with Quebec Student Protesters

LeDaro: Anti-coal Mark Jaccard, a Nobel Peace Prize winner arrested

Harper government is letting us down on many fronts and his policies on the environment are one of the major let downs. Harper is in the pocket of oil, gas and coal companies. People are left with no choice but to protest.

Professor Mark Jaccard was arrested along with other protestors.

A handful of protesters were arrested late Saturday evening. (Ben Hadaway/CBC)

“Putting myself in a situation where I may be accused of civil disobedience is not something I have ever done before,” Mark Jaccard said.

“But the current willingness of especially our federal government to brazenly take actions that

. . . → Read More: LeDaro: Anti-coal Mark Jaccard, a Nobel Peace Prize winner arrested

Slap Upside The Head: Anti-Gay Protest In Ontario

A crowd of about 200 appeared in Queen’s Park, Ontario yesterday, protesting provincial legislation that will help eliminate anti-gay bullying in schools. This rally also marked the unveiling of some brand new terminology to be used by the anti-gay lobby, as a spokesperson began referring to Gay-Straight Alliances as “homosexual sex clubs.” The protesters then unexpectedly switched topics to rally against school-time “kidnapping, murder, and treason gangs,” previously known as chess clubs.

Driving The Porcelain Bus: List of Toronto G20 Lawuits

The following is a partial list from The Toronto Star: G20 Summit: Cop Unmasked As Protest Couple File Suit (Read the Star article for all the details)

March 7, 2012: Toronto police settle a human rights claim filed by a paraplegic man arrested during the G20 summit. Terms are not public due to a confidentiality clause.

Feb. 16, 2012: Toronto lawyer Nicholas Wright sues Toronto police for $25,000 for alleged unlawful arrest.

June 24, 2011: Sean Salvati, a paralegal arrested prior to the G20 summit and allegedly strip-searched, assaulted and held naked in a jail cell for nearly an hour

. . . → Read More: Driving The Porcelain Bus: List of Toronto G20 Lawuits

Molly'sBlog: Molly’sBlog 2012-03-13 21:09:00

CANADIAN POLITICS ONTARIO: DENOUNCE AND DEFEAT DRUMMAND’S DREADFUL DIRECTIONS: Always on the lookout to squeeze the poor even further the McGuinty government of Ontario has recently received a commission report of a plan to tighten the screws from former bank executive Don Drummond. It was all that could be expected. Here is the reaction to this report from the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) ññññññññññDefeating Drummond’s Dreadful Directions‏

Former Toronto Dominion Bank economist, Don Drummond, has now handed overhis report to the McGuinty government. As we might have expected it is acall to arms (Read more…)

Molly'sBlog: Molly’sBlog 2012-03-10 00:16:00

CANADIAN POLITICS TORONTO: KEEP THE SCHOOL HOUSE SHELTER OPEN: Here’s another callout from down Ontario way and the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP). This is an appeal and petition to keep a downtown homeless shelter open. Here’s the story: &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& Hello everyone, The fight for the School House Shelter and services AND housing in the Downtown East continues. Please sign this on-line petition that will be brought to the City:

somecanuckchick dot com: Stop Bill C-30

Did you know that aside from its short title, the words «children» and «predators» do not appear anywhere in Bill C-30?

Once again, the Harper government’s PR machine is revving up to defend another idiotic piece of proposed legislation — and when I say idiotic, I mean pathologically idiotic!

There is absolutely nothing lawful about the access Bill C-30 will give the Harper government and those it designates to implement it.

How can Canadians stop this legislation from being rammed through the House of Commons?

Contact your MP right now and send Bill C-30 back to the drawing board.

Molly'sBlog: Molly’sBlog 2012-02-12 14:31:00


PENSIONERS AND ALLIES OCCUPY 21 ONTARIO TORY OFFICES: It’s called “Blue (collar)-Grey Power”, an alliance of workers and pensioners to oppose Tory plans to gut Canada’s Old Age Security (OAS). Here’s the story, from the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) of how they occupied 21 Conservative MP offices across Ontario. You can read more about this action and find out which Tory bench warmers were targeted at the website of the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL). A great example of how labour is taking up the innovative tactics of the Occupy movement. . . . → Read More: Molly’sBlog: Molly’sBlog 2012-02-12 14:31:00

somecanuckchick dot com: On SOPA + PIPA + [Un]Lawful Access…

Millions of internet users and entrepreneurs already opposed the Stop Online Piracy Act and the PROTECT IP Act (aka SOPA and PIPA), including Google.


In case you missed it, somecanuckchick dot com went dark — along with thousands of others — on January 18, 2012 to protest SOPA and PIPA.

I believe that SOPA and PIPA would have reached beyond the borders of the United States of America and required internet service providers [ISPs] to take down any website [Canadian, or otherwise!] accused of posting, or linking to, copyrighted content.

I also believe that SOPA and PIPA

. . . → Read More: somecanuckchick dot com: On SOPA + PIPA + [Un]Lawful Access…