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I would like to give a quick tip of the hat to Scott (of Scott’s Diatribes) and the others behind the scene who make the blog aggregator – Progressive Bloggers – plug along year after year… And now in its TENTH FREAKING YEAR!  Older than the Harperite nightmare, it is! Quite an accomplishment, indeed. For […]

Exponential Book: Don’t mix me with them!

In these two videos [1,2], prominent non-believers [1] Neil deGrasse Tyson and Sam Harris reject the denomination “atheist” as not only inaccurately portraying their views on the (non) existence of God, but also, according to them, of little content or use, and even potentially pernicious. The Oxford Dictionary defines Atheism as “Disbelief or lack of […]

Left Over: Coalition of Progressives: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

The usual desultory conversations have been making the media rounds regarding a Liberal/NDP coalition…yet the typical trivial fracas in Parliament seems to be vetoing the idea before it hits the ground..

Trudeau oversteps, Mulcair gets castigated for responding, the Cons snigger in the background as the rest of us seem to self-distruct, over and over again, a continual Groundhog Day of self-abuse that gets us nowhere..instead of planning for a successful run at the Cons next time around, our political choices seem bent on maintaining the status quo..

It would be great if this happened (Read more…)

Progressive Proselytizing: Income Splitting and Progressive Taxation

The motivation behind the idea of Income Splitting is quite reasonable. Namely, under the current scheme, two families with identical total income can be taxed at substantially different rates, depending on how that income is distributed between both parents. Given the fact that families do very often function as a singular economic unit dividing up total income among the family and not individual income, this makes little sense.  The problem is that in Harper’s attempt to fix this asymmetry – a problem probably worth addressing – further asymmetries were introduced. In particular, the bill is highly regressive. At the (Read more…)

Progressive Proselytizing: Government’s dominant role: redistributing wealth

The dominant effect of government on society is to redistribute wealth from the richer members of society to the poorer. One can support or oppose this idea, but as a simply descriptive point about what the effect of governments are, this is by far the dominant one. We live in a capitalist society that has a lot of forces which create inequality (which, again, one can support or oppose) and governments act as a partially countervailing measure, reducing the degree of inequality but hardly eliminating it.

There are two major sides: taxation and spending. From a taxation perspective the point (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Transcript: Julia Gillard Addresses The Broadbent Institute Progress Summit

Here’s the transcript of former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s keynote speech to the Broadbent Institute’s first annual Progress Summit, held March 28-30 in Ottawa.

The post Transcript: Julia Gillard Addresses The Broadbent Institute Progress Summit appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Left Over: Hey MacDougall, Try Google!


Commenters snipe from sidelines, but the kids in short pants are all right It’s time to name and shame anonymous commenters who insult people working to improve Canada

By Andrew MacDougall, for CBC News Posted: Jun 13, 2014 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Jun 13, 2014 5:00 AM ET


MacDougall, finish eating that big ol’ hunka steamin’ Ontario crow before you whine about anything else…and BTW, although I may use a nom de plume when commenting (don’t tweet, that’s for twits) or blogging, any time you want to find out who I am, just go to one of (Read more…)

The Scott Ross: Success Defeated Alison Redford

Alison Redford was defeated because her party is too successful. And there’s proof.

In politics there wouldn’t be many opportunities to test such a theory; to really know if it was the success of Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives that caused Redford to resign. Luckily for this experiment there just happens to be a control group next door, it even comes with its own Alison Redford.

BC’s Christy Clark has a lot in common with Redford. Both were seen as outsiders. Both ran for leadership with little caucus support, each having only one other MLA supporting them. Both became leader of a (Read more…)

Writings of J. Todd Ring: American and Canadian Politics – A brief comparison and lay of the land

Here is a rough translation of Canadian political culture for Americans and others who may be unfamiliar with the political landscape of the second largest country on earth, the holder of the largest oil and mineral resources on earth, the pantry to the American empire, one of the richest nations on the planet, and a member of […]

Yappa Ding Ding: Libertarians return to school

The Wall Street Journal published an article this week that, in line with its usual far-right stance, argued that a libertarian approach to education is far superior to the American system of hiring permanent, accredited teachers.

The article started with the premise, “South Korea’s students rank among the best in the world, and its top teachers can make a fortune. Can the US learn from this academic superpower?” The article focused on one South Korean teacher who makes $4M per year, and quoted him as saying, “The harder I work, the more I make… I like that.” In (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has a new website

by: Obert Madondo | @Obiemad:

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, arguably Canada’s leading progressive voice on public policy issues, has a new website.

What’s new?

This note from the communications team at CCPA:

Aside from a spiffy new look, we hope you’ll find the site easier to navigate, and more fully integrated with our blogs and social media channels. Rest assured that the website still has the same comprehensive research, publications and timely analysis that you have come to expect from the CCPA.

We also hope that you will check out the new CCPA site on your smartphone (Read more…)

The Scott Ross: Cold Conservatism & Canada Without A Jacket

Most Canadian kids don’t leave home without their mother telling them, “Don’t forget your jacket.” Always offering the reminder so her child doesn’t catch a cold. Canada may not have a mother looking out for us, at least on this continent, but Stephen Harper is a big boy and he should know better that in this cold global economic environment our country should be better insulated.

Protecting Canada from the worsening global economy would not mean staying home and reducing trade, it would mean the opposite, improving trade without being vulnerable to every cold breeze. In fact if Stephen

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The Scott Ross: Trust In Trudeau

Because Stephen Harper was a self-described “radical right-wing ideologue”, he was the only one who could make the conservatives more Liberal.

Because Barack Obama was so anti-war, he was the only one who could make the Democrats more pro-war than Republicans.

In both cases it was each man’s close association to a particular cause that gave him the credibility and therefore the power to fundamentally change it.

And it is because Justin Trudeau is perhaps the most identifiable Liberal that he, and he alone can make the party more conservative, and, as they aren’t mutually exclusive, more progressive. Trudeau has

Canadian Progressive: “Israel is demolishing hope”

Israel’s Haaretz newspaper is one of my favorite global publications. That’s because, on both domestic and global issues, it’s editorial policy is centre-left and refreshingly progressive. Haaretz is the place to go for an Israeli voice that’s against the apartheid-style occupation of Palestinian land and inhuman treatment of Arab citizens. Consider this title for an [...] . . . → Read More: Canadian Progressive: “Israel is demolishing hope”

The Scott Ross: Blandness Is Easy To Merge With Liberals, NDP, & Greens

Why should the Liberal Party, the NDP, and the Green Party merge? Because they are already united in blandness. If these parties were not bland, if they were not vague, or if they even had the slightest unique trait among them, merging would not be an… . . . → Read More: The Scott Ross: Blandness Is Easy To Merge With Liberals, NDP, & Greens

The Scott Ross: David McGuinty Shows How Canada Is Changing Alberta

With Alberta’s rise, in population and wealth, its power is said to be growing, however seeing the reaction to Liberal MP David McGuinty’s recent comments it appears Ontario’s influence is thicker than even oil. For where Alberta is a province know… . . . → Read More: The Scott Ross: David McGuinty Shows How Canada Is Changing Alberta

The Scott Ross: Science Shows Progressives Aren’t Science-Based

Most progressives claim to be science-based, but in their opposition to Motion 312, science ironically proves they’re not.

Unless a party somewhere has Newton’s Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica as their platform, no political organization is science-based. If any Liberal or New Democrat wants to be part of an institution with a scientific foundation they should enrol in any one of our country’s fine post-secondary schools. Imposing the veneer of rational inquiry on a political organization is an insult to the neutrality and objectivity of science and an insult to the values and principles of ideologies that motivate us to change

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Canadian Progressive World: Nazanin Afshin-Jam MacKay Said Canada Should Bring Omar Khadr Home

Surely this has got to be the ultimate Tale of Two Nazanins. Better still, Of Denial And The Tale of Two Nazanin Afshin-Jam MacKays.

The brand new wife of Conservative Defence Minister Peter MacKay is fuming. She accuses a journalist baiting her to criticize the Harper Government on the Omar Khadr issue.

She even says Jim Day, the Guardian journalist who penned the story in which she said the former Afghan combatant should be returned to Canada, distorted her views. He used duplicitous methods to elicit her comments, she claims. He interviewed her while she was Charlottetown to speak

. . . → Read More: Canadian Progressive World: Nazanin Afshin-Jam MacKay Said Canada Should Bring Omar Khadr Home

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: Canadians Mourn The Untimely “Death of Evidence”

“The Harper government is the most environmentally hostile one we have ever had in Canada.” – Maude Barlow, Chair of the Council of Canadians About 1,500 scientists, lawyers, students and activists from across Canada gathered on Parliament Hill yesterday and held a mock funeral to mourn the death of Canadian evidence. The rallying cry for this groundbreaking show of democratic outrage against Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his backward-looking Conservative government: “No science, no evidence, no truth, no democracy.” The media has already extensively covered the event. And so, I’ll try and do something a little different: . . . → Read More: CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: Canadians Mourn The Untimely “Death of Evidence”

The Scott Ross: Stephen Harper Isn’t Socialist But Don’t Tell Him That

It would be ludicrous to suggest Stephen Harper is a socialist, because he’s not, he is however similar to one.

Creating the biggest government in Canadian history, running the largest deficit, using government programs to dictate where people live and work, increasing spending while reducing taxes, government intervention in labour disputes, and centralizing power in one man, may all seem like the actions of a socialist, and they are, but they are also the actions of Stephen Harper.

Unlike many of our southern neighbours, the association made between the leader of the so-called Conservative Party of Canada and

. . . → Read More: The Scott Ross: Stephen Harper Isn’t Socialist But Don’t Tell Him That

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: Immigration Bill C31: Auschwitz Survivor Wiesel Confronts Harper

“I feel morally compelled to remain on the side of other uprooted men and women everywhere. Today, as yesterday, a nation is judged by its attitude towards refugees.”

The sobering words of Jewish-American political activist, Nobel laureate, writer, professor, Elie Wiesel. The Holocaust survivor’s response to the Harper Conservative governments’ draconian changes to Canada’s refugee system, to be implemented through Bill C-31, ”Protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act.”

The Romania-born Wiesel has joined with the Toronto Board of Rabbis to express concern about the bill, which amends Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the Balanced Refugee Reform Act. The . . . → Read More: CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: Immigration Bill C31: Auschwitz Survivor Wiesel Confronts Harper

CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: The Obert Report: Harper and Obama Argue About The War of 1812 (VIDEO)

Co-hosts Obert and Anita dramatize a recent secret conversation between Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and US President Barack Obama. Harper and his Conservative majority government are militarizing Canadian society. They’re re-writing the country’s history to fit their fledgling right-wing worldview. Canada‘s Independence Day is around the corner and Harper has placed the War of 1812 at the centre of all official celebrations. In that war, British loyalist forces and their First Nations allies repulsed numerous American attempts to invade and annex Canada. Harper’s ingenious plan is to trick Obama into publicly confirming America’s defeat on Sun News Network, Canada’s

. . . → Read More: CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE WORLD: The Obert Report: Harper and Obama Argue About The War of 1812 (VIDEO)

The Scott Ross: Canada’s #1 Social Problem: There Aren’t Any More Social Problems

What’s worse than being a fat, polluting, racist, ignorant jerk? That’s easy, not knowing you are one.

And what’s worse than even that? Being in a society full of people just like you, where no one is aware of immoral conduct, of greed, of sexism, and of the ignorance that protects it all.

Though great things and great people reside in Canada, in our northern nation a similar situation exists; there are no more social problems. Of course the absence of social inequalities is nothing to mourn, but the perception that there are none while many still exist certainly is.

. . . → Read More: The Scott Ross: Canada’s #1 Social Problem: There Aren’t Any More Social Problems

The Skinny: Progressive Bloggers: abortion-’bortion, what’s that contortion?

I do enjoy reading the differerent blog posts on the Progessive Bloggers aggregate.  There are a diversity of opinions expressed by bloggers who post under the progressive label.  Bloggers include Liberals, NDPers, non-aligned social democrats, perhaps a socio-path or two, former Progressive Conservatives, current Greens, and the occasional Marxist-Leninist.  I do not expect everyone to agree on everything.  If we did, then the Progressive Bloggers site would be truly boring.

The people who post on PB hold a range of opinions on issues such as abortion rights, the Alberta Tar/Oil Sands, the environment, unite-the-progressives, proportional representation, (Read more…)

atypicalalbertan: 180 degrees.

180 degrees. About face.

Alison Redford may have been called a flip flopper before, but this time it was a complete polar turn around. To be fair, I see nothing wrong with flip flopping. We all make mistakes and we all make decisions without necessarily considering the complete information. Reversing a decision simply means that a person has given an issue further consideration and deemed that a different decision would be more appropriate. Policy development should be about getting things right and it shouldn’t matter if someone thought wrong before and has since changed their mind – as long as (Read more…)