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It has been a wonder of a campaign. For the Harvey Locke campaign the Liberals doubled their support from 2011 (going from 17% to 32%) and sent a message that Calgarians were willing to give the Liberals a crack at representing them. It was a 4% spread… . . . → Read More: Calgary-Centre: The Day After

Mulcair is the right pick for NDP, Canada

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A lot of hand wringing is going on at several levels within the NDP about picking a former Quebec Liberal cabinet minister to lead the NDP. Some of the traditionalists warn that this is the drift of the party to the right that they had been guardians against and that little will now distinguish the party from the federal Liberals they replaced as Official Opposition in the 2011 federal election.

The problem is that the NDP, as a populist left-wing party is that in its earlier form – it would never have come this close to

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