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Aaron Manton: Ontario Election: Evaluating Voter Engagement In My Riding Of Parkdale-High Park

Obviously some of the onus is on voters to research candidates, platforms, and issues, and to think for themselves about who and what they want to cast their ballot for. That being said, the opportunity to engage with a candidate one-on-one can have a tremendous impact on voter intention – it certainly has for me in the past. With that in mind, I wanted to assess the efforts of the candidates in my riding in the 2014 Ontario General Election campaign, omitting the efforts that I have made on my own end to engage and learn about each campaign:

Aaron Manton: Ontario Election: Sloppy Progressive Conservative Web Slip-Ups

Between multiple events involving organizations the Ontario Progressive Conservatives oppose funding and an uncomfortably embarrassing botched presser on board a TTC subway, Tim Hudak can barely catch a break this election season. Indeed, as is apparent from ceaseless mishaps and slip-ups, the PC’s are running by far the sloppiest campaign of the major parties. The PC’s have honed their message, but are still struggling with the details of conveying it, running the risk of slowly unravelling all the progress Hudak has made as a party leader.

Aaron Manton: POLL: Ontario Election – Who Has the Best Bus?

Will Kathleen Wynne’s steady hands stay at 10 and 2? How many of Tim Hudak’s million jobs are for designing bus wrap slogans? What’s the insurance rate for Andrea Horwath’s campaign vehicle? Transportation, already a prominent issue in the 2014 provincial election, intersects with many aspects of politics, policy, and campaigning. With that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to see which of the party leaders is getting around in the best bus this campaign season. Vote now, before the wheels start to fall off or people start getting thrown under! The Costs of Progressive Conservative Mismanagement

atypicalalbertan: Election Predictions and Ridings to Watch

Today is election day in Alberta and quite a day it will be. I am guaranteed to be glued to my television screen and interweb module well into the wee hours of the morning. I suspect that it will be late before we know who the premier will be and whether they will have a majority or minority government. I pity the people who will have to make projections for the media outlets. They will juggle the balance between trying to be first to call the election, while ensuring that their call is not a wrong call.

Nonetheless, for funsies, (Read more…)

Five of Five: ABVOTE: Play the Obama Card.

Donna Kennedy-Glans, election flyer 2012

This was in my mailbox on Friday. Donna Kennedy-Glans is running as the PC candidate in my riding of Calgary Varsity. It’s quite impressive, the production values are great. It looks like it cost a lot. Not surprising from a governing party that spares no penny on self-promotion. Interesting, no mention of the PC Party until the very bottom of the

CalgaryLiberal: Alberta Votes: It’s going to turn ugly.

Today we saw another Progressive Conservative choose to throw Ms. Redford and the PC campaign under the bus: this time, for the opposite reason Ms. Kennedy-Glans did yesterday. A MLA of four terms wanted Ms. Redford to defend him and the MLAs of the PC caucus rather than flip flop on her earlier position, of [...]

atypicalalbertan: Election 2012 Begins – A real race is expected.

As expected Premier Alison Redford visited the Lieutenant-Governor’s office today and started Alberta’s 2012 general election. She waited until the Alberta legislature passed the budget to get the campaign started in an effort to reinforce the party image as stable competent managers. The strategy seemed sound: pass a fair and prudent budget, move forward on key legislation and keep Danielle Smith on the sidelines. The risk, of course, is that you provide a forum for the opposition parties to air their grievances on a daily basis. If a narrative emerges and gains traction, then you are stuck in the house (Read more…)