The Canadian Progressive: David Suzuki: Our voices and actions bring hope for the year ahead

Our responses to the tragedies of 2015, which include the Syrian refugee crisis, racism, ignorance and the ongoing climate catastrophe, offer hope, says environmentalist David Suzuki. The post David Suzuki: Our voices and actions bring hope for the year ahead appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

RedBedHead: Genes, Robots & The Internet: How Capitalism Revolutionizes The Planet

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RedBedHead: Genes, Robots & The Internet: How Capitalism Revolutionizes The Planet

I was hoping to get to this sooner but life intervened (and technology in the form of a sick computer), along with the second Egyptian revolution, which has been riveting, inspiring, frightening. Nonetheless I wanted to complete my thoughts on the question of Marxism, capitalism and technological advancement – at least this portion of it. ...

mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: Why Everyone Should Read Cat’s Cradle

“Now I will destroy the whole world.” – What Bokonists say when they commit suicide, Cat’s Cradle, Chapter 106 You’d think a story about the end of the world – not just the world of one person, or human civilization, … Continue reading →

cartoon life: cartoon life 2011-07-26 11:15:49

I broke my rule about not painting late at night, when I tend to do stupid things because I’m tired and just want to do something, and just to get it done for some other purpose. The white cloud is a bit bottom heavy. I thought I should have scraped it off – my usual ...

Bill Longstaff: The Better Life Index is a better measure

The search for a better measure of standard of living just got a big boost with the launch of Your Better Life Index by the OECD. The need for an alternative to the ubiquitous but misleading, if not outright dangerous, GDP is underlined when the prestigious OECD, with its membership of 34 industrial countries, emphasizes ...

Progress report

Remember the two benfits of failure.First,if you do fail, you learn what doesn’t work;and second, the failure give you the opportunity to try a new approach.Roger Von Oech Well I have been failing miserably with the new Year’s goals…walking-3 times and I don’t mean 3 times a week…maybe I could push the total to 6 ...

A Sustainable Now: Tap Into Reality [10.03.11]

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A Sustainable Now: Coady International Institute becomes ‘Early Adopter’ of Waste Management Initiative at StFX

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Jacked Up: Democracy Delayed is Democracy Denied

So let’s do a little comparative analysis: Number 1: David Warren calls a possible coalition a “Thai-style coup d’état”. Now as much as I like the guy, I don’t think Dion could fool anyone into thinking he was the commander of a ruthless army. And last time I checked no politicians had been dragged into ...