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Maple-Flavoured Politics: The Silliest Anti-Abortion Argument

Of all the anti-abortion arguments that get thrown about, I think I saw the silliest one today. (Disclosure: I’m pro-choice.) It didn’t come from an anti-abortion activist, but rather from a pro-choice person who was relating an argument that was directed at her some years ago. It came in the form of a string of … Continue Reading

bastard.logic: RIP Father Raymond Gravel, Progressive Catholic Priest

Sad news via CBC News:

“Father Raymond Gravel, a well-known Catholic priest, an advocate for Quebec sovereignty and a social activist, has died.


“He served one term as the Bloc Québécois MP for Repentigny, before he was ordered by church authorities to choose between his priesthood or politics and returned to the pulpit.

“He was a progressive force in the Catholic Church and an outspoken supporter of gay and women’s rights.

“At one point Gravel called the Vatican’s opposition to same-sex marriages “discriminatory, hurtful and offensive.”

“Gravel challenged the Catholic Church to adopt a more compassionate (Read more…)

Trashy's World: Stuff I didn’t know before…

Like… New Brunswick is a province that is stuck in the Dark Ages when it comes to access to abortions. An abortion must be be deemed “medically neccesary” before it can be performed. And… that Beelzebub is alive and active in Fredericton. As for the first new piece of knowledge… I learned this upon hearing […]

somecanuckchick dot com: Misogyny quota for a millennia met!

Last week: Elliott Rodger’s murdered six people in Isla Vista, California [UC-Santa Barbara] because of his hatred of women, whom he blamed for a life of “loneliness, rejection, and unfulfilled desires.”

Hours later: In Stockton, California, Keith Binder shot at three women who refused to have sex with him and his friends

This week: Bra straps make male students and faculty uncomfortable at a high school in Newfoundland, Canada.

Today: Prime Minister Stephen Harper deems a woman’s right too choose too divisive to fund, internationally.

How long before PMSH turns that spin on a woman’s right to choose, domestically?

! (Read more…)

The Cracked Crystal Ball II: A Sensible Approach

Justin Trudeau has received a significant amount of flak over his recent decree that incoming Liberal MPs after the next election will be expected to be explicitly pro-choice on the abortion issue.  This weekend, the Liberal Party released a very clear-headed e-mail:

“I had an extraordinary example in a father who had deeply, deeply held personal views that were informed by the fact that he went to church every Sunday, read the Bible regularly to us, and raised us very religiously, as Catholics,” Trudeau wrote. 

“But at the same time my father had no problem legalizing divorce, decriminalizing (Read more…)

The Cracked Crystal Ball II: On "Matters Of Conscience"

So, one of the Roman Catholic Archbishops thinks that Justin Trudeau’s recent implementation of party policy needs a rethink. Collins pointedly mentioned that there are two million Catholics in his diocese. He said he encourages them to get involved in politics as both voters and candidates. 

“It is not right that they be excluded by any party for being faithful to their conscience.”

Let’s get something absolutely clear here.  Abortion (which is what this is primarily about) is a matter of individual conscience.  That is to say, if you object to abortion on “conscience” grounds, then don’t have (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Reasons for the Declining Rate of Abortions in the US

Reasons For The Lowered Abortion Rate Available birth control Lessened stigma on birth control More education about birth control More comprehensive sex education than the past

Things That Barely (If At All) Lowered Abortion Rates:

Pro-Life harassment and violence Sidewalk protesting Restricting abortions Banning abortions

Things That Will Continue To Lower Abortion Rates:

Even more comprehensive sex education Even better birth control options Less stigma on sex, sex ed, and birth control More birth control options for those without a uterus Available and affordable (or free) birth control

Either Way:

Abortion is not evil. Abortion is a responsible choice. Abortion (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: “Pro Life” Procedure For Men

Role reversal. It’s a fantastic way to check if a situation is horribly wrong. A brilliant example of this is found about 3 minutes in on this pretty great video. It follows the point I made in a previous post, but in a new, wonderfully hilarious way. Watch, laugh, be better equipped to deal with anti-choicers.

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Dead Wild Roses: Medical Facts keep getting in the way of Pro-Life Argumentation

Nice to have a handy reference poster to deal with our anti-choice, forced birth friends.

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Dead Wild Roses: Dear Forced Birth Advocates…

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Dead Wild Roses: Again, “Pro-Life” is Death for Women – Beatriz in El Salvador

How many more examples do we need of the lethal nature of the supposedly “pro-life” position? Let’s clear this up by naming them correctly, for the record, when you hear the term “Pro-life” you need to replace that with “anti-woman forced birth advocate”. Why? Because what forced birthers are about is stripping women of their rights and of their bodily autonomy. Beatriz, like Savita Halappanavar, is being put in mortal peril because where she lives the forced birth brigades ideas are reality, and women really do not have rights.

“The 22-year-old woman suffers from severe and (Read more…)

The Ranting Canadian: Canada’s annual protest against women’s rights was…

Canada’s annual protest against women’s rights was held at Parliament Hill on May 9, 2013, drawing thousands of right-wing busybodies who can’t keep their authoritarianism in their pants.

The name of the yearly “March For Life” is misleading, because most of the religious fanatics who attend these events are very selective about their concern for life. They almost exclusively focus on unborn fetuses, and spare almost no thought for actual human beings who have left the womb. Causes of premature death such as war, capital punishment, poverty, pollution, depression and unsafe working conditions are barely on their radar, if at (Read more…)

Birth Pangs: God Doesn’t Kill Just Because He Didn’t Like How Things Turned Out…Oh wait a minute…

via Proud Atheist

The post God Doesn’t Kill Just Because He Didn’t Like How Things Turned Out…Oh wait a minute… appeared first on Birth Pangs.

Dead Wild Roses: Clarification for our Anti-Choice Friends: Life at Conception? Err..No.

One of the cheap rhetorical tricks that forced birth advocates often use is the idea that somehow “Science” (ya know science, that vast shadowy monolithic structure) supports their crappy arguments and thus lends weight to their assault on women and their rights. One of the easiest tells illustrating the rhetorical, rather than scientific vein of this particular argument, is that idea that we have a definite grasp of when “life” begins. Unsurprisingly, the anti-choice position relies on a gross simplification of what the bio-medical position actually is on when life begins. The irony is very rich as

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Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Friday PSA – This Is My Body


Ah, the forced birth lobby has finally pissed off enough women to start the inevitable slapdown of their deplorable, retrograde fundamentally anti-woman position. Let’s keep this video in the “abortion” feed for a long time, in light of that goal, I encourage everyone to share and repost this clip on their blog, so our anti-choice friends know exactly what they are up against.

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Dead Wild Roses: Forced Birth Advocates – Anti-Woman all the Time

It is nice when the anti-woman, fetus-fetish brigade starts getting worked up. The thin veil of “protecting life” is torn away leaving only the desperate misogyny that is so typical of the anti-choice zealots. This from the Feel that pro-life love! Tumblr.





Lol, people who think bodily autonomy is more important than the right to life.

Lol, people who think it’s okay to use someone’s body against their will and think that anyone will benefit from forced pregnancies and birth. Lol, people who think think that an embryo is

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bastard.logic: Jessica Valenti on Why Feminists Are So ‘Angry’: “It’s not that I’m angry, it’s that I’m exhausted.”


Transcript here (h/t).

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The Canadian Progressive: Abortion rights group launches website to celebrate historic 1988 Supreme Court “Morgentaler Decision”

by Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada | Jan 15, 2013 In honour of the upcoming 25th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s historic 1988 decision to overturn the nation’s criminal abortion law, the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada is delighted to dedicate a new website to the anniversary: The day of the court decision – January READ MORE

Dead Wild Roses: DWR PSA – Abortion Facts


Go to the Guttmacher Institute website for more information.


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Impolitical: Most and least worthwhile Canadian initiatives 2012

Taking some inspiration from Ezra Klein on this who in his year end wonk piece distributes various awards. He includes a most worthwhile and least worthwhile Canadian initiative. (The term “worthwhile Canadian initiative” once won a contest held by The New Republic on the most boring headline that one could imagine. Thus, Ezra’s use of the titles today.)

First, Ezra’s picks for Canada with which I strenuously disagree:

“Most worthwhile Canadian initiative: Mark Carney Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney, left, has been tapped to lead the Bank of England starting in summer 2013. (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg)

Mark Carney is just

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Dead Wild Roses: Evidence in Action – Plug your ears now Anti-Choice Advocates.

The Guttmacher Institute is all about giving women the rights to control their reproductive future and of course their bodies. The pro-woman, pro-choice position is based on evidence and facts that no amount of prayer, handwaving or appeals to emotion can over come.

Being that your position(my beloved anti-choicers) is almost always a combination of those three factors it has come time to admit you’ve lost and now its time to move on. I’m sure there are other worthy causes that require your nuanced attention – perhaps trying to get creationism into the school science curricula, or getting

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Dead Wild Roses: Savita Halappanavar’s Death – Victory for the Irish Catholic “Pro-Life” Murder Brigade

I needed some time to digest this story… Sorry folks but that is a lie. I needed some time to come back to a (relatively) coherent state before I could write reasonably about what went down with Savita Halappanavar. A post filled with nothing but white-hot rage and invective against the pustulant ass-pimples known as [...] . . . → Read More: Dead Wild Roses: Savita Halappanavar’s Death – Victory for the Irish Catholic “Pro-Life” Murder Brigade

Dead Wild Roses: Abortion Worldwide – What the Anti-Choicers deny and don’t want you to know.

Need fetus porn and bullshit arguments? Look up your local, if you’re unlucky, pro-life chapter. This video illustrates the basic lie that hovers below the surface of much of pro-life land. Being pro-life is *not* about preserving life it is about removing choice from women, thus in reality anti-choice is a much more appropriate moniker for this particular subset of deluded people.

An estimated 40 million abortions will take place in the developing world in 2012. Most of these procedures will be clandestine and unsafe, taking a terrible toll on women’s lives. Reducing the number of unsafe abortions

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Impolitical: 203-91

The video above is the National’s report from last night on the incredible Commons vote on Motion 312 that would have put a woman’s right to choose on the legislative table in Ottawa. It is stunning that in a country like ours, as progressive as we might like to think we are, that 203-91 was the margin. 87 of 163 Conservatives, just over half, voted in favour of the motion, 4 of 35 Liberals.

Since Harper had pledged repeatedly not to re-open the abortion debate, the motion was not likely to pass the Commons. But quite a signal was sent

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Dead Wild Roses: Since when does the GOP make sense on Womens Issues?

Who would have thunk?

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