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Susan on the Soapbox: The Buck Stops Here — Privacy 101 for Minister Horne — A guest blog by lawyer Brian Thiessen

Susan on the Soapbox welcomes her first guest blogger.

Employment and privacy lawyer Brian Thiessen has a few words to say about a privacy breach that impacts 620,000 Albertans. The title says it all.

The Buck Stops Here–Privacy 101 for Minister Horne–Incompetence is not a defence

Like most Albertans, I have been reading, with interest the news of the theft of a laptop containing the information of 620,000 Albertans. Unlike the feigned outrage of Minister Horne, I am genuinely concerned with both the theft and exposure of the sensitive personal information of hundreds of thousands of Albertans, (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: FINTRAC collecting personal banking information of innocent Canadians

Canada’s Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart accuses FINTRAC of collecting the personal banking information of thousands of innocent Canadians.

The post FINTRAC collecting personal banking information of innocent Canadians appeared first on The Canadian Progressive. Redford Tories’ War with Teachers: It’s About Caucus Politics

The Progressive Conservatives are preparing for a multi-year battle with the teachers of Alberta. With rhetoric such as “protect the classroom” (implying that teachers are working against teaching and children) and firing off emails to thousands of teachers in likely breach of privacy laws (which is currently being investigated by the Privacy Commissioner), it’s obvious. The [...]

bastard.logic: The War Comes Home

900ftJesus has some important questions for the Privacy Commissioner re: the new Harpercon plan to randomly audit EI clients for *gasp* fraud, via taxpayer-subsidized bureaucratic fishing expeditions (House calls? REALLY?):

What information are federal employees told to gather through house visits?

How is this information gathered? (silent observation, questions, questioning and/or observing people other than the client at the home?

What information is included on any reports given to HRDC?

What is the format of this information?

To what use is this information put? How is the information applied?

What privacy rating is assigned to this information?

Who has

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Impolitical: Toews and all his eavesdropping

We have learned this week that the Canada Border Services Agency, under the leadership of Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, will be seeking to audio record what travellers are saying in their cars at border crossings and in person at airports. See this report in the Toronto Star yesterday, for example. It is reported there that the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has not been consulted on this plan and no privacy impact assessment has been done.

It is the prospect of audio recordings in particular that has galvanized reaction, particularly about privacy rights and the possibilities of abuses that could

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