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CalgaryLiberal: Conrad Black: Our Warren Buffet?

Freed from the US prison system Conrad Black is challenging Harper, Canada, and Americans on their failed policies. Particularly around prison reform. A businessman with good arguing skills, the chops to take on a government or two, and with the skills to spread his knowledge, Conrad Black may very well be our Warren Buffet. Conrad [...]

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Let His Blackness Come Home

It is clear that the travails of prison life–the shitty food, the difficulty of taking a shower without getting gang-raped, the need to trade your Order Of Canada for some “leave me alone time”, and an impromptu marriage to the convict with the most cigarettes–have all conspired to make Conrad Black a marginally less hate-worthy human being.  In fact, no Progressive who has read his extensive prison writings re the injustices of the U.S. penal system could but fail to hope that Mr. Black’s sentence might  be extended awhile, so that his moral evolution might be completed.  Nevertheless, it

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