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The Canadian Progressive: Responds to TransCanada’s NAFTA Lawsuit over Keystone XL

TransCanada’s lawsuit against the US over President Obama’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline reminds us how many of our rights free trade agreements give away, says The post Responds to TransCanada’s NAFTA Lawsuit over Keystone… . . . → Read More: The Canadian Progressive: Responds to TransCanada’s NAFTA Lawsuit over Keystone XL Civil society groups call on Trudeau to launch full public consultation before introducing C-51 reforms

300k_c51.jpg Organizations and academic experts say that following last week’s tragic events in Paris, it’s especially important that the government con… . . . → Read More: Civil society groups call on Trudeau to launch full public consultation before introducing C-51 reforms Internet users set to flood public consultation to push back against proposals that would censor free speech and shut down Right to Link

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European Commission consultation on the role of online platforms could result in a costly new ‘Link Tax’ and monitoring of billions of posts a day by online services

November 17, 2015 – Civil society and digital rights groups are sounding the alarm about a public consultation run by the European Commission on the role of online platforms, the result of which could be new copyright rules that would effectively shut down people’s right to freely link online. The 75,000-strong Save The Link network has created an Internet Voice Tool to send feedback (Read more…) Final TPP text threatens Internet freedom and will force Canada to overhaul copyright – but will Trudeau go along?


Final text includes provisions to censor the Internet, rob the public domain, and force Canada to import U.S.-style copyright rules 

November 5, 2015 – Over a month since a deal was first announced, the full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement has finally been revealed. The text, published today by the New Zealand government, will force Canada to overwrite its current balanced copyright regime with draconian U.S.-style rules, including a 20 year extension to copyright terms. New Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has yet to confirm whether Canada will ratify the TPP.

Digital rights (Read more…) Canadians look to newly-elected government for action as CRTC report confirms huge year-on-year price increases for communications services


As monthly household telecom spending breaches the $200 mark for the first time, Canadians will be looking to incoming Liberal government for reassurance and action

October 22, 2015 – This morning the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) released the first part of their annual Communications Monitoring Report providing an overview of the Canadian communications sector. The report confirms that average monthly household spending on telecommunications rose 6% from 2013 to 2014, an average of $203 per month.

The report comes on the heels of a federal election–which saw a new Liberal government take a majority of (Read more…) Litmus test for new government as Big Telecom threatens future of affordable Internet service in Canada


Bell Canada is calling on the new federal Cabinet to overturn pro-customer CRTC requirements to ensure Canadians can access high-speed independent providers

October 21, 2015 – This morning it was reported that Bell Canada (BCE Inc.) is challenging a landmark CRTC decision that promised fair access to fibre Internet facilities for smaller, independent Internet service providers (ISPs), and greater choice and affordability for Canadian Internet users. Canadians are expecting the newly-elected Liberal Cabinet, who will need to rule on Bell’s appeal, to ensure access to a wide range of fast, affordable Internet services independent of telecom giants (Read more…) WikiLeaks release of TPP Intellectual Property chapter confirms agreement threatens Canada’s Internet freedom


Confirmed: retroactive 20 year copyright term extensions, new rules that would induce ISPs to block websites, and criminal penalties for the circumvention of digital locks

October 9, 2015 – This morning, WikiLeaks released the final version of the TPP’s Intellectual Property Chapter, just days after Trade Minister Ed Fast’s promise to release “a provisional copy” of the text for public scrutiny.

Internet freedom group OpenMedia warns that the leak confirms Internet advocates greatest fears, including: new provisions that would induce Internet Service Providers to block websites without a court ruling, 20-year retroactive copyright term extensions, and new criminal (Read more…) Revealed: Which party gets the worst grade for digital policies on affordable access, online privacy, and free expression?


As digital rights issues including the TPP and Bill C-51 continue to play major election role, OpenMedia publishes crowdsourced report card assessing the leading parties on policy priorities shaped by over 250,000 Canadians

October 8, 2015 – Days after the announcement of a major Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, and with Bill C-51 and mass surveillance continuing to spark controversy, many Canadians are asking which party is best placed to secure Canada’s digital future. The non-partisan digital rights group OpenMedia set out to answer that question, by assessing how the parties measure up against policy priorities crowdsourced, with the (Read more…) Trans-Pacific Partnership countries announce agreement reached, posing serious threat to global Internet users

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Largest and most secretive agreement in the world’s history covers 40% of global trade and contains provisions to censor the Internet and rob the public domain

October 5, 2015 – The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement reached today comes as the result of over five years of negotiations and poses an extreme threat to free expression online.

Although the full text of the deal won’t be available for a month, recent leaks of the TPP’s Intellectual Property chapter show Canada faces an overhaul of copyright legislation, including: 20 year copyright term extensions, (Read more…) Margaret Atwood teams up with Paul Haggis, Dan Mangan, and over 200 Canadian artists to send message to party leaders about C-51’s attack on free expression


Artists, writers, musicians, and film-makers including Mark Achbar, Hayden, Raffi, Thomas King, and John Dunsworth from the Trailer Park Boys, warn that C-51 will “silence dissenting voices” and announce “we will be voting for the repeal of C-51”

September 28, 2015 – A group of over 200 Canadian artists, led by acclaimed author Margaret Atwood, are speaking out against Bill C-51. In an open letter published this morning by Maclean’s, the artists warn that the legislation “directly attacks the creative arts and free expression in this country”. The group is speaking out just weeks before an election likely (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Harper has no mandate to auction off CBC buildings during an election

Maude Barlow, the national chairperson of the Council of Canadians wants Stephen Harper to answer whether the just-announced “firesale of CBC buildings is part of getting the Trans-Pacific Partnership signed before October 19 to boost his chances of re-election.”

The post Harper has no mandate to auction off CBC buildings during an election appeared first on The Canadian Progressive. Massive B.C. Privacy Breach underlines risks of government using C-51 to collect and store our private info

For Immediate Release

Massive B.C. Privacy Breach underlines risks of government using C-51 to collect and store our private info

September 23, 2015: A massive data breach in British Columbia has left millions of British Columbians worried about whether their private educational records have been exposed. The government announced last night that it had lost track of an unencrypted drive containing the records, which include deeply personal information about mental health and substance abuse.

read more Elizabeth May becomes first party leader to endorse OpenMedia’s pro-Internet Action Plan

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Digital rights group is calling on all political parties and candidates to endorse pro-Internet plan crowdsourced from over 250,000 Canadians

September 15, 2015 – Green Party leader Elizabeth May has become the first party leader to endorse OpenMedia’s crowdsourced pro-Internet action plan. In an open letter to OpenMedia published this morning, Ms. May promised to completely repeal Bill C-51, end mass surveillance, and ensure all Canadians have affordable access to the Internet.

OpenMedia is now calling on all political parties and candidates to endorse the proposals set out in its plan, which was crowdsourced from over (Read more…) Over 250,000 people shape action plan to save the Internet


Digital rights group OpenMedia releases comprehensive election platform packed with ideas crowdsourced from Canadians

August 27, 2015 – It’s as if the entire city of London Ontario banded together to save the Internet. Shaped by more than 250,000 people and launching today, Canada’s Digital Future is a crowd-sourced election platform packed with ideas from everyday citizens. It’s an initiative of digital rights group Openmedia, which is urging people to consider Canada’s digital future when casting their vote this election.

While OpenMedia won’t be endorsing any political party, it does plan to meet the main parties and report back (Read more…) OpenMedia criticizes police push for warrantless access to private Internet subscriber data


OpenMedia criticizes police push for warrantless access to private Internet subscriber data

OpenMedia is extremely concerned by the proposal put forward by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police that would make it far easier for police to access Canadians’ online records without a warrant. The police proposal flies in the face of a landmark pro-privacy ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada last year.

Yesterday it was reported that police want expedited warrantless access to Canadians’ private Internet subscriber data, proposing three different options that would see them receive information about any Canadian from their telecommunications companies (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Fair Elections Act injunction ruling under appeal, says Council of Canadians

The Council of Canadians and partners to appeal a recent Ontario Superior Court of Justice ruling that favoured the Fair Elections Act’s restrictions on democratic participation.

The post Fair Elections Act injunction ruling under appeal, says Council of Canadians appeared first on The Canadian Progressive. New TPP leak shows Canada would be required to massively overhaul copyright, damaging free expression and censoring Internet


Trans-Pacific Partnership text reveals that U.S. pressure could result in new rules for Canadians that allow for website blocking, and new criminal penalties for copyright infringement

August 5, 2015 – Recently leaked documents from the Intellectual Property chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) reveal that the secretive trade agreement would require Canada to make drastic changes to its copyright law, causing significant damage to free expression and restricting access to knowledge. The TPP is already shaping up as a major issue in the recently launched federal election.

Under the TPP, Canada’s copyright system, which underwent a review (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: TPP talks fail: Part of Harper’s disastrous economic project ends, says Council of Canadians

The recent failure of the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations spoils Harper’s agenda promoting the corporate takeover of the Canadian public good, says the Council of Canadians.

The post TPP talks fail: Part of Harper’s disastrous economic project ends, says Council of Canadians appeared first on The Canadian Progressive. New video sets out action plan to tackle Canadian privacy deficit, as hundreds of thousands continue to speak up against Bill C-51

Plan lays out tangible steps for federal government to take to restore Canadians’ digital privacy

July 23, 2015 – Today OpenMedia released a new online video, based on input from over 125,000 Canadians, which outlines a clear plan to address Canada’s stark privacy deficit. With Bill C-51, warrantless spying, thousands of privacy breaches, and a multi-billion dollar government spy palace, Canadians have serious reasons to be concerned about their privacy rights — and have stepped up to build a solution.

Watch the video here:

The video sets out three key priorities for how (Read more…) In a win for Canadians, CRTC promises fair rules to increase independent choice and affordability for fiber Internet access


New rules ensure that Canadians will be able to access an affordable range of services from a variety of providers outside Canada’s telecom giants

July 22, 2015 – A major ruling today from the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) signals a significant step forward for Canadians’ ability to access affordable Internet options independent of Canada’s large telecom providers, says

In late 2014, OpenMedia delivered crowdsourced input from over 30,000 Canadians as part of the hearing that informed today’s decision–and is claiming victory.

The ruling is the first step towards ensuring small independent ISPs are able (Read more…) European Parliament rejects ‘Link Tax’ proposal, in big win for Internet users


75,000-strong Save The Link Campaign welcomes the rejection of proposal that could have resulted in severe repercussions for free speech online

July 9, 2015 – Today the European Parliament firmly rejected a proposal that could have resulted in a new EU-wide ‘Link Tax’ with costly implications for Internet users across Europe and the world. A similar ‘Link Tax’ was introduced in Spain last December, where it forced Google News to shut operations, and resulted in web traffic to Spanish news sites plunging.

The proposal was contained in an amendment backed by large publishing conglomerates to an otherwise (Read more…) Canadian cell phone users will pay the price for government’s broken promises on Rogers/Mobilicity deal


Rogers $440 million takeover of Mobilicity will mean fewer choices and higher prices for Canadian cell phone subscribers when wireless prices are already increasing at 3 times the rate of inflation

June 24, 2015 – Mobilicity has accepted a $440 million takeover from Rogers, Inc., according to documents filed with the Ontario Superior Court. The deal, approved by Industry Canada, flies in the face of the government’s promises to increase mobile provider choice and affordability. The deal will see some of Mobilicity’s AWS-1 spectrum acquired by Wind Mobile, while a substantial amount of spectrum previously set aside (Read more…) Mobilicity employees’ MVNO proposal deserves serious consideration, although wireless prices will rise even further unless indie spectrum is kept out of Big Telecom’s hands


Reports over weekend suggest government is poised to allow Rogers and Telus to acquire Mobilicity’s valuable wireless spectrum, despite promises it would be set aside for affordable, independent providers

June 22, 2015: Mobilicity’s employees and founder are calling for government action to ensure their business can continue as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), even if their valuable wireless spectrum is acquired by other operators. Community-backed OpenMedia, which is running a sustained campaign for lower wireless prices, insists any deal must ensure that Canadians’ wireless choices are not further reduced.

The call comes following media reports over the (Read more…) Telecom bills are rising rapidly: Government report confirms that cell phone cost increases are running at three times the rate of inflation

UnblockCanada_cycle_fbshare (1).png

Official report finds that wireless prices are still rising steeply, and that overall telecom costs are among the most expensive in the industrialized world

June 18, 2015 – A major government report released this morning confirms that Canadians are still paying among the highest prices in the industrialized world for telecom service. The 2015 Wall Report, commissioned by the CRTC and Industry Canada, found that wireless prices are increasing across the board, with the cost of a standard 1GB monthly plan increasing by 7%, or over three times the rate of inflation (2.3%).

The report (Read more…) “This campaign will continue until Bill C-51 is repealed” vow those who fought the reckless legislation, as government rams it through Senate in final vote


OpenMedia launching renewed campaign at as focus shifts to political arena, with commitment to kill the reckless and unpopular legislation set to become a decisive factor in October’s election

June 9, 2015: The fight against Bill C-51 will continue until the deeply unpopular legislation is repealed. That’s according to OpenMedia, which is helping lead a 240,000-strong campaign against the Bill, which the government has just forced through the Senate 44-28 in the final vote on the bill. The community-backed group is today launching a renewed campaign at calling on leaders of all political parties (Read more…)