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The Canadian Progressive: 70 of Canadians support a national moratorium on fracking: POLL

A new poll commissioned by the Council of Canadians reveals that an overwhelming majority of Canadians oppose fracking, support “a national moratorium on fracking until it is scientifically proven to be safe.”

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The Canadian Progressive: New Canadians Abandoning Stephen Harper, Conservatives

A new poll by EKOS shows that new Canadians are deserting Stephen Harper and the Conservatives “despite aggressive wooing” by Jason Kenney in the last three years.

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Scott's DiaTribes: Ontario voters not liking Hudak’s Voodoo Economics

First off, yes, this is a Forum poll, but like BigcityLib, I’ll take it as a starting point as to what people think of Tim Hudak’s 100 000 public sector job cuts/1 million jobs created dual promises. So far, they don’t like it at all, or they don’t believe Timmy can do what he claims:

Nearly two-thirds of Ontarians disapprove of Tim Hudak’s plan to cut 100,000 public servants to streamline government, a new poll suggests..The Forum Research survey also found‎ 63 per cent do not think the Progressive Conservative leader will be able to create his promised 1 (Read more…)

Aaron Manton: POLL: Ontario Election – Who Has the Best Bus?

Will Kathleen Wynne’s steady hands stay at 10 and 2? How many of Tim Hudak’s million jobs are for designing bus wrap slogans? What’s the insurance rate for Andrea Horwath’s campaign vehicle? Transportation, already a prominent issue in the 2014 provincial election, intersects with many aspects of politics, policy, and campaigning. With that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to see which of the party leaders is getting around in the best bus this campaign season. Vote now, before the wheels start to fall off or people start getting thrown under! - Alberta politics: Phone poll suggests NDP MLA testing waters for leadership bid?

TweetIs there an undeclared race underway to become leader of the Alberta NDP? An interactive voice response poll calling Albertans on February 11 suggests there just might be. The automated phone poll conducted by the Toronto-based Research House began with innocuous questions aimed at gaging opinions about the current Progressive Conservative government and other political party leaders, […]

The Canadian Progressive: Nova Scotians overwhelmingly support continued ban on fracking

A just released poll shows that Nova Scotians overwhelmingly support a continued moratorium on fracking, unless an independent review finds there is no risk to drinking water, human health, the climate or communities.

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Cowichan Conversations: Vancouver Island Could Become Canada’s 11th Province

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

The concept of Vancouver Island going its’ own way as Canada’s 11th province is being floated once again.

Separated by land, sea and air many Islander’s think of themselves as ‘Islanders’ first, British Columbian’s next and then of course Canadians.

A fledgling group based out of Cowichan Bay raised the flag in the 1960′s but it was more spoof than a serious attempt to do the hard slogging demanded of such a proposition.

It is a natural outcome in many ways, life is different on the island, we are already separate physically and not fully understood or (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Canadians oppose Harper’s dictatorship-style plan to gut the CBC

According to a new Nanos poll, 81% of Canadians oppose Stephen Harper’s dictatorship-style plan to seize control of the CBC and gut its editorial independence.

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The Canadian Progressive: Poll: 70% of Canadians think it’s time kick Stephen Harper out

by: Obert Madondo | @Obiemad:

Stephen Harper (Photo: Remy Steinegger)

An overwhelming majority of Canadians think it’s time to kick Stephen Harper out and elect a new government, according to a new CTV News Ipsos Reid poll.

70% us are fed up with Harper and the Conservatives’ dictatorship-style assault on our democratic institutions, values, science and the environment. We’re fed up with the Conservatives’ political malfeasance, epitomized by the Third World-style Senate expenses scandal. We want Harper out. We want a new regime in Ottawa.

Most importantly, we’ve resolutely decided that the Conservatives should not be re-elected in 2015.

But (Read more…)

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Cowichan Conversations: Cowichan Conversations Readers Want Change With NDP Leadership

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

Adrian Dix suffered the worst upset ever for the NDP. Yes, in 2001 we were almost wiped out but then the expectations were low, very low.

Heading into a Provincial Council meeting this weekend it will be interesting to see if the Dix loyalists can stave off the ever increasing call for change at the top.

His announcement that he was staying for awhile seemed to me to be code for Adrian trying to remain at the head of the party, but that will be fraught with turmoil and hard feelings.

Best possible outcome would be for (Read more…)

Scott's DiaTribes: Love this line: ‘Liberals continue to pound Conservatives’

It’s poll night! This one from Leger looks at the party’s standing and leadership.. and this gives a hint as to why the Conservative Party, or the Prime Minister’s Office rather (actually, scratch that, they’re both acting as the same thing, which the PMO should not be doing, by the way, if tradition was being upheld) is desperate for this contrived scandal they’ve made to stick to Trudeau. I love the first line of the story in the Gazette, which I did in my title and will highlight for you once more, because I like reading it so much:

A (Read more…)

Scott's DiaTribes: Plurality of Canadians want Senate “reformed”, not abolished.

At least, according to this Nanos poll:

The survey asked Canadians what they would like to see done with the Senate. Respondents were overwhelmingly against the status quo, with 49 per cent supporting reform of the Senate and 41 per cent preferring it be abolished. Just six per cent said leave it as is, while four per cent were unsure.

The random survey of 1,000 Canadians was conducted between June 8 and 11..Participants in the survey were randomly recruited by telephone and administered a survey online. The margin of error for a random survey of 1,000 Canadians is plus (Read more…)

The Scott Ross: Liberals Down In All Major Polls, Arrogance Is Up

Justin Trudeau is popular? It doesn’t matter.

The federal Liberals are still extremely behind in the polls. The last three major polls conducted, with 100% accuracy, show the Liberal Party is far behind the Conservatives and in fact the Grits are at their lowest level of support in Canadian history. Those polls were of course conducted in the last three general elections and they are the only ones that matter.

A lot of Liberals will take refuge in a new opinion poll out that shows their party with an incredible lead, 44% to the Conservatives’ 27%, with the NDP even (Read more…)

The Happy Wanderer: BC Election…. No Show.

The British Colombian election is set for May 14th, and it’s pretty straight forward. People in BC no longer support the BC liberals after three consecutive terms. BC Liberals have been losing popularity since they won the 2009 BC election.

The NDP started out the year nearly at 50%, and having twice as much support as the Liberals. The BC Conservatives which usually get 3-4% in the polls started to eat away at the BC Liberals support, and almost took second place just a Little over a year ago. But ever since May 2013 the BC Conservatives have collapsed and the BC liberals have

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21% of Albertans, according to a Leger poll, are undecided as to who they would support in an election. So who is going to convert these 1 in 5 Albertans? It’s not the Wildrose. They’re a known quantity, for good or ill. Nor will it be the Progressive Conservatives, racked by scandal and ebbing in the polls [...] Ekos: 45% of Albertans say they are small ‘l’ liberals

According to EKOS when asked whether or not they’re small ‘l’ liberals 45% (+/- 8.8%) of Albertans say they are liberals . Here’s a link to the poll in question. The ideology question is on page 31.

The Scott Ross: Idle No More Might Be Popular No More: Polls

A few online polls suggest Idle No More is not supported by a majority of Canadians.

Though there appears to be no major polling done as of yet, three recent online polls give some idea about the popularity of Idle No More.

The larger of the polls was on Jan.3, Winnipeg Free Press had an online poll of over 14,000 respondents, 32% supported Idle No More while 47% opposed it and 21% were unclear what the movement exactly was.

Niagra Falls Review on Jan.5 had a much smaller poll with only 332 respondents: 93 supported Idle No More

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The Canadian Progressive: Is Chief Theresa Spence your 2012 newsmaker of the year? POLL

Is hunger striker Chief Theresa Spence, who entered Day 20 of her peaceful protest today, your 2012 newsmaker of the year? Is it the Idle No More movement? The Quebec student movement? Beleaguered Toronto Mayor Rob Ford? Is it Kevin Page, Canada’s fearless gallant Parliamentary Budget Officer, who showed uncommon courage recently when he took the Harper government to court seeking accountability and READ MORE

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: ConCalls: I’ll Be Gone For Christmas

I’ll be around, but justice will be working on its homework, and set to deliver their assignment about 600 days late. Marks may be deducted for lack of punctuality. The criminally guilty get a second Christmas on the wrong side of jail cell bars.

Some polls besides Ekos clearly show that fraud calls happened across the country. As EC released warnings about the calls, reports for the calls may have dropped, as potential complainants would possibly be aware that EC was working on the investigation. Their trust may have been misplaced, as the story surged into the spotlight

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Cowichan Conversations: Cowichan Conversations Readers Do Not Trust Harper

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

Do you trust PM Harper to tell the truth about trade deals with China?

No, He just sold us out to Chinese State Interests on the Nexen takeover! (95%, 58 Votes)

Yes, Steve is a trustworthy and dedicated PM (5%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 61

On a dark chilly morning it is encouraging to realize that the world did not end and that we may be entering a new age of ‘Gettin’ it’! See the new ‘Gettin’ it’ Poll


mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: The Journalist: More Trustworthy than the Prison Snitch

Montreal (The Skwib) — In their yearly survey of how much trust we have in a variety of occupations, Leger Marketing discovered that journalists were more trusted than quite a few other occupations. Nearly 49 percent of Canadians felt that &#8230… . . . → Read More: mark a rayner | scribblings, squibs & sundry monkey joys: The Journalist: More Trustworthy than the Prison Snitch Libs are 2% behind the Tory in Calgary-Centre. Huh.

… of 376 randomly selected residents puts Ms. Crockatt in first place – but pegs her support at just 32 per cent, down from 48 per cent in a similar poll held two weeks earlier. Liberal candidate Harvey Locke had the backing of 30 per cent of t… . . . → Read More: Libs are 2% behind the Tory in Calgary-Centre. Huh.

RedBedHead: Canadians Don’t Trust Canada

Sao Paolo, Brazil – 140 people have died in the last two weeks in battles between police and inner-city gangs. Be hard to be held in lower esteem.

This was an interesting poll in The Globe and Mail this morning. It seems that out of 26 countries in both hemispheres of the Americas, our very own Stephen Harper ranked as the national leader who was least trusted by the population. On top of

The Happy Wanderer: America Moves a Few Inches to the Left

For the most part the U.S political climate has remained the same. The White House resident is still a democrat, the senate is still controlled by democrats and the House is controlled by Republicans. But I think in all it is a win for left wing of the country, and shows to some extent the fact that America has at least in my mind moved little bit more towards the left of the political spectrum.

In the Presidential election Obama didn’t win popular vote wise as much as he did in 2008. This of course doesn’t prove that America has moved to the

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Driving The Porcelain Bus: Ontario NDP virtually tied with PCs

A new Forum Research  Ontario tracking poll is out. The results show the NDP and PCs in a virtual tie, with the Liberal support continuing to plummet. Horwath’s and Hudak’s popularity remains about the same with Horwath way in the lead, but McGuinty’s popularity has dropped significantly.

Results of the Sept. 25th poll compared to level of support at the election in Oct. 2011: PC: 37% (+2%) NDP: 35% (+12%) LIb: 20% (-18%)

The NDP has been steadily rising overall since the election, while the PCs have remained about the same. The Liberal support has steadily dropped since the election (Read more…)