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THE CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE: Canada politics news roundup: Harper Conservatives’ lack of good governance

The Federal Court of Appeal’s ruling on the Harper Conservatives’ cancellation of refugee health care tops the list of my favorite Canada politics news headlines this week.

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The Common Sense Canadian: BC govt, City of Vancouver: Kinder Morgan dodging pipeline questions

Mayor Gregor Robertson and Vancouver Council have some tough questions for Kinder Morgan (facebook)

By Dene Moore, The Canadian Press

VANCOUVER – Kinder Morgan has failed to answer many of the questions put to the company about its proposed Trans Mountain pipeline through the regulatory review process, charge a chorus of critics that includes the province of British Columbia and the city of Vancouver.

Kinder Morgan ignore 40% of city’s questions

The city submitted 394 written questions as part of the National Energy Board’s regulatory review process but said the Texas-based company did not respond to 40 per cent (Read more…)

THE CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE: Alberta tar sands a “war on the earth”: Brigette DePape

For Canadian activist Brigette DePape, participating in last weekend’s final tar sands Healing Walk in Fort McMurray, Alberta, was akin to “witnessing a war on the earth, and being part of a growing movement to stop it.”

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Last year I wrote a blog post about the immense privacy breach by Education Minister Jeff Johnson — a concerned first broken to the province by Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman. And the Privacy Commissioner has confirmed that the mass email sent to 30,000+ teachers was a massive breach, confirming both Blakeman’s and my blog post’s […]

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Friday Bits #nlpoli

To understand the real Steve Kent and not the manufactured front he presents to the world these days, take a look at this 2007 post by Simon Lono back when he wrote Offal News.

There’s a great quote in it from Kent when he was thinking about a run at federal politics for the Alliance/Reform crowd.  You’ll be struck by how familiar it is. 

When you get over the willies, skip over to Uncle Gnarley.  Des Sullivan notes that the “narrative” on Muskrat Falls is changing as the project goes along. 

That’s it for the week. (Read more…)

Eh Types: Running Scared

Aside from enough profanity to make the navy blush, there are several words to describe Rob Ford. A few that often come to my mind are incompetent, liar, corrupt, racist, misogynist, homophobe, and criminal associate. I think after profanity, those would top most people’s list. Since his return I’d add another word. Scared. Ford began […]

Joe Fantauzzi: IV. Zone of Indeterminacy: Interdiction concerning the enclosure of the Social Commons

Here, I have taken up the enclosure of the Social Commons. And here, I have attempted to locate those shunted aside by the austerity agenda. In this post, I attempt to describe the zone of indeterminacy into which those cast aside by austerity have been and are to be consigned. The point, I submit, is that the […]

Joe Fantauzzi: IV. Zone of Indeterminacy: Interdiction concerning the enclosure of the Social Commons

Here, I have taken up the enclosure of the Social Commons. And here, I have attempted to locate those shunted aside by the austerity agenda. In this post, I attempt to describe the zone of indeterminacy into which those cast aside by austerity have been and are to be consigned. The point, I submit, is that the […]

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Political Fashionistas #nlpoli

Before the year is out, we will have yet another strategy from the provincial government.

We were supposed to have this one on July 1, however like pretty well everything associated with the current crowd running the place, it is a day late.  The minister responsible for the strategy – Fairity O’Brien – says we will now have it some unspecified time in the fall.  That will be after Fairity releases a document that tells us what the government heard during some sort of consultation process that they are almost as fond of as they are of strategy writing.

The thing will likely also be a dollar short, as well, if recent experience is any guide.  You see this “population growth strategy” is actually the second kick at the cat for the provincial government.  Their existing strategies aimed at dealing with some of the factors affecting population were all dismal . . . → Read More: The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Political Fashionistas #nlpoli

Dead Wild Roses: Quick Take on SCOTUS Ruling :(

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Dead Wild Roses: Quick Take on SCOTUS Ruling :(


Update: Highlights from dissenting judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg [page 60 of the Document].

1. “Would the exemption…extend to employers with religiously grounded objections to blood transfusions (Jehovah’s Witnesses); antidepressants (Scientologists); medications derived from pigs, including anesthesia, intravenous fluids, and pills coated with gelatin (certain Muslims, Jews, and Hindus); and vaccinations[?]…Not much help there for the lower courts bound by today’s decision.”

2. “Approving some religious claims while deeming others unworthy of accommodation could be ‘perceived as favoring one religion over another,’ the very ‘risk the [Constitution's] Establishment Clause was designed to preclude.”

3. “Religious organizations (Read more…) The West’s Alternative

The two byelections tonight in Alberta — one in southern Alberta and the other in northern Alberta — have made it clear just who is the alternative to the Conservatives in Alberta. That alternative is the Liberals. Through hope, hard work, and a good dose of grit, two local candidates with credibility in their respective ridings […]

THE CANADIAN PROGRESSIVE: Peter McKay and this week’s Canada politics news roundup

Justice Minister Peter MacKay, Supreme Court of Canada, First Nations and the rest of the politics news which made the headlines in Canada this past week.

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Eh Types: Send in the Clown

It was nice while it lasted. The last two months in Toronto’s municipal election featured policy announcements, reasonable debate, and even a few bold ideas. However, these two months have also been notable for what they haven’t featured, or should I say who. Rob Ford will be returning to work today, asked to comment Deputy […]

The Common Sense Canadian: Is Harper setting up BC govt to reject Northern Gateway?

Christy Clark photo: Darryl Dyck/CP)

By Geoff Salomons

To many, the recent decision by the Harper Government to approve the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline – a project it has so emphatically been pushing – is not surprising at all. What was surprising was the relative lack of fanfare in which the announcement was released. As Jennifer Ditchburn noted, there was no MP, let alone the minister responsible, to make the announcement: just a simple press release four paragraphs long entitled “Government of Canada Accepts Recommendation to Impose 209 Conditions on Northern Gateway Proposal”.

In this release, the government highlighted the (Read more…)

Pop The Stack: Toronto Is More Than The Core

Marcus McGee makes a nice attempt at an ode to Toronto as opposed to the idea of Ford Nation: “Toronto isn’t Rob Ford. Toronto is more than that”. Unfortunately, I think he missed the point of why there is dissatisfaction in some parts of the city. All his anecdotes refer to The Core of the city. It’s mostly south of College and all south of Bloor. Toronto is more than Ford Nation, true, but it is also so much more than the Core. Let me tell you about my Toronto.

Toronto is getting pizza and Tim Hortons at St Claire (Read more…)

The Common Sense Canadian: Liberal govt hubris handed Tsilhqot’in Nation bigger legal victory

The statue ‘Ivstitia’ (Justice) guards the entrance of the Supreme Court of Canada (Sean Kilpatrick/CP)

The BC Liberal Government just couldn’t leave well enough alone. In choosing to appeal the Tsilhqot’in First Nation’s BC Supreme Court victory over land title and rights, the government set in motion a chain of events that could have profound consequences for its future resource development plans.

The Tsilhqot’in won a landmark legal victory affirming title and rights over 200,000 hectares of their traditional territory, west of Williams Lake, at the BC Supreme Court in 2007 (with limited rights to an even larger area). The 17-year case was the longest (Read more…)

Eh Types: Fault Lines

I took a little time off after the election. Conservatives foretold the end of times if Premier Wynne were re-elected and I wanted to be prepared. Thrilled as I was by a majority no one called, well almost no one, I’m disappointed by the lack of hellfire promised to me since. I bought canned goods […]

Scripturient: Blog & Commentary: The Death of Handwriting?

I almost cried in pleasure when I watched this video; the handwriting is so beautiful. Apparently some viewers have, as Jesus Diaz writes. On Gizmodo he says that it’s: …a video that caused many to discover autonomous sensory meridian response, a perceptual phenomenon that gives a pleasing tingling sensation. Some said they got it watching people […]

Melissa Fong: Beedie Living debilitating Chinese community and voice

I went to an open house of the new proposal by Beedie Living at Keefer and Columbia in Chinatown. I have heard several complaints with the architecture, built form and […]

Christy's Houseful of Chaos » politics: Intelligent Design: money and PR instead of science

The book Only a Theory: Evolution and the Battle for American’s Soul by Kenneth R. Miller mentions this organization – Discovery Institute – which has a 4 million a year budget to promote their “Intelligent Design” nonsense. In 1998, as they were trying to get funding, a document known as the Wedge Document was written. It included their goals including a five year goal for “one hundred scientific, academic, and technical articles by our fellows.” This hasn’t panned out for them. They can’t write scientific papers because they have no real science. One of their senior fellows admitted (Read more…)

Christy's Houseful of Chaos » politics: ya, the revolution really isn’t here. Could we keep working on other things?

It is weird how life can change as certain people enter or exit one’s life, even tangentially, because of the ideas those people bring. I can look back over the last half a year and see how certain people’s ideas about revolution instead of reform have entered my social circle. I can see their effect not just on myself, but on some of my friends. It’s interesting to look at.

Some of the people attempting to boycott the Ontario election have expressed a belief that revolution is going to come soon. I remember hearing the same belief during the Occupy (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Solar Tour 2014

Cowessess wind turbine. 800kW at 32mi/h Has Li-ion batteries.

Solar farm and home system of 10kW Inverter anti-islanding. Prevents electrifying the grid while grid is down. Isolation ring for the meter can be installed so you can attach a generator to the house to let the inverter keep working during a grid failure.

A Canadian report of a 2008 study of cities over 200,000 people around the world, listed Regina as sixth best in the world for solar energy generation potential.

Kelln has a system for pumping cattle water, that motion detects cattle, pumps up water to a bowl, and (Read more…)

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Welcome Back, Cochrane #nlpoli

If you are needing a political fix this weekend you can get two of the better variety online.

David Cochrane is back from an extended absence and to celebrate, he’s clacked out a synopsis of recent going’s on in the Conservative leadership fiasco.  He’s got all the details of stuff that’s been flying around town, right down to the story about how the victims of the Friday Night Massacre found their security passes to the building cut off while they were trying to move out that fateful Friday.

(Read more…)

Law is Cool: Personal Choice v. Systemic Issue

By: Farrah Rajan

Justice Minister Peter Mackay claims that women are not applying to be judges because it may take them away from time with their children. Although his comments were made in reference to the lack of diversity on federally appointed courts, the mindset can be applied to all people in the workforce, regardless of gender or profession.

After reading about his comments, I was both confused and offended because:

He did not address the scarcity of visible minorities (which is an issue that deserves its own post) Not all women are, or will be, mothers Classifying all (Read more…)