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Politics Canada: We must fight and fight hard to defeat Harper

I want Canada back.

I want us to make decisions and set policies based on what will build a greater society for all who live here, not just a few.

I want to make decisions based on science, research and how effective a solution may be, not on ideology.

I want to build a society where all voices from all viewpoints are encouraged, not de-funded, bullied and silenced.

I want to build an economy based on innovation, not on raw material sales.

I want a criminal justice system which works to protect me and my family, not on vengeance.

I want (Read more…)

Politics Canada: Harper will do everything to give his Conservatives the advantage, including a long campaign

Stephen Harper had to work hard for his majority government. He had to do everything possible, including breaking election laws, first with the in and out scandal and in 2011 the robocalls misdirecting voters who were not voting for them. He had to prevent Conservative candidates across the country from talking to local media, or participating in all candidates debates that were not in winnable ridings. He had to spend millions of dollars when there was no election campaign destroying the brand of two Liberal leaders.

With his majority his government implemented the “fair elections act”, which (Read more…)

Politics Canada: A typical uninformed voter for Harper: An example

My parents recently came to visit us and somehow the topic of Prime Minister Stephen Harper came up. My parents are both elderly and have a daily routine which consists of going to the local McDonalds for coffee and a muffin. That particular McDonalds only brings in one newspaper: The Toronto Sun. They also spend time talking to other people their age. They vote based on what they know. They don’t do their own investigative research on the choices available, they simply would vote based on their morning discussions and advertising they watch. They also happen to have a politics junkie (Read more…)

Politics Canada: Man in blue suit thanks firefighters –

Man in blue suit thanks firefighters –

Politics Canada: How can we change the electoral system?

Our system is an absolute farce. 38% of the vote gives you 55% of the seats and absolute, unchecked power. Power that is concentrated in the PMO like never before in our history.

When I approach our first past the post (fptp) system I feel the way someone must feel when they have to clean a smoking, loaded and cocked pistol. Who knows what the outcome will be? Certainly not what I intended.

Will some well organized group of fringe radicals through intense discipline, deception, and extreme message control be able to get the required 38% to take absolute power?

We (Read more…)

Politics Canada: Stephen Harper makes my stomach turn

When I think of Stephen Harper and what he is doing to our country and in particular his deception, constant spin and misinformation I feel physically nauseous.

I know, I know politicians are just like that, right? This would certainly be the response of one of his minions, who almost always start their response with, “well when the Liberals….” instead of addressing the content of the discussion. Harper is different though. He is not just a typical politician who tries to put the best face on a situation, he goes way farther, to an extreme never before seen in (Read more…)

Excited Delirium: Harper: Worst PM in Canadian History

The National Observer is bold enough to tell it like it is when it comes to Stephen Harper. Will we see similar reviews from other media companies. Swift response: NO. I explain the media war that Stephen Harper is waging against Canada.

PostArctica: What Is Wrong With Canadians?

Meet Dean A. Del Mastro.

Yep, that is good old Dean being escorted to prison.

From Wiki – Dean A. Del Mastro (born August 16, 1970) is a former Canadian politician. He represented Peterborough in the House of Commons of Canada as a member of the Conservative Party from January 23, 2006 until November 5, 2014. After being charged by Elections Canada with falsifying election documents and knowingly exceeding the Election spending limit, he resigned from the Conservative caucus. Del Mastro has been convicted on three counts of breaking the Elections Act, including exceeding the election spending limit, exceeding his (Read more…)

Politics Canada: Is Stephen Harper the worst prime minister in Canadian history?

Politics Canada: Justin Trudeau’s emergency plan, implement immediately

First of all hire me to take charge of the Liberal campaign and communication strategy.

Justin Trudeau calls a press conference saying it will be a very big announcement.

At press conference Trudeau announces a revised plan to deal with C-51, it is to be grandfathered and very quickly should the Liberals win power.

The reason for this: is that according to the independent research of the Liberal Party the Prime Minister was seriously overstating the terrorist risk to Canadians. The risk is not as bad as Harper represents it to be, it appears as though Mr. Harper was trying (Read more…)

Politics Canada: Harper makes Canada into the ‘tobacco company’ of the global community

Stephen Harper has done many things to change Canada’s reputation on the world stage. Probably the most noticeable to people in other countries around the world is it’s record on environmental protection. Canada has blocked agreements, accords and pacts that would help humans to make a smaller impact on the planet. Emissions targets are not met, not agreed to. The phrase ‘climate change’ is virtually outlawed from the lips of anyone involved in the Harper government.

In addition Harper is the global peddler of tar sand, dirty oil. A product that destroys the local environment when extracted and pollute more (Read more…)

Politics Canada: Will Canadians wake up to Harper’s incremental, clandestine agenda…..ever?

So many Canadians have voted for Stephen Harper unaware of his true intentions, his true agenda and without understanding the impact of what he has already done.

The first layer of stealth is provided by the very name of his party, ‘The Conservative Party of Canada’. How do you think they would be doing if they had adopted ‘The Canadian Alliance Party’ as name? The Conservative Party, both with ‘Progressive’ in its name and without have a history in Canada. The Conservatives and the Progressive Conservatives had been in power before Stephen Harper hijacked the Conservative brand. So he was (Read more…)

Politics Canada: Stephen Harper on balancing the books: abject failure

Stephen Harper has been a complete failure at balancing the books. He has produced a year of red ink for eight consecutive years.

How can this government enjoy any credibility on any financial issue?

Politics Canada: Stephen Harper’s management of the economy: abject failure

It has always struck me as weird that Harper has this unwarranted reputation as an astute manager of our economy.

His entire economic plan involves extracting raw materials and sending them overseas, that’s it, the whole deal. Everything else flows from this. His completely unnecessary corporate tax cuts benefit these raw material exporting corporations. His gutting of environmental protection laws serves the interests of these ‘dig er up an sell er’ companies. Pipelines to get the dirty oil out to the world, everything.

How has this worked out for him? Putting all of his energy into one sector of (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: A Curious Situation Has Developed the Cowichan Valley Regional District.

Dara Quast

A curious situation has developed at our Regional District. Our staff is leaving, in droves.

In a large organization such as the CVRD there is bound to be staff turnover.

In 2014

Read more…

Politics Canada: NDP release a good attack ad.

This attack ad is sweet! Best attack ad on Harperites I have seen! Play it over and over again!

A Puff of Absurdity: Harpoon 2015

If you haven’t seen it yet, this is a great site full of all the reasons we need to vote Harper out of office. It’s got categories such as democracy, health, science, environment, justice, and the senate, just to name a few. Lots of cartoon clips and short explanations with links to deeper analysis.

Here’s the introductory video trying to capture the 18-34 vote:

Politics Canada: Trudeau’s blunt rejection of coalition will cost the Liberals more support

Justin Trudeau’s blunt rejection of the idea of a coalition will cost the Liberals more support I predict. There are several people in the country who sincerely believe that Harper must be removed from power at all costs and will do whatever it takes to make that happen. The fact that the NDP is first in the polls mean that people will move their votes there in greater numbers now that a vote for the Liberals could mean more Harper government albeit a minority one.

Trudeau’s biggest mistakes, his support for C-51 and now his rejection of a coalition both (Read more…)

Trashy's World: Progressive Bloggers

I would like to give a quick tip of the hat to Scott (of Scott’s Diatribes) and the others behind the scene who make the blog aggregator – Progressive Bloggers – plug along year after year… And now in its TENTH FREAKING YEAR!  Older than the Harperite nightmare, it is! Quite an accomplishment, indeed. For […]

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: To Senate Or Not To Senate

There will be no questions. Well, almost none, as per usual.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaking with Premier Brad Wall at legislature today. #yqr #skpoli #cdnpoli

— Natascia Lypny (@wordpuddle) July 24, 2015

Gluttonous child has gorged himself on the ice cream; now declares a moratorium on more ice cream. #cdnpoli #SenCA

— Saskboy K. (@saskboy) July 24, 2015

L. Lea ‏@YukonGale : “@althiaraj Basically he’s saying he won’t appoint any more senators but he can’t make that binding upon the next government, right?”

Not without a Constitutional amendment.

PM taking questions now. First (Read more…)

Politics Canada: Harper’s Orwellian scare tactics

It has just come out that our civil servants have been told to provide fodder to the Harper government’s wish to make terrorism a big issue in Canada. An issue big enough that we don’t notice the horrific mishandling of our economy and tax system. Harper used the Ottawa shooting to push through bill C-51 stripping Canadians of more of their civil liberties. Even more important to the Harperites is the spread of fear, fear of terrorism. They are counting on Canadians to be more worried about terrorism than the economy.

In the true spirit of the Orwell classic 1984 (Read more…)

somecanuckchick dot com: Block votes. Buy votes. Scare up votes.

If all else fails…

Block votes.

Buy votes.

Scare up votes.

somecanuckchick dot com: Less than 90 days until #elxn42…

Less than 90 days until #elxn42…

At the time this post is published, it is: 87 days, 18 hours and 45 minutes.

Feel free to count the remaining days, hours, minutes, and seconds yourself.

Things Are Good: White House Planning to Close Guantanamo Bay’s Infamous Torture Centre

Guantanamo Bay on the beautiful island of Cuba sounds like a great place if you don’t know anything about it.

We do know what happens there and it’s immoral and likely illegal (probably even worthy of investigation by the International Criminal Court which the USA hasn’t ratified). The USA has been operating a prison there which is internationally known for shackling prisoners to floors, hunger strikes, and of course torture. As a result of the inhumane practices at Guantanamo Bay America’s “war on terror” has been mocked because it raises the question about who is causing the terror.

President Obama (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Oil Is Not A Four Letter Word

Coal is a four letter word, however.

Perhaps Wall is a bit touchy about fossil fuels because Saskatchewan produces more greenhouse gases per person than any other Canadian province [link added], and is one of only three provinces whose emissions have risen since 1990. The province contains only 1 per cent of the country’s population, but produces a disproportionate 10 per cent of national emissions.

Saskatchewan recorded the highest deposit-paid bottle return rate in Canada (82 per cent) and largest wildfire detection camera system in North America, said the ministry.

Yet we had the worst wildfire season, perhaps (Read more…)