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Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Harper Lied In The House

Check out @LeslieCBC’s Tweet:

What the PM said then, and how it stacks up against evidence submitted in court: @pnpcbc #Duffy fact check #cdnpoli

— Leslie Stojsic (@LeslieCBC) August 14, 2015

Duffy’s trial is giving facts about Harper’s criminal gang in his office.

Christy's Houseful of Chaos » politics: Thoughts on a nitrogen dioxide leak.

Today started off with an alarm going off outside for a nitrogen dioxide leak from the local smelter. My husband and I listened to updates on the radio and read notes on social media as tried to decide how he should get to work. It didn’t seem safe for him to walk, and I didn’t really want to load the kids into our one vehicle to drive him, but then I didn’t want him to take the car either in case we really did feel it necessary to leave our house and go out someplace further away from the leak. (Read more…)

Toronto Lawyer | Omar Ha-Redeye » Politics: CBA Resolution on Solitary Confinement

The Canadian Bar Association (CBA) Council passed a resolution on August 13, 2015, against the overuse of solitary confinement in Canada. Omar Ha-Redeye addressed Council to modify the wording of the resolution, which was ultimately passed.

The text of the resolution concludes:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Canadian Bar Association urge the federal, provincial and territorial governments to adopt or amend legislation and policies to clearly restrict and regulate the use of solitary confinement, administrative segregation, disciplinary segregation and other forms of separate and isolated confinement in Canadian correctional institutions and create effective enforcement mechanisms to ensure those restrictions are (Read more…)

Politics Canada: Do Canadians deserve to lose universal health care, CBC and democracy?

When I see polls like the one today from Nanos which has the Conservative Party of Canada led by Stephen Harper in first place, I have to ask myself, “do Canadians deserve to lose universal health care? Do we deserve to lose the CBC? Do we deserve the erosion of our democracy, through so many actions they get too numerous to count (creation of a secret police force, government spying on citizens, electoral fraud in last two elections, first past the post system, unfair elections act, rewriting the rules to favour the party with the most money, giant (Read more…) Four ‘Jewish’ battleground ridings to watch

It’s no secret that Jewish voters have apparently shifted from being largely supportive of the Liberal party to heartily supporting the Conservatives in what seems like majority numbers, due largely to the party’s full-throated support for Israel under Prime Minister Stephen Harper (and to a much lesser degree its commitment to security for religious institutions). […]

Politics Canada: Stephen Harper’s terrorism plan like closing the barn door after the horses are gone, then spying on all the farmers

Stephen Harper was spreading more terrorist fears on the campaign trail today as he announced some stupid travel ban which would mean approximately zero to someone wishing to join ISIS. Seriously the guy should get a royalty cheque from ISIS for spreading their message for them. No one spreads more terrorist fear in Canada then the prime minister.

He criticized the NDP and Liberals terrorism policy as ‘Dropping aid on dead people’.

Well Stephen Harper’s anti-terrorism bill is a lot like closing the barn door after the horses have left as it does nothing to deal with the (Read more…)

LeDaro: Religion and politics

Major religion’s total followers in the world are:

Christian: 2.6 billion (with b.)Muslims: 1.6 billionJews : 13 million only.

6 million Jews live in Israel and rest of the 7 million are spread around the world especially in U.S, Canada and European countries.

Yet Israel/Jews control the foreign policies of U.S. Canada, Germany, Britain and some other European countries. Our current Prime Minister Harper is a lapdog for Benjamin Netanyahu and Obama does not dare to do anything which may look against Israel. Previous presidents of U.S. were the same way. Obama (Read more…)

Politics Canada: Protected: Private Discussion

This post is password protected. You must visit the website and enter the password to continue reading.

Politics Canada: Is there no way to stop Harper?

When I see that the Conservative Party of Canada is fighting for top spot in the polls I feel so much stress that I need to stop and do something else for a while. This party has been so effective at concealing their actions from the public and destroying their opponents they are likely to be re elected.

They are fighting for top spot despite:

Leading us into a recession Losing $3.1 billion of taxpayer money Running defecits every year Beginning the dismantling of universal health care Cancelling the long form census G-20 scandal Muzzling scientists de-funding any organization (Read more…)

somecanuckchick dot com: What’s your favourite show on Netflix?

Apparently, Stephen Harper’s favourite show on Netflix is Breaking Bad…

You know, the one about a high school Chemistry teacher w/ a pregnant wife and special needs teenager, struggling to make ends meet, when he is diagnosed w/ cancer and then decides to start making/selling Methamphetamine to secure his family’s financial future.

I wonder what Stephen Harper likes most about Breaking Bad…

Eh Types: Up For Debate

You and I are different. We’re not like everyone else. We may have never met, but I can say we are unique with a great degree of certainty. Two simple facts tell me so. I wrote this piece, and you are reading it. Most people don’t seek out yet another debate think piece. Political junkies do […]

Politics, Re-Spun: Harper’s Campaign Against a Mythical Netflix Tax Backfires, Badly

Check out our savvy PM, getting all hashtaggy on us all!

But to quote Mr. Layton from 2011, it’s become a #Fail, or, “Hashtag-Fail” if you will.

You see, our PM has decided to say that others want to bring in a Netflix Tax. So he opposed it. But he just made that up.

And now social media is punishing him. With the aplomb we’ve come to expect…remember #TellVicEverything?

Try the trending #NoNetflixTax to see what people are doing to our lying PM.

Harper's original #NoNetFlixTax and my improvement. #cdnpoli #elxn42

— Stephen Lautens (@stephenlautens) August (Read more…)

Politics Canada: Cowardly Harper hides his CBC actions

Stephen Harper is doing things to Canada that he never received a mandate to do. He is changing Canada in ways that Canadians do not want. Many of his supporters would abandon him if he was honest about what he wants to do to Canada. He never ran on a platform of cutting the CBC. He never sought permission from Canadians to interfere with the running of the broadcaster and have a hand in who is hired.

He never asked Canadians if they thought it was a good idea to make the CBC a state broadcaster (Read more…)

Politics Canada: Why Harper doesn’t tell Canadians what he’s doing

Stephen Harper has done many things since becoming the worst prime minister in Canadian history. One of the main difficulties I have his willingness to take actions that he has never discussed, or won a mandate for from the electorate.

If he wishes to make a case for privatized health care in place of our current government run health insurance he should do so. Make his argument on how his idea could be more effective and cost less and let the voters decide.

He does not though, instead he cuts $36 billion from health care and buries the (Read more…)

A. Picazo: The Assault On Planned Parenthood: A Long Campaign Against Reproductive Rights

In 2011, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted to strip Planned Parenthood of federal funding, a move deemed necessary to ensure no taxpayer dollars were used on abortion despite existing federal legislation which prohibits funds granted under Title X from paying for such services. This vote, a “culmination of a multi-year effort that involved parallel … Continue reading →

Politics Canada: Harper calling Trudeau “Justin” just like a school yard bully

In a demonstration of how petty, disrespectful and full of piss and vinegar he is Stephen Harper and his Conservatives are calling Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, “Justin”. They are not using his last name at all instead just “Justin” which is meant to demean, disrespect and diminish Trudeau. They want to make Justin into an immature child in the eyes of the public, when your prime minister is resorting to such school yard elementary school level bullying tactics, what are we to think?

It would be akin to Mulcair or Trudeau referring to Harper as, “Steve”.

This tactic is (Read more…)

A Puff of Absurdity: On So Much Anger

Anger may be defined as an impulse, accompanied by pain, to a conspicuous revenge for a conspicuous slight directed without justification towards what concerns oneself or towards what concerns one’s friends. If this is a proper definition of anger, it must always be felt towards some particular individual, e.g. Cleon, and not “man” in general. It must be felt because the other has done or intended to do something to him or one of his friends. It must always be attended by a certain pleasure — that which arises from the expectation of revenge. – Aristotle

I’m just trying (Read more…)

Dead Wild Roses: Harper Gaming the Electoral System – Moves toward US style of BS Politics

We can only hope that Harper will begin his electoral walk of shame for his ‘extending the electoral campaign’ shenanigans.

Wow, kinda early to be talking about the upcoming Canadian federal election, yet because our beloved Conservatives love power more than democracy here we are. Let’s check in with the former head of Elections Canada on the merry jig Harper is doing on the grave of Canadian democracy.

“The former head of Elections Canada says Prime Minister Stephen Harper is “gaming the system” with an early election call and the result is parties with less money are politically disadvantaged.

“What (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: #elxn42 underway

Although political blog traffic goes way up during an election campaign, I haven’t put anything on my blog since the writ dropped. That’s partly because I have better things to do than analyze an election campaign that is too bloody long (unless it is 140 characters at a time on Twitter). Maybe I’ll add more in three weeks when it’s a more reasonable time to start talking about election day.

Hands up if you think the Cons will take illegal donations and overspend again. *shows hand*

This is also the first election in 9 years that I don’t intend to (Read more…)

The Common Sense Canadian: BC is key in federal election: UBC prof

Leaders like the NDP’s Tom Mulcair are looking West (Laurel L. Russwurm / Flickr)

Republished from the ECOreport

The race is on. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has asked the Governor General to dissolve Parliament early, to launch what is expected to be the most expensive election in Canadian history. “Upwards of $700 million” could be spent on this campaign and a large chunk of the contributions to all parties will be claimed as tax deductions. According to Dr. Maxwell Cameron, from UBC’s Department of Political Science, BC may determine the outcome.

Battleground BC

“There are many battleground ridings in British (Read more…)

Politics Canada: Stephen Harper is “the most vindictive politician I’ve ever met, someone who I think is ruthless to the bottom”

Click link to read the excerpt from Michael Harris’s book, Party of One

Politics Canada: Harper: Never Ready Steve – Free Liberal attack ad

Free attack ad for the Liberal Party of Canada:


A animatronic Stephen Harper with bunny ears and a large drum strapped to it’s chest (similar to energizer bunny) sits stationary. The words, “Never-Ready” emblazoned across the drum.


(V.O. mocking man’s voice)

This is Never Ready Steve

Stephen Harper says Trudeau is “just not ready” to become Prime Minister.

PICTURE BLURS Well… Stats appear on screen accompanying audio. After eight straight years of deficit.

And the worst economic record of any Prime Minister in the last 70 years.

Stephen Harper has been the worst at job creation, the worst in (Read more…)

Politics Canada: Inform Harper supporters to get them to reconsider

As Tom Flanagan points out, a close election is decided by the least informed voters. The voters who have only a surface knowledge of any issues, who have seen a lot of political advertising and don’t dig into information to make their decision.

These are the people targeted by the Conservative Party of Canada to get them an election win, these are the voters they look to add to their base for success.

I suggest we create an information sheet, explaining the actions of this government and whenever we see a Conservative lawn sign drop a pamphlet at that (Read more…)

the disgruntled democrat: The Big Bumble: The 2015 Canadian General Election

Sometimes, I think Canada should change it’s name to Bumbleslavia, a land in which people bumble along and where bumbles are common and appreciated by the people: “Did you see the latest bumble?  Yeah, that was a good one. It will be hard to beat.”

The latest Big Bumble — methinks it will be in the running for the Grand Prize in the Bumble of the Year Awards — is the Prime Minister calling a general election in the middle of the summer while most people are away on vacation, eleven weeks before the day of the election.

(Read more…)

Politics, Re-Spun: 11 Weeks of Daily Harper Protests

The Harper Re-election Disaster Bus Totalitarianism: daily, for 11 weeks!

Get used to this.

People hate Harper and his Conservatives. We will see through his weak attempt to wedge oppositions parties by running a long election campaign because he has more money to spend.

Saturation will come fast.

We will remember how much contempt he holds for people and democracy.

We will listen to his 5 non-answers to 5 media questions each day and we will be constantly reminded of how much we can’t stand what he has done to Canada.

And we will see this. Every day:

Harper campaign (Read more…)