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CuriosityCat: Vanity Videos and the Morphing of the Tories

Mister 100 Percent Satisified

Move aside, YouTube: here come the new, improved Harper Tories’ Vanity Videos, made especially for every Canadian voter:

Employment Minister Pierre Poilievre won’t apologize for using taxpayer dollars to produce YouTube videos of himself promoting the universal child care benefit.Poilievre insisted Friday that he’s simply using innovative ways to inform Canadians about the newly enriched and expanded child benefit.But opposition MPs denounced the “vanity videos” as a new low for a government that has a penchant for producing partisan advertising on the public dime. And the Canadian Taxpayers Federation agreed.

The Cat has (Read more…)

The Wingnuterer: The Twitter Wars – Damany Skeene

There are funny Trolls, trolls who have a purpose and use snark, satire and humor to get their point across. An example of this kind of Troll would be @CanadianCynic (aka CC). CC is the master of the 140 character snark on twitter.

There are brain dead Political Trolls, trolls that continuously spout lies and mis-information. An example of kind of troll is @ejb__, she tweets bs an lies to support @TOMayorFord and decries anything that supports pedestrians and cyclists. Her lies are legendary and if you try to correct her she screams that you are cyberbullying her, stalking and (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: On The Perils Of Retirement

As a retiree, I occasionally think that maybe I have too much time on my hands – too much time to follow politics, especially its more sordid aspects which, sadly, seem to define almost all politics today. National, provincial and municipal affairs appear beset with a kind of self-indulgence and selfishness (perhaps the two are synonymous) that, I believe, is wreaking havoc on the social health of the nation. Federally, we see a government mired in corruption and seething with contempt; provincially, a rabid and pervasive partisanship seems to have the public good as only a distant afterthought; municipally, we (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: One Picture Really Is Worth A Thousand Words

Who invited this guy?

H/t The Huffington Post Recommend this Post

The Wingnuterer: In Defense of Rob @TOMayorFord

Yes you read the headline correct, In defense of Rob Ford.

In a few short hours Rob and brother Doug will be on the air the weekly clown show on CFRB1010, where we are expecting him to make an announcement. It could be anything, but if is an announcement from Rob that he has an addiction problem (be it alcohol and/or drugs) and that he is going to take a leave of absence to deal with these issue, then I wish him all the best in beating this sickness.

Yes, it is a sickness, not character flaw, not something to (Read more…)

CuriosityCat: Senator Duffy: The Tory Big 5 who knew

The Duffy Deal: Up go the numbers

The latest news from the RCMP is interesting – the number of people in the know about the Wrigh/Duffy agreement regarding his expenses is increasing: Lawyers for Mr. Wright told the Mounties that while their client kept Mr. Harper in the dark about his personal gift to Mr. Duffy, he did tell a small circle of four, the documents show. This included three people in the Prime Minister’s Office: David van Hemmen, who was Mr. Wright’s executive assistant; Benjamin Perrin, then a PMO legal adviser, and Chris Woodcock, PMO director of issues management, (Read more…)

The Wingnuterer: 1, 2, 3, 4, @TOMayorFord Declares a Twitter War

One, Two, Three, Four, I Declare a Twitter War was the original title for this article, but as of last night I figure out who is behind the major of the suspensions complaints against my account, none other that @TOMayorFord’s twitter account. WOW! Anyways on with the story as it was originally written.

IN THE BEGINNING,… Seems that if you are active on #topoli and tweet about our Mayor in a negative fashion, there are Ford sycopants that will do what they can to destroy your twitter handle. They are in fact abusing the Twitter Abuse and Spam (Read more…)

The Wingnuterer: Who’s a Worse Mayor than Rob Ford???

To quote Mel Lastman NNOOOOBODY

So here’s Rob Ford’s Transit plan

Streetcars are not Rapid Transit LRT’s are not Rapid Transit We need SUBWAYS SUBWAYS SUBWAYS

Ok, so how are we going to pay for the most expensive transit plan? Well according to Rob Ford, we can’t raise taxes, either in the City or on the Provincial level. Ford’s Solution, the Ontario Government should cut the waste and balance the books and fine an additional 2.5 billion dollars per year on top of that and give it to Toronto.

So basically we are not going to do (Read more…)

The Wingnuterer: Rob Ford’s House of Cards Falling Apart

Rob Ford Fiddles as his Administration Burns

Well the Gawkers crowd source manage to raised the money. Gawker is now giving it a month to get their hands on the video.

Is the story over? Nope, it just keeps getting more and more interesting. Ignore the Globe and Mail story about Doug Ford and his teenage years. Lets look at Rob Ford’s Administration over the past few days.

Rob Ford’s Chief of Staff was fired last week by Rob Ford for trying to get him to do the right thing and get some help with his (Read more…)

CuriosityCat: Prime Minister Harper was roasted like a rotisserie chicken

PM Stephen Harper

Today’s question period in the House of Commons finally showed onlookers what real question periods are for. The prime minister was appearing for the first time since the Senator Duffy loan was made by his chief of staff. And the opposition leaders asked pointed, clear questions. Mulcair hammeredthe PM: The Prime Minister was roasted like a rotisserie chicken over the Senate scandal during Question Period Tuesday.

 Thomas Mulcair did a good job of looking exasperated at Mr. Harper’s vague responses: “We are asking very simple, straightforward questions and the Prime Minister is not answering them. That (Read more…)

The Wingnuterer: #RobFord and the Butt of all Crack Jokes

Long time no blog, I am not going to blow smoke or crack any jokes,…. ok maybe a few jokes. it has been a long time since I have blogged, but this whole Rob Ford/Crack story has me jonesing for fix so lets begin.

1) The background

Unless you have been living under a “Rock” you know that there is a video that reports to be of Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford smoking crack or some other drug. The story was broken by the Gawker and then separately confirmed by two Toronto Star reporters.

2) Yes, i believe the (Read more…)

Left Over: The Empress Has No Clothes…..

B.C. Liberals face budget vote amid ‘ethnic-vote’ scandal Premier Christy Clark doesn’t rule out possibility of scandal forcing her out CBC News Posted: Mar 5, 2013 7:04 AM PT

Clark, like the disgraced Campbell before her, unhappily faces the onslaught of very real scandal; unlike him, however, she is facing an election with nowhere to hide.

Early in his sojourn as the Premier of BC, martini-fortified Campbell was caught, red-handed, driving drunk in Hawaii while on vacation, by the police…rumoured to have a female passenger, not his wife, beside him….That rumour was hushed up, and rather quickly, but

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CuriosityCat: Goodbye, Premier Redford

Premier RedfordI like Premier Redford. I think she was a breath of fresh air in the closed Alberta system, promising a departure from myopic thinking and an entry into the real world.Now it seems that a trail of emails might play a role in her departur… . . . → Read More: CuriosityCat: Goodbye, Premier Redford

The Wingnuterer: RoboCon – Lets Examine Some Of The Facts

Elections Canada distributes voters lists to all parties that are running at the start of the election and a send update list three days before the official election date. Elections Canada’s voter list consist of the voters name and address, no phone numbers, no polling station information. The Political Parties have to marry the EC voter lists with phone numbers

From this we can conclude that Pierre Poutine had to have gotten this phone lists from one of the Party Campaign lists, there is no way around that, so deal with it. Now there is one more trick Poutine

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The Wingnuterer: RoboCon – It Doesn’t Matter One Rotting Dingo’s Kidney,…

Let’s be perfectly clear here, it Doesn’t Matter One Rotting Dingo’s Kidney whether the people who perpetrated the voter suppression crime in last years election are linked to the CPC, or the Liberals, or the NDP or to the Church of Scientology. They need to caught and punished to the fullest extent of the law provides. If they are tied to a political party or worked for a specific political party’s campaign then those links need to be investigated .

It also doesn’t matter what my political leanings are, those leanings do not change the fact that this happened

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The Wingnuterer: I was out, finished! and I took an arrow to the knee

I had given up on blogging and then I dabbled with it for a bit, off an on. The reasons for leaving are complicated,… various events in the blogosphere sour my taste for it,… certain events in my life just made me loose interest in the task,… And then, when I finally thought I was out, the big pile of dead stupid (aka The Harper Government) pulled me back in.

When I first heard about RoboCon, I figured, “mhah, just the usual bs from Ottawa” Then the evidence started to mount. So ok, one firm case in Guelph,

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The Wingnuterer: RoboCon – If The CPC Have Nothing To Hide, Why Are They Hiding?

The one thing that always amazes me about Politics, when you are accused of doing something wrong, and if you didn’t do it (ADScam, In and Out, RoboCon whatever) why not just lay your cards on the table and serve up the opposition parties a huge, heaping pile of SHUT THE FUCK UP!

The voter suppression in Guelph, and in Windsor–Tecumseh, and in Nipissing-Timiskaming, all three ridings are now being actively investigated by Election Canada,… so the CPC excuse “It was an isolated incident” just doesn’t wash anymore.

Well the Liberals yesterday ask the CPC to release

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The Wingnuterer: RoboCon and the Big Pile of Dead Stupidity

RoboCon, RoboGate and/or RoboCalls,… Listening to the various CPC RoboPosters this whole RoboScandal is some massive diabolical Liberal/Dipper/Anarchist/OccupyWallStr. Drum Circle conspiracy to make Harper and the CPC look bad.

So lets see if you can make sense of this Liberal/Dipper/Anarchist/OccupyWallStr. Drum Circle conspiracy works.

Liberal/Dipper/Anarchist/Occupy Drum Circle operative buys a burner phone in Quebec Obtains phone list for ridings that target people whom are unlikely to vote for the CPC candidate in those riding. Produces a professional sounding voice recording to tell people that polling station has moved and directs them to a new polling location (this is literally means . . . → Read More: The Wingnuterer: RoboCon and the Big Pile of Dead Stupidity