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Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Stealthy Assault On Our Judicial System

All through the long and dark years of Stephen Harper's evil regime the Supreme Court of Canada has been his most mighty opponent.Time and time again it has rejected his foul and flawed bills that would have turned us into a monstrous police state, or a vengeful theocracy.It has been the last bastion of Canadian values that the depraved tyrant has been unable to corrupt or destroy.But what most people don't know, and as the Globe's Sean Fine points out, Harper has been slowly undermining the court from below. By stealthily remaking our judiciary in his own monstrous image. Read more »

Montreal Simon: How Bill C-51 Will Remake Canada in Stephen Harper’s Paranoid Image

In one of my last posts I wrote about how Stephen Harper is now so desperate he is looking crazier every day.Morphing into a monster who can no longer be restrained by the rule of law.And yesterday when he flew into Toronto to personally deliver a cheque for a commuter train project, those fears were only reinforced…

For although he was plastered with make-up, there was new look in his cold dead eyes.And it was pretty clear that something had changed, and that his transformation is now complete.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Day Stephen Harper Admitted he Pressured the Police to Break the Law

For years Stephen Harper has made a mockery out of our democracy, turned our parliament into a Roman circus, attacked the courts, and flouted the rule of law over and over again.Like some deranged ruler on some monstrous throne, who is so crazed with the lust for power, and so morally depraved, he now believes he's above the law and can do anything he wants.And for years he has managed to dodge and weave, and claim that he knows nothing about anything bad that ever happens in his sinister office. Or the dungeons of the PMO.But now at last, he (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Why Canada Desperately Needs a Magna Carta Moment

Yesterday was the 800th anniversary of the day King John reluctantly signed the Magna Carta, the document that was the foundation of our parliamentary democracy, and the rule of law.And most importantly declared that nobody was above the law, not even the king.So it's ironic that few people have celebrated that anniversary more than Jason Kenney.

800 years ago today King John added his seal to the #MagnaCarta, establishing government under the rule of law.

— Jason Kenney ن (@jkenney) June 15, 2015

In one tweet after the other.Even though we are now ruled by (Read more…)

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Montreal Simon: Will Bill C-51 Be Stephen Harper’s Waterloo?

I wouldn't be surprised if the dark idea crept into Stephen Harper's Jurassic brain even as he cowered in that closet, on that fatal day on Parliament Hill.And at the time he must have thought it was brilliant.He'd draft a sinister anti-terrorist bill that would turn Canada into a police state, and end internet freedom. Use it to go after his many enemies real and imagined.And if the opposition parties dared vote against it, he'd accuse THEM of being terrorists.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Robert Fisk: Why Harper’s Blind Support of Israel is Dangerous

Last week I wrote that Stephen Harper's threat to use hate laws against Canadians who peacefully protest the actions of Israel's brutish Netanyahu regime, was the first shadow of a police state. Now Robert Fisk, the distinguished Middle East correspondent, has taken that criticism a step further.By calling Harper's blind support of Israel both crazy AND dangerous.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why Bill C-51 Is Starting to Terrorize Stephen Harper

It couldn't be more ironic. Stephen Harper creates a monster called Bill C-51, to go after his enemies, and scare Canadians into submission.So he can turn this country into a police state.But before he can unleash the monster on the population, the monster slowly turns around, grunts loudly.And starts scaring the living daylights out of Great Leader.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Orwellian Move to Protect the RCMP

Sometime today Canada's Information Commissioner is expected to recommend that charges be laid against the RCMP, for withholding and destroying gun registry documents, before Parliament had finished debating whether they should be shredded.But if she does it will now be a meaningless gesture. For it too will be shredded.Because it seems that buried deeply in the Harper regime's latest foul omnibus bill, is a bill to protect the RCMP by rewriting history. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Bill C-51, Stephen Harper and Mr Handcuffs

Despite the best efforts and all the warnings Bill C-51 has now passed, and Canada is now on its way to becoming a police state. And although I regret that the Liberals voted for it, I understand why they did, so Stephen Harper wouldn't accuse Justin Trudeau of being soft on terrorism.I'm saving all the blame for the political pervert from whose diseased mind it sprung.And this little video I made last night sums up how I feel about him…Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper, Bill C-51, and the Winds of Change

There couldn't have been a more brutal clash of images. The old veterans in their wheelchairs honouring their comrades who died fighting the fascists to make Holland free.And Stephen Harper posing for his propaganda reels, sucking up to the vets he has betrayed so miserably.Playing politics in the garden of the dead, and having the nerve to talk about freedom and tyranny. Read more »

The Canadian Progressive: Rights groups demand unconditional dismissal of Bill C-51

More than 100 rights organizations and prominent individuals have signed a letter demanding the immediate and unconditional dismissal of Harper’s police state Bill C-51.

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Montreal Simon: Bill C-51: Now More Unpopular Than Ever

Sometimes in this big beautiful country it seems like we are too small, too insignificant, too weak or too complacent to change anything.Helpless to stop the monstrous leader who is tearing its guts out, trying to change it beyond recognition, and trying to scare his own people into submission.But somehow we summoned up the strength to fight Bill C-51, Stephen Harper's plan to turn Canada into a police state.And now a new poll suggests that the bill has never been so unpopular. Read more »

Democracy Under Fire: Sorry, Your Partisan Slip is Showing

We know that the House public safety committee has been ‘studying’ the government’s anti-terror bill and that despite the long list of influential and knowledgeable people wishing to speak to the dangers of this bill to our freedoms and privacy the list of those permitted to participate was severely restricted. We also know that throughout the process the Conservative members routinely defended the bill as written and showed no interest in amendments proposed by various presenters. They even deliberately blocked the Leader of the Green Party, who later was permitted to present but not speak to, multiple amendments from presenting (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Bill C-51 and Stephen Harper’s Latest Scam

Well surprise, surprise, it was a false flag after all. The other day it looked like Stephen Harper had surrendered to reason, by finally agreeing to change his police state bill C-51. Even though him and his Cons had claimed, or squawked for weeks, that it was perfect and if you didn't like it you must be a terrorist.But now the experts have taken a closer look at those proposed changes, and sure enough they are just an illusion. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Bill C-51: The Cons Surrender and Will Make Changes

For weeks Stephen Harper and his Cons have been insisting that their dangerous anti-terrorism bill C-51 is perfect and doesn't need any changes.And ridiculing anyone who suggested otherwise.But now it seems they are feeling the heat, and are prepared to make some changes.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Bill C-51: The Cons Use Emotion to Try to Conquer Reason

It was a moving moment. The sister of the murdered soldier Patrice Vincent testifying before committee studying Bill C-51.But it also symbolized the ghastly way the Cons are running the hearing. For they will not hear from the Canadian Bar Association or the Privacy Commissioner.But they will turn it into a star chamber, and demand to know whether those testifying are with them or the terrorists.And they will appeal to emotion rather than reason. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Why the Struggle Against Bill C-51 Must Continue

It's taken me two days to come down from last Saturday's big demonstration against the Harper regime's foul Bill C-51.Because I do wear my heart on my sleeve, and it was so great to see so many Canadians in the street at last.Instead of letting Stephen Harper scare them into allowing him to turn this country into a police state.But sadly I would probably still be flying, if it wasn't gloomy Harperland, and so many progressives seemed so determined to shoot me out of the sky.Read more »

Cowichan Conversations: Police State Canada–Will This Be Our Future Under PM Harper?

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

It’s a rainy West Coast Saturday morning, mild and quite beautiful but the direction that PM Harper is taking is chilling, surreal, shocking.

Clearly our Prime Minister is launching a police state to spy on Canadians, arrest, detain, and imprison those who dare to publicly criticize this lurch to the extreme right, essentially we are being driven into a police state.

The Harper Conservatives are well organized and ruthlessly riding roughshod over our democracy at every level imaginable.

Our opposition leaders, with the exception of Elizabeth May, seem unable to fully grasp and adequately respond to the threat facing Canadians.

Harper (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Tens of thousands expected to protest Harper’s Bill C-51 today

As many as 83,000 people are expected to take to the streets of Canada today to protest Bill C-51, Stephen Harper’s proposed “secret police” legislation.

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Montreal Simon: Bill C-51: The Cons Turn the Committee Hearings Into a Star Chamber

Well as could have been predicted, the committee hearings into Stephen Harper's totalitarian Bill C-51 are turning into a sinister spectacle.With a little bit of Orwell, and a little bit of Kafka.The Kafka part being that although the bill would give the security forces massive powers to invade our privacy, on a scale never seen before. The Cons don't think the committee needs to hear from Canada's Privacy Commissioner, Read more »

The Canadian Progressive: Bill C-51 will allow police to “persecute First Nations protesters”: Chief

Chief Lloyd Oronhiakhète Phillips of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke last week informed Harper that Bill C-51 would be used “to brand legitimate protests by First Nations as acts of terrorism.”

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Democracy Under Fire: Legal Experts urge killing Police State Bill

Last week more than 100 Legal Experts wrote a letter Urging Parliament to Amend or Kill Anti-Terrorism Bill C-51 The legal experts from across Canada are urging all parliamentarians to “ensure that C-51 not be enacted in anything resembling its present form.” They argue, in an open letter published on the National Post, that the federal government’s anti-terrorism bill is a “dangerous piece of legislation” that has not been given due debate. The text of the preamble of the open letter is reproduced below:

Dear Members of Parliament, Please accept this collective open letter as an expression of the signatories’ (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Harper’s Police State Anti-terrorism Bill C-51 “Dangerous”: 100+ Academics

More than 100 academics sign letter telling Canadian MPs that Harper’s proposed anti-terrorism legislation, Bill C-51, would allow CSIS to violate Canadians’ privacy rights.

The post Harper’s Police State Anti-terrorism Bill C-51 “Dangerous”: 100+ Academics appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Montreal Simon: Why Bill C-51 Will End Up Hurting Stephen Harper

They say Stephen Harper is fit to be tied, or restrained.He can't stand the idea that his monstrously flawed anti-terrorism bill C-51 is going to take weeks, rather than a few days to study in committee.And what must be driving him absolutely crazy is the thought that with every passing day more Canadians are coming forward to call his bill bad and dangerous. Read more »

Paul S. Graham: Stop Bill C-51 #StopHarper

Introduced into Parliament on Jan. 30, 2015, Bill C-51 is an omnibus bill that will undermine constitutionally protected rights and freedoms of Canadians in the guise of combating terrorism. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s bombastic, saber-rattling YouTube video, published 2 days before the bill was tabled, set the tone. Essentially, Canada is under attack and the government will do whatever it takes to protect Canadians.

Critics of C-51 argue that it will criminalize speech, make it easier to arrest people who police think might commit an offence, share citizen’s private information between government departments without oversight, and allow the Canadian (Read more…)