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for every truth

For every truth, there is an equal and opposite truth; every truth is faced by a scurvy awful lie which from its own point of view is just a truth denied the happier you become the more push needs come to shove the more hatred in your heart, the more all you need is love […] . . . → Read More: for every truth

I am a creature of the planet

Back to the stated purpose of this blog… being a phoenix Part of me is frantic, buzzing with activity. Part of me is stuck in stillness, disturbed and unready Part of me so hungry so damn tired of waiting and the rest of me just wants to be let to sleep stop thinking, start drinking, […] . . . → Read More: I am a creature of the planet

new song: Wanna Bee

note: I’ve started a new blog for metaphysics… this is still my place for songs, poems and whatever. Wanna Bee I was named for the actress of the day I was always an extra in the play I thought I was dreamin,’ inside I was screamin’ And all around me, I heard people say Hey […] . . . → Read More: new song: Wanna Bee

song lyric: Savior Now

Here’s a new song lyric… Savior Now It was a dark and stormy night when i met Jesus there was a Capricorn conjunction in the sky the moon was new, but I felt old, went out walking in the cold well the tide was low, and oh, so was I I spied him with my […] . . . → Read More: song lyric: Savior Now

poem: free will

Been a while since we had a poem. I found this one in a written journal (yes, I still write on paper, it’s my favourite in some ways) from a year or so ago: Free Will Breathe your breath, reprieve your death and choose your pathway through the evidence of obstacle, it’s time to find […] . . . → Read More: poem: free will