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Dead Wild Roses: DWR PSA – Zinn on Social Power

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Dead Wild Roses: Quebec Protesters – Doing Canada Proud

Democracy in Action – Look and Learn my sleeping obedient country.

The protests in Quebec are an example to the rest of Canada to what an active citizenry is like and how people can affect change in the political spectrum. At the time of this writing, 39 days of protest are on record. Thirty nine days of showing Canadians that people still do have a place Canadian politics. The real lesson though is that this political space is never given freely, it is earned by the mass momentum of people demanding and then taking their place in

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Canadian Progressive World: On Wednesday in Ottawa, Occupy This!

I just received an invite from an activist friend to attend the Ottawa launch of Judy Rebick new book on the Occupy movement and solidarity-building, Occupy This! The book excites the activist in me already, even before I’ve read it. … Continue reading →