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Herbinator: UN Walkouts

Canada walks out on Iran’s UN speech in 2009.Canada walks out on Iran’s UN speech in 2010.Canada walks out on Iran’s UN speech in 2011.

I wonder what the rules are for UN Walking? We should have some guidelines, shouldn’t we? From the last three walkouts I’ve determined that the existing rules are: “when . . . → Read More: Herbinator: UN Walkouts

Herbinator: Terrorist? or Pardoned?

Hamas and Fatah to join. All terrorist Hamas supporters are now pardoned here in Canada; OR, all Canadian Fatah supporters are now home-grown terrorists!

Stupid politics we have here.


Herbinator: Civil War

In Libya, Canada is involved militarily in yet another civil war. I am disgusted. Is there no political party believing in peace, non-intervention and self-determination of nations? Is there no end to Canada’s new American-style role of meddling militarily in the affairs of other nations?


Herbinator: The F-35 is needed, question mark

I’m sitting here all juiced up from a pot of strong coffee and it pops into my head that the F-35 purchase may not be necessary, at all. I mean, we don’t pack F-35s onto our frigates.

Is the F-35 supposed to protect us from the Russians? or the Americans? I think not. To fight . . . → Read More: Herbinator: The F-35 is needed, question mark

Herbinator: Libya

It looks to me like Canada is again willing to pick a side in a nation’s civil war. This is a definite no-no in my book. If you don’t like a nation then don’t trade with it or maintain connections to it. A blockade is an act of war. All nations have the right to . . . → Read More: Herbinator: Libya

Herbinator: Egypt

Good luck to the people of Egypt in the trying times ahead.Self-determination of nations.


Herbinator: We can recognize Lebanon!

Hey, now that the nasty terrorist organization, Hezbollah, has resigned from the Lebanon government we are finally free to recognize the country.; )


Herbinator: CSIS influence

Canada’s spy agency suspects that cabinet ministers in two provinces are under the control of foreign governments, CBC News has learned.This sounds very McCarthyesk. I wonder if CSIS is under the influence of an affluent foreign government.. . . . → Read More: Herbinator: CSIS influence

Herbinator: Protecting rights

Imposing our values on others: dirty job but somebody has to do it. Perhaps when we are done converting Afghanistan into a fleshier state we can invade the Amazon and convert it to a clothier state. Gotta teach the world how to get the balance right… . . . → Read More: Herbinator: Protecting rights