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Facing Autism in New Brunswick: Will Adult Autism Care Issues Be Considered During #nbvotes 2014?

New Brunswick election 2014 is underway with the NDP, Liberal, Green and PANB parties going all out to replace the PC party.  Party signs are proliferating around the city of Fredericton. The Liberal Party kicked off big time in Fredericton with special guest federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and provincial leader Brian Gallant. It was a lively, well organized event and the optimism was clear. I enjoyed my brief chat with the charming greeting ladies pictured outside the Fredericton Ex building.  In a general sense I enjoy elections, I firmly believe, despite the many legitimate bases for criticism that (Read more…)

Maple-Flavoured Politics: Tim Hudak’s Jobs Plans: Certain Pain Now; Uncertain Gains Later

Tim Hudak made two overarching jobs-related announcements in this Ontario election campaign so far. In one, he said he’s going to cut 100,000 public service jobs. In another, he said he’s going to create one-million new jobs. Here’s something to keep in mind. The public sector job cuts are a promise. If elected, particularly if … Continue Reading

Maple-Flavoured Politics: The Hudak Campaign: The Liberal and NDP Secret Weapon

I can think of only five possible reasons for the way Tim Hudak and the PC team conducted the early part of their Ontario election campaign: Highly trained operatives from the Liberal and/or NDP camps infiltrated the PC team and are now running its campaign. The PCs came to realize that they don’t have what … Continue Reading

The Ranting Canadian: Tim Hudak, leader of Ontario’s opposition Progressive…

Tim Hudak, leader of Ontario’s opposition Progressive Conservatives, released a policy white paper this week, outlining his party’s extremist plans for the province if his useless party ever manages to slide its hands into the political cookie jar.

His two main brain farts are to privatize casinos and other types of gambling, and to privatize the government-owned liquor stores. What a fucking idiot! The angle that Tim “the dim” has been playing is that they are expenses, and take scarce government resources away from services like health care and education. The brutal truth is that being in charge of

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