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BigCityLib Strikes Back: Another Early Xmas Gift: Patrick Ross Is Bankrupt

Patrick Ross, who defamed and was successfully sued by Canadian Cynic, has declared personal bankruptcy (scroll to bottom).  Since notice of personal bankruptcy only remains on your credit record for six years, it will now be up to the Internet to ensure that the unrepentant Mr. Ross remains penniless after that time period is up.  Thanks to Connie and Mark and the folks at FreeD for their efforts in this regard.  Now, and forever, whenever someone googles Mr. Ross’s name, the facts of his case, and the facts regarding his credit history, will be the first thing anyone sees.

Patrick Ross pens post on his suicidal tendencies

No matter what his appearance before a judge will yield, this post this morning from Patrick Ross is sad. It sounds like the judgement against him has finally hit home. I feel for Ross and his struggles with depression; it’s a killer disease that manifests itself most often without its owner’s knowledge. Black dog, indeed.

I was moved by Ross’ confession. That is, until he began talking about

Any Calgary folks going to the Patrick Rosspalooza tomorrow at Calgary Court Centre?

Curious to see if any progblogging buddies will be heading down to court tomorrow at 10 a.m. Calgary time for Patrick Ross’ day in court. You many remember Canadian Cynic successfully sued the Conservative blogger to the tune of $85,000.

Because Ross ignored the suit and refused to abide by any of its requirements, you can bet he will not be in any position to go through with his threat of “

Enormous Thriving Plants: ‘Assholery for me…

…but not for thee’!

For the record, I’m not a big fan of disrupting parliament with protest signs. In the long run, I think antics like that are counterproductive. That said, it’s a long way from malicious defamation.

Long live the conservative aptitude for self-awareness & shamelessness!