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Bill Longstaff: Hamas more legitimate than Harper’s Conservatives

Discussions on the Palestine issue are usually framed as Hamas vs. Israel. This suggests Hamas is merely an organization when in fact it is the democratically-elected government of Palestine, having won the last all-Palestine election in 2006. Or at least it was. That government collapsed after violent assault from Israel including the arrest of dozens of parliamentarians, sanctions by Israel

Cowichan Conversations: The Israeli Attack on Gaza – You Will Not See This On the MSM

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

Lead CBC News story the other day told that an Israeli soldier had been killed and the Palestinian’s continue to fire rockets. They eventually got to the part of the story where 52 more Palestinians were killed and score more injured.

Obama and Harper both roll over in fear of the political reaction if they dare to tell the truth about the reality of the slaughter that is still underway.

There is one big difference this time and that is that word is getting out in spite of our political leaders. In Canada Harper, Trudeau and Mulcair (Read more…)

wmtc: israel slaughters palestinians, pays for online propaganda, and north americans gobble up the bait

I’ve been trying to write about Israel’s latest slaughter of Palestinian people ever since the hideous spectacle began, without results. I post little bits of horror and disgust on Facebook, but can’t sustain anything worth posting here. Because… what is there to say?

A mighty military power unleashes deadly force against a civilian population. Some people within that population have dared to use violence to resist their own oppression. Therefore the entire population must be terrorized, hundreds murdered, thousands maimed, lives destroyed.

Another great military power and a second-tier military wannabe* rush to the defense of the military power, (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Israel’s war on Gaza and Hamas doomed to fail

Operation Protective Edge, Isael’s ongoing war on Gaza, will still fail to weaken Hamas’ military capability just as Operation Pillar of Defence did, argues Jacob Eriksson, a fellow at York University (UK).

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Paul S. Graham: Winnipeg – Gaza Solidarity

Winnipeg, July 19, 2014: Winnipeggers march in solidarity with the people of Gaza. Photo: Paul S. Graham

July 19, 2014: Several hundred Winnipeggers rallied in front of the Canadian Human Rights Museum in solidarity with the people of Gaza who are enduring yet another murderous invasion by Israeli forces. The rally, the second in a week, was part of an international day of action.

Here’s my video report, featuring: • Krishna Lalbiharie, Canada-Palestine Support Network (Winnipeg) • Rana Abdulla, Canadian Palestinian Association of Manitoba • Terrance Nelson, Grand Chief, Southern Chiefs Organization • Daniel Thau-Eleff, Independent Jewish Voices (Winnipeg) • (Read more…)

kirbycairo: Indigenous People, Palestine, and History’s Judgments. . . .

             In 1840 the Comanche chief Buffalo Hump raised a huge party of warriors and began raiding towns in the Republic of Texas. During the raids they killed approximately 30 whites, nearly burned down the entire town of Linnville, stole hundreds of horses, and stole quiet a bit of bullion. The Great Raid of 1840, as it is now called, was one of the largest single raids by an organized ‘war party’ of  Native Americans in the history of Western “settlement.” And the killing and pillaging by the Comanche raiders was widely used as an illustration of (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Horror of Gaza and the Shame of the Harper Regime

It's taken me a few days to summon up the strength to write something, anything, about the horror in Gaza.I just couldn't bring myself to look at the images of this latest war. As rockets from Palestinian militants in Gaza continue to fly into Israel and Israel continues to strike hard at Gaza, the options for each side are hardening. Both sides are employing brinksmanship, carrying out their biggest raids yet this weekend and threatening much more to come.Not when I'm still recovering from the images of the last one…Read more »

Bill Longstaff: Settlers killed in Palestine—echoes of another colonialism

The killing of three Jewish teenagers from a West Bank settlement in Palestine brought to mind another colonialism—that of North America. As the Europeans swarmed across the Americas, the Native people found themselves overwhelmed. Sometimes they fought to keep the intruders out, but inevitably they found themselves outmatched by superior numbers and technology. Sometimes out of desperation

The Canadian Progressive: A View from Gaza: This Is a Brutal Attack, Not a “Military Operation”

Israel’s ongoing military offensive in Gaza, is “collective punishment” and “a brutal attack against all Palestinian people,” says physician, human rights activist and Director of Gaza Projects for the Middle East Children’s Alliance, Dr. Mona El-Farra.

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Bill Longstaff: Fatah and Hamas reconcile … finally

Family quarrels can be nasty affairs, and the seven-year tiff between Fatah and Hamas has been no exception. In the 2006 Palestinian parliamentary elections, Hamas won a decisive majority in the parliament, much to the chagrin of the then ruling PLO-affiliated Fatah party. Encouraged by Israel, the U.S., and western nations generally, Fatah refused to co-operate with the democratically elected

Art Threat: Mars at Sunrise is a Cinematic Tone Poem

In times of stress we turn to torn fragments of ourselves and worship them as if they were whole nations (From Mars at Sunrise).

Mars at Sunrise (2014) is director Jessica Habie’s first feature. Billed as “A story of a war waged on imagination,” the film tells the story of Khaled, a working artist arrested in his Ramallah home and interrogated by Eyal, himself a frustrated Israeli artist completing his military service.

Habie uses lush cinematography, precisely deployed editing and fantastic sound design as well as a non-linear narrative structure and a poetic voice over to manifest Khaled and (Read more…)

wmtc: ny times letters on the movement against israeli apartheid

The New York Times recently ran a heavy dose of letters in support of the movement against Israeli apartheid, many of them written by Jewish North Americans.

Philip Weiss of Mondoweiss suggests the Times is seeking to balance two recent articles it ran about the boycott, divest, sanction (BDS) movement. (Weiss incorrectly notes, based on a reader’s comment, that these letters appeared only in the international edition of the Times; they actually appeared in all editions.) First, I sense that the Times editors are seeking to balance two articles it ran describing BDS as anti-Semitic. Columnist Roger Cohen (Read more…)

drive-by planet: Palestinian legislator Ahmad Tibi slams Harper’s postion on Israel as "unbalanced" and "right of Likud": why Tibi gets it right

Ahmad Tibi, the Palestinian legislator who walked out of Stephen Harper’s Knesset speech said in an interview with CBC’s Evan Solomon that Harper’s views on Israel were “unbalanced” and “right of Likud.” Sounds pretty accurate. Harper’s views are indeed extreme even by some Israeli standards and certainly more extreme than most average Canadians on the subject of Israel.

Tibi and a fellow legislator raised objections from the floor when Harper dismissed the idea that  apartheid exists in Israel. Anyone who has even a rudimentary understanding of the Israeli system knows that segregation lies at very heart of daily life (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Why Arab-Israeli politician protested Harper’s speech to the Knesset

by: Obert Madondo “When you are controlling, discriminating, confiscating, occupying lands from one side and putting them in the corner without any basic rights, you are by this way ruling and committing apartheid in the occupied Palestinian Territories.” The words of Arab-Israeli legislator Ahmad Tibi as he explained to the CBC why he stormed out during… Read More

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drive-by planet: Voice for the exiled: the powerful and moving poetry of Susan Abulhawa

If you’re considering a gift for anyone in the new year I strongly recommend a wonderful poetry collection entitled My Voice Sought the Wind by Susan Abulhawa.

Susan Abulhawa is a Palestinian-American writer and activist. Her highly acclaimed novel Mornings in Jenin has been translated into 32 languages since it was published in 2010.

The publisher’s description of My Voice Sought the Wind includes the following:

My Voice Sought the Wind represents five years of her [Abulhawa's] best poems on the timeless themes of love, loss, identity, and family, brought to life through her vivid observations and intimate personal reflections. (Read more…)

Politics, Re-Spun: ACTION: Illegal Israeli Settlement Goods Sold at London Drugs

SodaStream boycott informational picket

Saturday, Dec. 21, 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

London Drugs, Broadway @ Cambie, Vancouver

Below is a notice of an important event happening on Saturday in Vancouver. If something is labelled as “Made in Israel” but is really made in an illegal Israeli settlement in the West Bank of Palestine, where does it really come from? Nowhere that I would want to buy from. You?

I’m only as free as everyone is free. Don’t tolerate occupation. The boycott alternative information is here.

Nelson Mandela has died, but the memory of his commitment to universal freedom and (Read more…)

Song of the Watermelon: National Post Letter

Should any readers take a look inside today’s National Post, they might find a letter of mine defending Canada’s United Church and its boycott of goods from Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land. Click here to read my letter and scroll down to the heading “… or is it just?”

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drive-by planet: Israeli ‘master of disinformation’ Danny Ayalon takes a hit: hasbara fantasies exposed in new video

Lara Sawalha and Dana Dajani take on the hasbara revisionism of Danny Ayalon in a video that sets the record straight.

Some bio information on Lara Sawalha – here – and Dana Dajani – here.

Song of the Watermelon: Vancouver Sun Letter

A letter of mine in the Vancouver Sun today, this one about the “Disappearing Palestine” ads on public transit here in the city. I try to defend the ads against the absurd charge that they target Jews. Click here to read it.

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drive-by planet: Calls by Jewish groups for removal of Translink ‘Disappearing Palestine’ ads is an attack on free speech

Beneath left: Martha Roth of the Palestine Awareness Coalition

An ad appearing on a dozen or more Vancouver buses and in the City Center SkyTrain station has been the target of criticism by some Jewish groups. The four-panel ad shows a map of Israel over the last six decades – from 1946 through to 2012. Each successive panel shows how Palestinian territory has shrunk with the passage of time. 

The chair of the Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver called for Translink to remove the ad. Objections have been raised by The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), Friends (Read more…)

Song of the Watermelon: An Open Letter to TransLink Regarding the “Disappearing Palestine” Ads

Dear TransLink:

I am writing to express my wholehearted support for your decision to display the pro-Palestinian transit ads recently unveiled at the Vancouver City Centre Skytrain station and on several buses. The ads offer an important perspective that needs to be heard as part of any informed debate on the Middle East conflict.

My commendation may sound a bit strange, since, as you yourselves have noted, “within defined limits TransLink has no legal authority to decline advertising content.” A 2009 Supreme Court decision established that TransLink, as a public body, is bound by the free speech provisions (Read more…)

The Disaffected Lib: Four Pictures Worth Many Thousand Words

A Vancouver group is targeting the public conscience with an ad campaign to show what has happened to the Palestinian homeland.

Unless you’re a Zionist, it’s a pretty disturbing but accurate depiction of how the Palestinians are being erased from their homeland.  The point is, it’s not over yet.  The aquifer beneath Gaza has been “inadvertently” drained and the U.N. believes that enclave could be unlivable by 2020.  Presumably those Palestinians would have to be relocated to the fractured ghettos inland to the north.

The ads are running on Vancouver’s transit system and they’re expected to (Read more…)

Bill Longstaff: The U.S. war against democracy in the Middle East

The CIA’s recent public admission that it masterminded the 1953 military coup against Iran’s democratically elected government reminded me once again of the fickle U.S. support for democracy in the Middle East. American involvement was well-known—books have been written about it—but the publishing of previously classified documents by the U.S. National Security Archive amounts to a public

drive-by planet: Nigel Kennedy ‘apartheid’ reference to be censored by BBC: Palestine Strings at the Proms


On August 8 the BBC Proms featured the Palestine Strings in company with world renowned violinist, Nigel Kennedy, and members of his Orchestra of Life. Palestine Strings is made up of seventeen young Palestinians ranging in age from 12 to 23 who study at the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music in the occupied territories.

The highly innovative performance of Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons included Arabic and jazz-inspired improvisations. The capacity audience at the Royal Albert Hall was enthralled and at the end of the concert responded with enthusiastic applause. Nigel Kennedy’s address to the audience included a passing (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Alice Walker Disinvited By Top US University Over Israel Criticism

The University of Michigan has disinvited Pulitzer-prize winning African-American author Alice Walker as punishment for her progressive views on Israel.

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