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Anonymous posts another Toews video. Minister of Public Safety calls RCMP.

In this Postmedia piece, the writer Jeff Davis bends over backwards to make Anonymous look as if they are sending ‘threats’ Mr. Toews’ way, an implication that in most peoples’ eyes involves some sort of violence. There is no violence in Anonymous’ ‘threats’. There is only a warning that details plans to expose Vic Toews’ ‘many skeletons in the closet’.

This new video expands on just what

Did the Ottawa Citizen screw up with its ‘expose’ of @vikileaks30?

@vikileaks30 is no more. Perhaps the heat generated by the Conservative organ Postmedia shut it down. Whatever. It appears that the Ottawa Citizen’s detective work was highly suspect. Proved nothing but got our lazy, incompetent media on the run for a news cycle or two.

@vikileaks30 fans, don’t despair. A mirror has been created, @VikiLeaksMirror. Judging from Anonymous’ threat of Operation

Operation White North: Anonymous stands up for Canada. Threatens Toews with more mockery.

I’ve been watching Anonymous as it has taken on the US right-wing bully pulpit. I’ve been wondering too where is our Anonymous in Canada? In a country being overtaken by a phony religious few disguised as Conservatives intent on stripping us of our freedoms, Anonymous has been strangely quiet. If there is any country in the modern world needing a revolutionary spanking, it is 21st century Canada,