The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Unopen Government #nlpoli

The idea of open data has been around for a while. In government, it means that government would make information like census data,  statistics,  licensing information easily and freely available for anyone to use, free of charge and any restrictions. It’s a way of sparking creativity, crowd-sourcing new information, and basically spending less time and ... Canada’s Draft Open Government Plan — The Promise and Problems Reviewed

Backdrop On Friday the Canadian Government released its draft national action plan. Although not mentioned overtly in the document, these plans are mandated by the Open Government Partnership (OGP), in which member countries must draft National Action Plans every two years where they lay out tangible goals. I’ve both written reviews about these plans before ... Canadians love for census Star Op-Ed

I’ve a small piece in the Toronto Star today about the census, Canadians reaction to it, and what it says about Canada. You can find it here: Canadians love for census says a lot about who we are.  

The Canadian Progressive: We need open data to fight climate change

Apocalyptic floods. Historic droughts. Food insecurity and mass migration. This is the future that faces us all if world leaders fail to agree and enforce a strong and binding deal to tackle climate change this week in Paris. The post We need open data to fight climate change appeared first on The Canadian Progressive. Canada’s Opaque Transparency – An Open Data Failure

Yesterday, at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada’s (PDAC) Canada Minister of Natural Resource, Joe Oliver, announced with great fanfare a new initiative to compel mining companies to disclose payments of over $100,000′s to foreign and domestic governments. On the surface this looks like a win for transparency, particularly for a sector that is of ... Open Data Day 2014 – Five Fun Events Around the World

With over 110 Events happening world wide it is impossible to talk about every Open Data Day event. But looking almost every event on the wiki I’ve been deeply moved and inspired by the various efforts, goals and aspirations of the people who have organized these events. In order to help others understand why Open ... Open Data Day in 110 cities Worldwide! Here’s 6 things to do

It is, as always, with a fair amount of wonder that I watch the open data day wiki grow each year. This year there are 100 self organized events taking place worldwide (at last count). It is an impressive number. This includes events in places like Buenos Aires (which is doing open data street art), ... Open Data Day in Vancouver – Registration is live

I’m happy to share that this February 22nd there will be an Open Data Day event in Vancouver. The details are as follows: The event will take place at Domain7 – who have kindly volunteered their space – on Saturday, February 22, from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM. We have limited space and want to ... The dangerous mystique of the “open data” business

I’m frequently asked by people about how they can start an “open data business.” Let me first say that I love that the question gets asked. I love that people are interested in Open Data. I love that people want to learn more, they want to play, they want to think of ways of creating ... Open Data Advice for Librarian Coders

For the purposes of this post we will ignore how remarkably badass sounding the word librarian becomes when “coder” is added to the end of it. I recently had a librarian who had just picked up some coding skills email me and ask how they could get into Open Data (if, by the way, you ... Open Data Day Google+ Hang Out

With just about a month to go until Open Data Day things are going well. There are quite a few cities that have been added to the open data day wiki. This year we thought we would try something new. On January 21st we are going to host a  Get Ready For Open Data Day 2014! Google ... Open Data for Development Challenge on Jan 27-28

This just came across my email via Michael Roberts who has been doing great work in this space. Open Data for Development Challenge January 27–28, 2014 — Montreal, Canada Do you want to share your creative ideas and cutting-edge expertise, and make a difference in the world? Do you want to help Canadians and the ... - Alberta politics: Which data will be lost in consolidation?

TweetAnyone who has spent even a minimal amount of time searching for information on government websites will understand what complicated labyrinths they can sometimes be. So, news that the Government of Canada is attempting to improve Canadians’ online experience should be positive, right? Earlier this year, the British Columbia Freedom of Information Society obtained leaked ... Open Data Day 2014 is Coming Feb 22 – Time to Join the Fun!

So, with much help from various community members (who reminded me that we need to get this rolling – looking at you Heather Leson), I pleased to say we are starting to gear up for Open Data Day 2014 on February 22nd, 2014. From its humble beginnings of a conversation between a few friends who were ... The Importance of Open Data Critiques – thoughts and context

Over at the Programmable City website Rob Kitchin has a thoughtful blog post on open data critiques. It is very much worth reading and wider discussion. Specifically, there are two competing things worth noting. First, it is important for the open data community – and advocates in particular – to acknowledge the responsibility we have ... Mozillians: Announcing Community Metrics DashboardCon – January 21, 2014

Please read background below for more info. Here’s the skinny. What A one day mini-conference, held (tentatively) in Vancouver on January 14th  San Francisco on January 21st and 22nd, 2014 (remote participating possible) for Mozillians about community metrics and dashboards. Update: Apologies for the change of date and location, this event has sparked a lot of ...

openalex: ecoHackMTL: Totally Awesome!

Almost 100 participants,  12 projects, 4 specially proposed challenges, 6 newly released data sets and lots of happy faces at the end of the day.  A huge thank-you to everyone who came out for the inaugural ecoHack in Montréal last weekend! écoHackMTL set out to bring together programmers, community activists, and urban environmentalists to design ...

openalex: ecoHackMTL: Totally Awesome!

Almost 100 participants,  12 projects, 4 specially proposed challenges, 6 newly released data sets and lots of happy faces at the end of the day.  A huge thank-you to everyone who came out for the inaugural ecoHack in Montréal last weekend! écoHackMTL set out to bring together programmers, community activists, and urban environmentalists  to design ... OGP Rules of the Game – Tactical Mistake or Strategic Necessity?

The other week Martin Tisne, the UK Policy Director at the Omidyar Network, as well as one of the key architects of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), posted a blog post expressing concern that Civil Society participants have misunderstood the OGP. Specifically Tisne is concerned that by focusing on entrance into the OGP rather than ... The Uncertain Future of Open Data in the Government of Canada

It is possible to state that presently, open data is at its high water mark in the Government of Canada. has been refreshed, more importantly, the government has signed the Open Data Charter committing it to making data “open” by default, and a rash of new data sets have been made available. In other ... Some thoughts on the relaunched

Yesterday, I talked about what I thought was the real story that got missed in the fanfare surrounding the relaunch of Today I’ll talk about the new itself. Before I begin, there is an important disclaimer to share (to be open!). Earlier this year Treasury Board asked me to chair five public consultations ... The Real News Story about the Relaunch of

As many of my open data friends know, yesterday the government launched its new open data portal to great fanfare. While there is much to talk about there – something I will dive into tomorrow – that was not the only thing that happened yesterday. Indeed, I did a lot of media yesterday between flights ... The Past, Present and Future of Sensor Journalism

This weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to the Tow Centre for Digital Journalism at the Columbia Journalism School for a workshop on sensor journalism. The workshop (hashtag #towsenses) brought together a “community of journalists, hackers, makers, academics and researchers to explore the use of sensors in journalism; a crucial source of information ... Some Nice Journalistic Data Visualization – Global’s Crude Awakening

Over at Global, David Skok and his team have created a very nice visualization of the over 28,666 crude oil spills that have happened on Alberta pipelines over the last 37 years (that’s about two a day). Indeed, for good measure they’ve also visualized the additional 31,453 spills of “other” substance carried by Alberta pipeline (saltwater, ... Awesome Simple Open Data use case – Welcome Wagon for New Community Businesses

A few weeks ago I was at an event in Victoria, British Columbia at event where people were discussing the possibilities, challenges and risk of open data. During the conversation, one of the participants talked about how they wanted an API for business license applications from the city. This is a pretty unusual request – ...