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Impolitical: A view on the day’s events #olpldr

From a wise politico via the email bag just a little while ago: In no particular order…1. Long game works…Wynne been at this for years.2. Speeches matter.3. Having a seat more important than sexuality.4. Media today is very weak…pundits worse.5. Take nothing for granted…not even the last ballot results…yet.

Very wise indeed.

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Impolitical: A poll that will make little difference #olpldr

“Ontario Liberals: No poll bounce for Grits after leadership campaign.” This one shows Pupatello and Wynne and Kennedy in the same ballpark percentages, give or take a few more for Kennedy given his profile, going into tomorrow’s voting. No gaps that would give any one of them a noticeable advantage. So, not helping.

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Impolitical: Inside the Gardens #olpldr

The view from the blogging hordes’ corner.

Jut add in a few thousand bodies all excited about the political mayhem of speeches, floor shows, ballots and the waiting, oh yes, the waiting.

Technology and batteries willing, I will try to do something a little more off-the-page with this one.

See you there, people!

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