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CuriosityCat: Ontario Election: A Good Case for Proportional Representation

Premier Wynne led her Liberal Party to a majority government this week, trouncing the anti-statist (drown the government in a bathtub) frothings of the Conservative Party, and shouldering aside the NDP expectation that governmental power was theirs for the taking, like ripe fruit, without any real effort on their part to justify this to voters. But yet again the majority one is a mathematical majority, but not a moral one. Premier Wynne’s Liberals would be foolish to interpret their majority of seats as being a sign of a massive mandate from a majority of Ontarian voters. It is not. That (Read more…)

A. Picazo: Want To ‘Send A Message’? Vote.

This op-ed appeared in The Ottawa Citizen on June 12, 2014 In October 2013, British comedian and actor Russell Brand, acting as a guest-editor for a revolution-themed edition of New Statesman, penned a bizarre, 4,500-word call to revolution. “I have never voted,” Brand declared. “Like most people I am utterly disenchanted by politics. I regard politicians … Continue reading →

Alberta Diary: Ontario election: OK, that didn’t really work … can we get back to being New Democrats now?

Ontario’s victorious Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne last summer. Below: Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak.

Well! That didn’t work out quite as well as we’d hoped, did it? Can we get back to being New Democrats now?

I speak, of course, of the results of last night’s Ontario provincial election – in which it seems to me from my vantage point out here on the Great Plains that there are lessons in the vote for New Democrats in the west and the New Democrats in Ottawa too.

I realize that the great Canadian tradition of (Read more…)

Trashy's World: Vote. It’s easy.

Just do it. As I was explaining to my two youngest kids yesterday on the drive home after school, literally millions of people have died and are dying to do what we in Canada take for granted: The right to choose our leaders. So vote. Exercise this right for which so much has been sacrificed. […]

OPSEU Diablogue: Who’s values will prevail on Thursday?

Whoever shows up to the polls tomorrow may determine Ontario’s next Premier and whether she or he enjoys a majority or minority government. The question is, will that be decided by a majority of Ontarians, or will it reflect a … Continue reading →

Trashy's World: Mr. Hudak meets Mr. Dictionary for the very first time!

As I write this, Timmie is Googling the word “economics”… Ms. Wynne is being so unfair using such darned big words!!! I have italicized the phrase noting the flaw that anyone with even a passing understanding of arithmetic would notice immediately. And he thinks he is fit to govern the largest province in Canada???? Not […]

Aaron Manton: Ontario Election: Sloppy Progressive Conservative Web Slip-Ups

Between multiple events involving organizations the Ontario Progressive Conservatives oppose funding and an uncomfortably embarrassing botched presser on board a TTC subway, Tim Hudak can barely catch a break this election season. Indeed, as is apparent from ceaseless mishaps and slip-ups, the PC’s are running by far the sloppiest campaign of the major parties. The PC’s have honed their message, but are still struggling with the details of conveying it, running the risk of slowly unravelling all the progress Hudak has made as a party leader.

Left Over: Damned If You Do….


Ontario Election: Horwath answers NDP insiders criticizing campaign Letter to NDP leader says group is ‘seriously considering’ not voting for party


I recently read comments of one of our few elected BC Greens, a man I initially cheered for, talking about the inevitability of the Enbridge pipeline being constructed, and that he supported the idea of one of our resident zillionaires building and operating a refinery on the West Coast. Yes, a Green politician said that…I was furious, decided unless May shot him down immediately, I would go back to my habit of supporting the NDP no matter (Read more…)

Trashy's World: How does the “Harper-Hudak Conservatives” sound, Timmie?

Or maybe the “Harris-Hudak Conservatives”, hmmm? In desperation, Hudak and his merry men have taken to referring to the OLP as the “McGuinty-Wynne Liberals”. I for one find this consistent with the make-believe world that the OPC seems to have found comfort in. Dalton and Kathleen are joined at the hip. They are as one. […]

Political Eh-conomy: Political Eh-conomy Radio: Linda McQuaig on Hudak’s imaginary jobs and Canadian inequality

Today, I’m happy to present another extended interview and my guest is Linda McQuaig. Linda is a National Newspaper Award-winning journalist and commentator who has worked for the Globe and Mail, National Post, Toronto Star and many other outlets. She is also a best-selling author of numerous books that have focused on and popularized a host of economic issues. Her most recent book, co-written with Neil Brooks, is The Trouble with Billionaires: How the Super-Rich Hijacked the World and How We Can Take It Back.

Just last week, Linda wrote a sharp piece critiquing Tim Hudak’s platform in the upcoming Ontario (Read more…)

CuriosityCat: Ontario election: Shades of the 2015 Harper-Trudeau battle?

When it comes to elections in Canada, with its relatively low voting rates, age matters. Older folks vote with their feet, all the way to the polling stations, while younger folks go about their busy lives, voicing discontent but not doing anything about it. Federally, the Stephen Harper new Conservatives have made consistent inroads into the demographics that vote – they have solid ties to older Canadians. The NDP, under Layton and also the more volcanic Mulcair, appeal to younger voters, as do the Liberals. What’s happening in the June 2014 provincial election in our biggest province gives us clues (Read more…)

Trashy's World: Will Ontarians gamble on the future of their health care?

Harris fired 6,000 nurses when he was Premier. What’s the over/under with Timmy? Timmy Hudak. He’s in over his head. (1) Trashy, Ottawa, Ontario

Political Eh-conomy: Hudak’s plans to cut teachers in statistics and politics

It’s election time in Ontario and that means graphs and statistics, facts and factoids, some stale, some new come out of the woodwork. Take the tweet below as an example, one that riffs on the old theme of an exploding public sector encapsulated in Tim Hudak’s promise to cut 100,000 public service jobs:

Hudak promises to cut 100K public sector jobs (with education bearing the brunt). I put together this chart. Discuss

— Ben Rabidoux (@BenRabidoux) May 13, 2014

Let us even take the author’s word that he is non-partisan and found some seemingly interesting data; the (Read more…)

The Liberal Scarf: Is Andrea Horwath for real?

That’s what the new Kathleen Wynne ad asks Ontarians after Horwath said NO to an increased child benefit, an Ontario Pension Plan, better transit, and a new job creation strategy for Ontario. I’m really digging the “I’m Kathleen Wynne and I stand behind this message” tag the Premier has been using.

I’m sure NDP’ers will complain about “going negative”, to which I have to ask, isn’t joining with Tim Hudak and Stephen Harper and saying NO to a strong plan for Ontario a tad more negative?

OPSEU Diablogue: Election 2014: Economist says “jobs candidate” would begin by cutting 165,000 of them

PC leader Tim Hudak has wrapped himself in the persona of being the jobs candidate. He claims that his government would create a million jobs in Ontario – a 15 per cent increase to the existing 6.9 million jobs (full-time, … Continue reading →

Trashy's World: Hudakitis

Well, there ya go. Got a call from school that my 7 year old son wasn’t feeling great. So now we’re home and it’s an early weekend I thought it was a touch of something, or maybe something he ate, but he just told me that he heard there was going to be an Ontario […]

The Liberal Scarf: Hudak wants a $300 million election, vows to vote against a budget that hasn’t been written yet

Yesterday, Finance Minister Charles Sousa started his first round of pre-Budget consultations in Mississauga, listening to the concerns of everyday Ontario families as he works to prepare a budget focused on creating jobs, lowering youth unemployment, and fostering growth and opportunity as the way forward.

“My hope is that the members of the Opposition have heard how closely I’ve listened to their concerns and the concerns of people around the province,” Wynne told reporters.Sousa, meanwhile, said he will get in touch with Opposition parties as he prepares the budget.“Premier Wynne wants to work with members of the Opposition

. . . → Read More: The Liberal Scarf: Hudak wants a $300 million election, vows to vote against a budget that hasn’t been written yet

Trashy's World: How close were we?

… in our election predictions? Final count: OLP: 53 (37%) PCO: 37 (35%) ONDP: 17 (23%) Now to compare the predictions: Conservative-leaning Twitter bud @RunnertheFirst on the popular vote: Now for the fun part. Based on past history of the pollsters I will predict LPO at between 36-38%, PCPO at 34-36% and the ONDP at 24-26% [...] . . . → Read More: Trashy’s World: How close were we?

They Call Me "Mr. Sinister": Screwed Up System Almost Screws Ontarians

Well we seem to have dodged a bullet, but just barely. The first past the post system did its usual magic and almost produced a majority of seats with less than 38% of the vote. In fact, thanks to the magic of splits, the Liberals with 2% more of the p… . . . → Read More: They Call Me “Mr. Sinister”: Screwed Up System Almost Screws Ontarians

Trashy's World: Friday miscellany… dumbasses & the Ottawa Sun…

Woo hoo! Stevo has been denied that so-called trifecta that he dreamed about! The most laughable thing about this is that it was likely one of his fishing buddies, Rob Ford, that tilted this one into McGuinty’s column. But crap, 49.2% turnout? That is very disappointing. Oh, and stay classy, Ottawa Sun: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ LEAFS WIN! [...] . . . → Read More: Trashy’s World: Friday miscellany… dumbasses & the Ottawa Sun…

Montreal Simon: My First Thoughts on the Ontario Election

I’m sure I’ll have more to say about the Ontario election.Maybe. Zzzzzzzzzzz.But tonight all I have the energy to say is that the bigot Tim Hudak is now officially a LOSER. The scummy little bottom feeder.My riding, Trinity Spadina, helped sc… . . . → Read More: Montreal Simon: My First Thoughts on the Ontario Election

Driving The Porcelain Bus: Analysis of ON 2011 Election Results vs My Prediction

My prediction vs the election results. Party – Prediction – Election Lib – 50 – 53 PC – 31 – 37 NDP – 26 – 17 I was pretty close with my Liberal prediction, but off in my PC and NDP predictions significantly. NDP prediction I put too much credence … . . . → Read More: Driving The Porcelain Bus: Analysis of ON 2011 Election Results vs My Prediction

Red Tory v.3.0.3: Liberal 3-Peat in Ontario!

Seriously? That is a somewhat amazing result given the three-way nature of the race and how close the polls were in the run-up to election day. . . . → Read More: Red Tory v.3.0.3: Liberal 3-Peat in Ontario!

Edwin Current: Ontario Votes Today!!

I don’t have much else to say right now but if you are still unsure today, take a look through my blog entries over the past month or so and I think you’ll find the out who’s the best candidate to vote for in Ontario.  With the team that will help us all move forward together.  JUST VOTE!

I’m off to my polling station now.  See you there maybe and hope you have an amazing day.  Stay tuned upcoming entries on Canadian Politics and Current Events. Cheers

How to find your pollling station:

The Liberal Scarf: My story of why I am voting Liberal

This is my personal story of broadly, why I am a Liberal, and more specifically to highlight the change and progress we’ve made in Ontario under Dalton McGuinty.I remember during the 90′s my parents getting the Harris taxpayer rebate. We were, and are … . . . → Read More: The Liberal Scarf: My story of why I am voting Liberal