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The Equivocator: Kathleen Wynne’s Speech & Some Thoughts on the 2013 OLP Leadership Convention

“I want to put something on the table: Is Ontario ready for a gay premier? You’ve heard that question. You’ve all heard that question but let’s say what that actually means: Can a gay woman win? That’s what it means. So, not surprisingly, I have an answer to that question. When I ran in 2003, I was told that the people of North Toronto and the people of Thorncliffe Park weren’t ready to elect a gay woman. Well, apparently they were.

You know, there was a time, not that long ago when most of us in this leadership race

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Blunt Objects Blog: Could Pupatello Have Won?

This is some swirling stories right now going on that Hoskins was supposed to give Sandra Pupatello his support this past weekend, described here in the Globe and Mail. I look forward to the tell-all book from Eric on this, but until then, we get this story that does no favours for Liberal unity.

While it isn’t like people are tearing each other apart, this semi-feud between Sandra Pupatello and Eric Hoskins got old the second it reared its head.

I obviously don’t know the details of whatever agreement Hoskins and Pupatello had, and I don’t care – the convention

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Ontario Liberal leadership: on the numbers

As a Kathleen Wynne delegate to the leadership convention, I will probably take some time in trying to articulate the significance of the win and not rush into a blathering post about how freakin’ awesome it all is. (By the way, Adam Goldenberg really nailed the personal aspect in his post for Macleans.) For now, a few thoughts about numbers.

Going into the first ballot, we knew how the delegates would vote because the ballots were pre-printed – you had to support the candidate for whom you ran, obviously, or the first ballot results would not reflect how your

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Eclectic Lip: Wynne-win for Canada! And, is America ready for another white male President?

I welcomed Kathleen Wynne‘s victory in the leadership race for the ruling Ontario Liberal Party this past Saturday, even though I live in faraway British Columbia. And I do mean far away — seriously, the International Space Station is ten times closer to the surface of the earth, than Vancouver is to Toronto. (Though that probably says more about how not-so-far-away the International Space Station is to us.)

Wynne is of course lesbian, and her ascent to the Premiership of Ontario — Canada’s most populous province — is a matter of minor national pride, whatever her

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Calgary Grit: Convention Math

On Saturday, Maple Leaf Gardens was a cauldron of emotions. There were tears, broken promises, dashed dreams, and shrieks of pure unadulterated joy. That’s to be expected when you bring 2,000 people with very different motivations and beliefs together, and ask them to figure out who will govern a province of over 12 million people.

Yet despite all of that, in the end, what mattered more than the signs and scarves and speeches were the cold hard numbers. So it’s worth pausing to study the math behind Kathleen Wynne’s historic victory:

The First Ballot

The big story of the first

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A BCer in Toronto: Day 2 a Wynning day at #olpldr

After about two hours sleep, I made the trek downtown from Scarborough bright and early Saturday morning to see if I had a shot at being promoted from alternate to voting delegate, and would have the opportunity to casta vote for Gerard Kennedy in the Ontario Liberal leadership race. Alas, I wasn’t on the list, so I could only watch, cheer, persuade, and hope for the best.

Paths to victory Going in, Kennedy was a long-shot, but there was a path to victory for him. It had to happen early, though.  The first ballot results were pretty well set (Read more…)

Calgary Grit: #Wynning

I’ll post a recap of the weekend that was and thoughts on the road ahead tomorrow, but for now let me take a moment to congratulate Kathleen Wynne on her well deserved victory. She’s a likable candidate with an impressive record who ran a great campaign, and I was proud to vote for Ontario’s first female and first openly gay Premier on the final ballot.

Valerie Burns: Kathleen FTW

Convention was crazy. I know I said I would liveblog when I could, but it all just went too fast. Sitting down and writing in the face of all that awesome was just not going to happen.

It was amazing fun. I met a boy. We elected a leader who I think stands a very good chance of winning the next election. Also, as Liberals, we should be proud of the progressive firsts we accomplish. Kathleen Wynne is a symbol for the more inclusive society we are always striving to build.

I also saw Scott Tribe there. We

The Ranting Canadian: Here are a few photos from the January 25, 2013 protest against…

Here are a few photos from the January 25, 2013 protest against the incompetent, unethical, non-progressive Ontario Liberal Party, outside their leadership convention in downtown Toronto.

Hopefully our new temporary premier, Kathleen Wynne, will admit to the many mistakes that she and the Dalton McGuinty government have made, and will work tirelessly to repair the damage that they have inflicted on the province. If she is serious about turning this have-not province around, she and her minority government will cooperate with Andrea Horwath and the Ontario New Democratic Party (NDP), and follow their advice.

Also, hopefully Ontario’s teachers and other

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Toronto Lawyer | Omar Ha-Redeye, J.D. » Politics: 2013 Ontario Liberal Party Leadership

Eric Hoskins | Gerard Kennedy | Sandra Pupatello | Charles Sousa | Harinder Takhar | Kathleen Wynne

Omar Ha-Redeye will be provided coverage of the 2013 Leadership Convention as an accredited blogger.

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John Laforet: My Thoughts On Kathleen Wynne Being Elected Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party

I wrote a blog entry for Huffington Post two days before the Ontario Liberal Party delegate election meetings titled ‘Kathleen Wynne for the Ontario Liberal Leadership Win?‘. I summarized the reasons I thought Kathleen Wynne was best positioned among the six remaining candidates to win the Liberal Leadership. This isn’t and wasn’t an endorsement, but merely an exercise in observing the facts that were available and determining how a number of variables would play out point by point.

Tonight, Kathleen Wynne has won and will soon become Ontario’s next Premier. Her job now is to set a course for

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Scott's DiaTribes: Double history is made with Wynne winning #olpldr

5 years ago, the Democratic Party made history by picking an African-American as their Presidential nominee, and the American people made history by electing him their first African-American president. It is no hyperbole to say that tonight, Ontario Liberals made their own bit of history by a) choosing a woman Premier, and b) choosing an openly gay woman as Premier.

It will only be historic in the same vein as Barack Obama if the people of Ontario elect her back to the Premiership when the next election comes up. That will not be easy; I feel the hard part is Convention floor update

I’ve been at the convention going on 12 hours – tired feet, hungry, etc. – but no one’s going home yet.

After the second ballot results were announced, in which Sandra’s lead began to widen, a couple of surprising events happened.

Sousa went to Wynne, without discussing it with his supporters first. Many of them moved to Sandra. Then Kennedy took himself off the ballot and went to Wynne, too.

We need 220 more votes on this round, which is still possible. Sandra’s a fighter and so are the people behind her.

It ain’t over till it’s over.

Third ballot

Scott's DiaTribes: A brief… LULL #olpldr

We’re in the middle of a lull while we await 2nd round results for the OLP Leadership Convention. The two front runners are neck and neck (Wynne and Pupatello), with Eric Hoskins having declared for Wynne and Takar Harinder having moved to Pupatello (despite not actually dropping off the 2nd ballot in time).

That leaves Sousa, Kennedy, Wynne and Pupatello. I’ve heard several people in the political and media arena now say they dont think it will go beyond 3 ballots.. meaning they think both Sousa and Kennedy will drop off and we may have a result by 7 pm Convention floor update

Eric Hoskins went to Kathleen Wynne. Many of Eric’s delegates came to Sandra – I helped greet them – and were happy to be there!

Minutes later, Harinder Takhar moved his team to Sandra Pupatello. I’m told Harinder missed, by a single minute, the deadline to take his name of his ballot. He decided to come to Sandra before the next ballot regardless.

Being a blogger, and an alternate delegate, I don’t get to vote but being on the convention floor is more fun. No line ups!

Stay tuned! From the Windsor Star: Delegates looking long term

Team Wynne, for the last several days, has been insisting at every opportunity that she should be Premier because she a) has a seat and b) would reopen the Legislature right away.

Guess what? Delegates are smart enough to see past this tactic. The best of times, the worst of times, etc

Political conventions tend to bring out the best of its party members – renewal, camaraderie, etc. But some of the worst, too.

Like what happened last night.

You may know there was a huge 80 vehicle pile up on the 401 late yesterday afternoon. Many people were stuck in it, including my friends, John and Linda Fraser. John has worked for Premier McGuinty for 14 years. Some delegates were part of the accident, and I hope all are ok.

Because of this, there was a concern that they’d miss the registration deadline and not be able to vote today. Some

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Scott's DiaTribes: Bets on when the #olpldr Convention will declare a winner?

I’m about to head off to the train station to catch my ride back into the Ontario Liberal Leadership Convention, and my first musing of the day (on my blog anyhow) is pondering when we might have a declared winner.

I was talking informally with some of the candidates campaign teams who I know, and they informally predicted a long day. One said midnight; another just said “late”. At the beginning of this, we were told to prepare for a Convention still being in session on Sunday (which is why I bought a train ticket tomorrow; if there isn’t one,

A BCer in Toronto: Day 1 is for Dalton at #olpldr

I’m increasingly of the belief that the way to cover a political convention, social media-wise, is to Tweet during the day, and provide a more thought-out perspective at night. So that’s what I’m going to try to do for my coverage of the Ontario Liberal Party leadership race this weekend, where I’m a Gerard Kennedy alternate and unofficial blogger at large.

Below you’ll find a Storify of my tweets during this first, short day of #olpldr. And I do mean short. All that was on the agenda was the official opening and a tribute to outgoing leader Dalton McGuinty. At (Read more…)

Impolitical: A poll that will make little difference #olpldr

“Ontario Liberals: No poll bounce for Grits after leadership campaign.” This one shows Pupatello and Wynne and Kennedy in the same ballpark percentages, give or take a few more for Kennedy given his profile, going into tomorrow’s voting. No gaps that would give any one of them a noticeable advantage. So, not helping.

Besides, it really shouldn’t be polling that Liberals look to for this choice. Longer term considerations like personal qualities, vision and policy are likely to and should rank as more important factors in the choice.

Also noted in the report, this quote from Kathleen Wynne addressing

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Impolitical: Dalton McGuinty farewell speech

Well since I’m here on the blog dime, I best say something about the big event of the night. Dalton McGuinty’s sign-off speech is what everyone was here for. The main event before everyone piles out of here and heads off to hospitality suites where delegates will be wooed in this last of a kind delegated convention world.

At the beginning of the speech, McGuinty recalled his election as leader here in Maple Leaf Gardens with a joke. His wife leaned over to him and whispered, “I thought you weren’t going to win!” Who knew. It’s been 16 years.

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The Progressive Right: Day One Over #olpldr

Today was mostly about registering delegates and getting everyone organized. The vast majority of the time was the tribute to outgoing premier, Dalton McGuinty. Premier McGuinty thanked his family, his mother – and regretted that his father could not see him enter public life.

Tomorrow, I rejoin the blogging crew and bring you coverage of the leadership ballots.

As always, check out the photos on

Queer-liberal: Great speech tonight by a leader with a great legacy

Very pleased to see Dalton McGuinty’s speech tonight at the OLP convention reflecting on the numerous accomplishments since 2003!

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Teachers’ Protest And OLPLDR Notes

Looks like they’ve manage to pull in a few 100 protesters.  On another note, it looks like some delegates were caught behind that pileup on the 401 and I think the party has decided to extend the hours for casting the first ballot.  Interesting what it might portend if this makes  the delegate composition on the floor more 416-centric. Observations from #OLPLDR

Sometimes there are no words.