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The Turning of the C-30 Screw continues

Although the government appears to be backing off from introducing their intrusive new internet snooping/spying/sticking-their-noses-in-the-citizens’-private-business bill, today Anonymous once again takes to YouTube to speak for angry Canuckistanian web surfers and issue a warning… 7 Days, Mr. Toews!: I wonder how long it will be before Toews or one of his brain-damaged fellow travellers analogizes . . . → Read More: The Turning of the C-30 Screw continues

Anonymous not letting up on Toews

Vic Toews, you were warned!: (Text pasted here.) Oh wow. I didn’t know the mistress was snorting and scarfing at the Public Trough right alongside her Viagra-starched paramour, but am I surprised? Are you? The Toewster’s squeals and bleats about McCarthyesque investigations notwithstanding, my sense is that Anonymous might be difficult to investigate since it’s . . . → Read More: Anonymous not letting up on Toews