cmkl: Half marathon

I’m very pleased with myself, yes. I did the distance three or so weeks ago, but using the 10 minutes running, one minute walking training method the Running Room uses for their long slow distance runs. Today I did it straight out. And I beat my 1:40 target time. And it felt really good. My […]

cmkl: Evaluating fitness websites: numbers prove it happened… but whose?

Strava heart rate data chartI’ve been doing a fair bit of running lately. I’m taking a clinic at the Running Room, but apart from that, I run alone. Some people get motivation by running with friends, other runners. Numbers motivate me. Compared to the Timex digital watch I used to use to time myself when I was in high school, modern electronics are tricorders. But they really want an external application, to crunch numbers, analyze data and draw pretty graphs.

cmkl: Easy for you to say, Mister Poloz

So the head of the Bank of Canada thinks young people should lLeave folks' basement and work for free. I know it’s a bit of an ad hominem criticism, but when do you reckon was the last time Stephen Poloz worked for free? I’m going to guess it never happened. Probably because for whatever reason […]

cmkl: I’m thinking posted speed limits might help

I don’t generally use my bike on Ottawa’s multipurpose pathways. Because I heard somewhere that you’re only supposed to do 20km/h on them. I prefer to ride faster than that. Once, while cycling on Colonel By (not five feet from one of said pathways) I had a motorist yell at me to get off the road and use the pathway.

cmkl: A bad biking week that ended well

Earlier this week a guy pulled up beside me as I was riding south on Bank Street at Catherine. He rolled down the window of his full-size SUV to give me grief about how I was taking up too much space. “Man do you know how easily I could have clipped you!” He shouted. Among […]

cmkl: See? See? No one is reading your bloody PDFs

Forum One, a Washington and Seattle based digital communications consultancy has found a report on a World Bank report on… usage statistics on its own reports which are distributed in PDF. While the original document (which is, itself a PDF) steams through 32 pages of blah de blah trying to correlate teeny tiny download statistics with […]

cmkl: Growing by leaps and bounds

I daily marvel at my daughter. I expect I’m like most parents. But I often get caught in the mental rut of baby parenting, despite the fact that Mallory’s eight. The baby parenting rut assumes the child is totally incapable of almost everything. But every now and again Mallory does something (or several things) to […]

cmkl: How many more elections until we stop paying attention to polls

I have to wonder why phone polls are still news and still given so much credence both by the media, media consumers and the political class generally. Almost the most interesting thing about the Ontario election (apart from the disintegration of Tim Hudak’s written-for-buzzfeed campaign platform) has been how completely whacked opinion poll numbers have […]

cmkl: Kingston

I’m in Kingston now, holed up in my residence room after a couple of recovery beers. I don’t have my numbers because I only brought my phone and the GPS wants a computer to cough up the data, but I think I did well. From what I can tell my average speed was 25.6km/h with […]

cmkl: All systems go

A short, mostly flat ride to test some new gear that I think will make the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour a bit more comfortable and enjoyable for me this year. A new jersey, new socks, and a new rear shifter. Thanks to the Cyclery for digging up the part for my old clunker. It looks […]

cmkl: Lap the Gats: redux

I’m pretty pleased with my performance at Lap the Gats today. I was 27th out of 200 riders, 15th in my age group. I did better still at the hill climbing part of the event – 11th overall and 5th in my age group. All those training rides have paid off. And the best part […]

cmkl: Boy Stalin rides again

Robin Sears, who earned his nickname “Boy Stalin” as then NDP premier Bob Rae’s chief of staff wrote this stunner of a commentary trashing the people who signed that open letter against Andrea Horwath’s current campaign plan/platform. I now understand much better where the moniker comes from. He calls the letter writers “embittered NDP pensioners,” […]

cmkl: Introducing the Idaho stop

Aka Why cyclists should be able to roll through stop signs and ride through red lights. It’s not totally nuts you know. I like the point tht it would put an end the odd dance that occurs when motorist and cyclist are watching each other at intersections, trying to figure out who’s going to commit […]