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cmkl: My girl learns code

Few things in life give me more joy than walking down the street, hand in hand with my daughter. One of them, which I experienced for the first time today, is walking down the street, hand in hand with my daughter, talking about building websites. At Irene’s suggestion, I checked out Girls Learning Code Day … Continue reading My girl learns code →

cmkl: What kind of liberal will Justin Trudeau be? I don’t know yet

I don’t want to denigrate or deem unworthy voters aspirations for change. We were certainly due. But I cannot share the enthusiasm people are having this morning for the pageant of Trudeau naming his new cabinet.

cmkl: Temagami tree trip

At a certain point, I thought Martin should really see the trees. This trip is probably the most popular route in all of Temagami. When I first got back into canoe tripping in my 30s it was the first trip I did. I went with a guide and spent a considerably longer time doing it. But when I mapped it out, it seemed eminently do-able in four days. It had been 15 years since I’d been there. Was I right about the distances? Would it still be the same?

cmkl: Castelli Secondapelle bike gloves – barely there

Slick, and tight-fitting, they do indeed feel like a second skin. But that ‘minimalist’ thing gives them a tight timeline for staying comfortable.

cmkl: Ten thousand clicks

This morning was a pretty normal pre-work trip up to Champlain lookout. Except that I rode my 10,000th kilometre for the year on it.

cmkl: Jerseys – for when you need to keep your shirt on

A lot gets said about jerseys. They’re part totem, part equipment. So there’s more lore, superstition and custom around them than most other bits of bike kit. I will explain a bit about what I think about jerseys which should explain what I’m reviewing and what I’m not, then I’ll get straight to the part … Continue reading Jerseys – for when you need to keep your shirt on →

cmkl: Bike gloves – hide the liver spots

Wherein I review all the warm weather, fingerless gloves I’ve ever used and wrecked. Including some I hope I don’t wreck for a long, long time.

cmkl: Waterskiing

A happy reminder that my daughter is not me.

cmkl: I was one of Matt Moore’s jerks the other day

Wherein I counter-rant about Matt Moore’s rant about cyclists on

cmkl: Worn and torn

I have worn out my tires. In six months

cmkl: New threshold of power

Wherein I brag about achieving a five per cent boost in functional threshold power over six months training. Did you nod off there briefly? It’s okay. I get that a lot.

cmkl: Bibshorts: MAMIL sausage

Wherein I compare the comfort and usefulness of the various bib shorts I’ve used

cmkl: Ottawa Granfondo: that was a ride

Wherein I describe riding 235km over about eight hours and learn that I should never ride in a peloton.

cmkl: Base layers: the old man and the undershirt

Part two of a series on my search for the perfect all-day cycling kit. Base layers.

cmkl: Between a sofa and a plank: the search for the bike saddle of my dreams

Aka mister goldilocks goes to the bike store. Again.

cmkl: Trans-Outaouais Terror

Sure the maps all say there’s a road there. And so what if there’s no Google Street View? How bad could it be? I’ve got wide tires and disc brakes. That should be fine, right? Right. So off I went. It wasn’t supposed to be all that hard. But there were some tell-tale signs that … Continue reading Trans-Outaouais Terror →

cmkl: Numbers or it didn’t happen: measuring success on the internet

Live tweets plus deck from a 90 minute presentation I gave to union communicators at the Canadian Association of Labour Media conference in Victoria June 18-20. [View the story “Numbers or it didn’t happen: measuring success on the internet” on Storify]

cmkl: Cut Paste and Post: using open source content management systems

Live tweet of a 90 minute workshop I gave at the 2015 CALM Conference in Victoria about using open source content management systems for union communicators. [View the story “Cut paste and post – open source content management systems” on Storify]

cmkl: Sunday was pretty good too

End to end, 5:22, moving time: 5:17. Not as speedy as Saturday, but still much faster than my 5:45 target. I have the wind to thank for a bit of it, but I do believe the training has been working. I wouldn’t have actually stopped at all if my power meter hadn’t suddenly gone dark … Continue reading Sunday was pretty good too →

cmkl: We are back

Friday night to Tuesday afternoon is a long time to be gone. I apologize for that. I will be investigating the cost of reducing the downtime involved in a catastrophic disk failure and will be looking to ensure that my remote backup (which saved my ass) gets all the loving it needs. Because I do … Continue reading We are back →

cmkl: Trouble is how to repeat that

This is my only mid-ride photo from the first half of the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour. The tl;dr is that I killed it. The wind was favourable for sure. I was aiming to cut 20 minutes off my last year’s time and crack the six hour mark. I told my coach I though 5:45 was … Continue reading Trouble is how to repeat that →

cmkl: Server issues

My server is having hard disk issues and will be having a diskectomy Sunday night. Naturally the timing coincides with a busy weekend of biking. Wish me luck. Report weirdness. 

cmkl: Podium

Admittedly a small field, but I came in second in my age group today in Lap the Gats. I am thrilled. Apparently there’s this thing on the internet called “humble bragging”? I’m just going to brag brag. I was seventh overall in a field of 165 riders in this charity event where you go four … Continue reading Podium →

cmkl: Clif shot gels solve the ‘what to do with the tab’ problem

   This is all I’m going to be saying about gels. And other cycling ‘nutrition’. Swearsies. But for those times when I don’t want a pizza, I’ve got a new favourite – Clif Gel Shots. Don’t care what flavour. Why? Because they solve the ‘what to do with the tab’ problem. See you eat these … Continue reading Clif shot gels solve the ‘what to do with the tab’ problem →

cmkl: The quest for good goo: Clif savoury gels – Margherita pizza in a tube

I have been struggling with in-saddle nutrition of late. Whatever other goals you may have for weight maintenance, loss or gain, “eating while biking” after you get past a certain time or distance is all about avoiding that sudden onset of fatigue or exhaustion known as “bonking.” Not that kind of bonking. I’ve done it … Continue reading The quest for good goo: Clif savoury gels – Margherita pizza in a tube →