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cmkl: First solo walk to school

This actually happened Monday, but things were too squirrelly to note it then. However I cannot let this even go unmarked. Lately she’s been walking to school with her next door neighbour and friend C. Which has been great – school is not far, there’s a crossing guard and C. is older by a couple … Continue reading First solo walk to school →

cmkl: Canada’s public sector keeps private sector pain at bay: Michael Babad in the Globe

Okay, that’s my take on his headline. Unlike him, I am morally and contractually bound not to repeat the enemy’s framing. At least in a headline. But apart from that Babad’s commentary in the Globe today is just about right. It’s a critique of a CFIB study complaining about how much harder life is for … Continue reading Canada’s public sector keeps private sector pain at bay: Michael Babad in the Globe →

cmkl: Heading home

After a short stay in London I’m heading home today. Currently enjoying Heathrow’s new terminal 2. Here’s a photo for you from yesterday’s walk about.

cmkl: Back on two feet

I made my way back to the bike hire place today, wending my way down from Hackney through Shoreditch, Liverpool Street and Bishopsgate to London Bridge. I don’t know quite how bike commuters handle it. I found riding very tense, the streets utterly choked with cars, buses and taxis. One close call with a moped … Continue reading Back on two feet →

cmkl: Humbling ride through the wilds of Essex

At a certain point I just fell off the back. I’d been keeping up with the three Cycling Club Hackney riders in the group that chose the longer route, albeit wheel sucking the whole way. But about 10k from the planned rest stop the other riders just kinda floored it. I tried to match them … Continue reading Humbling ride through the wilds of Essex →

cmkl: Biking on the wrong side of the road

? ?I am in London for my sister’s 50th birthday party. It occurred to me that since they don’t really have what you and I understand by ‘winter’ here, that I should set up to go for a ride while I’m here. Like outside. Moving forward. But two things struck me: I have no idea … Continue reading Biking on the wrong side of the road →

cmkl: The Toronto Star is dropping their paywall

Ah ha. Told you so. In a medium where ubiquity is authority and authority is viewership, paywalls were never going to work. A pre-internet business model applied, unmodified to completely different media. See Note to Readers: Star to end paid digital subscriptions on April 1 | Toronto Star. I have a longer post in draft … Continue reading The Toronto Star is dropping their paywall →

cmkl: Scrubbed

Damn. Damn damn damn damn. I put on running shoes for the first time since Jan 8 this evening, to test these new traction aids, test clothing and see how well my achilles was progressing in preparation for the race tomorrow. The answer? Clothing great. Traction aids probably fine. Achilles tendon? Total disaster. In less … Continue reading Scrubbed →

cmkl: Going to Lap the Gats again: please sponsor me

We don’t have real climbs, where I live. Well, not really anyway. But we have this. Please consider sponsoring me to ride this fundraiser race/ride to raise money for the University of Ottawa’s Parkinson’s Research Consortium. Any amount helps. It’s true adequate medical research money should be one of the things we all pay for … Continue reading Going to Lap the Gats again: please sponsor me →

cmkl: The first 500km

Or 516.3 km to be exact. More to come too. Haven’t actually moved an inch. It’s a little weird riding on a trainer. I tried it about ten years ago and couldn’t stand it. It’s maybe there’s better television now, but I think what really does it for me is having better intel on what’s … Continue reading The first 500km →

cmkl: CSIS to be given ‘power to disrupt,’ not arrest, in new anti-terror bill, CBC reports

I really hope this is one of those trial balloon thingies where the government puts out feelers, leaks ‘drafts’, spreads rumours about something far worse than they actually intend. Because if they actually do plan to let CSIS ‘disrupt’ people without due process, as CBC reports, we will truly have turned a corner into the … Continue reading CSIS to be given ‘power to disrupt,’ not arrest, in new anti-terror bill, CBC reports →

cmkl: Families earning 30K-$60K to see least benefit from Tory income splitting plan

Well now I’m just shocked. The Globe has an item about some finance department documents Canadian Press unearthed via an Access to Information Act request Families earning $30K-$60K to benefit least from Tories’ family plan. Yes, the kleptocracy is here. And it’s now.

cmkl: Conservatives’ red tape commision saves next to nothing

Red Tape Cuts Rated Modest Blacklock’s reports. I do so wish they’d come up with a revenue model that lets them get their journalism out there more. Because they’re actually doing as much real Hill journalism (if not more) than the entire Parliamentary press gallery. But I’ll go straight to the punch line. $21 million … Continue reading Conservatives’ red tape commision saves next to nothing →

cmkl: Achilles tendon

Apparently it is responding well to massage and ultrasound. But I did fail the “lift on one foot without pain test. Once again I can’t say enough good things about Carleton’s sports therapy clinic and Natalie Bélanger who fit me in today at the last minute. Gonna get me some exercises. Gonna get me some … Continue reading Achilles tendon →

cmkl: Alice Funke has everything you need to know about the next federal election

Right here: How a little-noticed clause in the Fair Elections Act up-ends all conventional election timing speculation on her blog Pundit’s Guide. Shorter Funke: will the Tories use a change to the Elections Act rules about campaign spending limits to crush their opponents? They certainly could.

cmkl: Stop talking to me about ‘launch’

This still happens. Some big content production – often a video, but also a text report or research piece – is ready to go and the powers-that-be want to make a big splash with it to ensure it gets the attention it so richly deserves. So they start planning a ‘launch’. And then they say … Continue reading Stop talking to me about ‘launch’ →

cmkl: Nine

Almost a decade. I take a lot of photos of Mallory. And each in each one I see a child who is so grown up. It’s always been like that. One year old Mallory looked “so grown up” – no more infant eyes. All alert and vocalizing. Newly walking. Four year old Mallory looked ‘so … Continue reading Nine →

cmkl: Rite of passage

I got a pound of Bridgehead coffee for Christmas. From Mallory. She slid her debit card into the reader, punched in her PIN and did it, I’m told. I knew she was up for it because the day before, she and I had gone out to the Lindt store to get Irene a bag of … Continue reading Rite of passage →

cmkl: A leaf

cmkl: Half marathon

I’m very pleased with myself, yes. I did the distance three or so weeks ago, but using the 10 minutes running, one minute walking training method the Running Room uses for their long slow distance runs. Today I did it straight out. And I beat my 1:40 target time. And it felt really good. My […]

cmkl: Well that was stupid: Strava Boom challenge almost wrecks me

Lately I’ve been pretty proud of how I’ve been running. Managing longer distances at faster pace, and feeling great complete with normal heart rate the next day. Yay me. So when Strava came out with their “Bring back the boom” challenge I signed up. Run 70km in seven days is the idea. Normally I only […]

cmkl: Evaluating fitness websites: numbers prove it happened… but whose?

I’ve been doing a fair bit of running lately. I’m taking a clinic at the Running Room, but apart from that, I run alone. Some people get motivation by running with friends, other runners. Numbers motivate me. Compared to the Timex digital watch I used to use to time myself when I was in high school, modern electronics are tricorders. But they really want an external application, to crunch numbers, analyze data and draw pretty graphs.

cmkl: Easy for you to say, Mister Poloz

So the head of the Bank of Canada thinks young people should lLeave folks' basement and work for free. I know it’s a bit of an ad hominem criticism, but when do you reckon was the last time Stephen Poloz worked for free? I’m going to guess it never happened. Probably because for whatever reason […]

cmkl: WestJet flight attendants have a union? Soon I hope they’ll have a real one

So this item about a tentative agreement at WestJet caught my eye in my Twitter feed and I was excited. Smiley-faced happy workplace WestJet has a union now for its flight attendants. Finally. A positive first step for sure for anyone looking to make a career in the air. But then I read on to […]

cmkl: I’m thinking I should own these

The time is fast approaching, if today is any indication. But it seems hard to locate them. Phat Moose, says they do. But oh the price.