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Alberta Politics: Those crazy federal Tories! Just how dumb do they think we are? (Hint: plenty)

PHOTOS: Rona Ambrose dressed up in hospital scrubs and a stethoscope. Hint: She’s not a real doctor. It’s not clear from this photo, which was published on a CTV site, if the other people are real health care workers or Tory MPs. Below: Your blogge… . . . → Read More: Alberta Politics: Those crazy federal Tories! Just how dumb do they think we are? (Hint: plenty)

Alberta Politics: Same old same old at the CPC: The Conservative boss hasn’t gone crazy, and he may even be the same guy …

PHOTOS: The Conservative Party of Canada is still singin’ the same old tune – Stephen Harper’s. (CBC photo.) Below: Senator Mike Duffy, former Conservative cabinet member Jason Kenney, Manitoba Tory MP Candice Bergen, Ontario Court Judge Charles … . . . → Read More: Alberta Politics: Same old same old at the CPC: The Conservative boss hasn’t gone crazy, and he may even be the same guy …

The Disaffected Lib: For Harper, It’s Showtime – the Sequel. Fremdschamen, Indeed.

Okay, it’s not Mike Duffy. We won’t hear much of him again until the election is over.

Today’s fare is more like a light lunch, maybe just a handful of trail mix. It’s Bruce Carson time!

The two-time jailbird, fraudster and, naturally, top Harper aide goes back to his old stomping grounds today, the prisoner’s box in an Ottawa criminal court, to stand trial for influence peddling in connection with a scheme to flog water filtration gear to First Nations reserves.

Carson raises memories of Harper’s standard modus operandi when he’s been caught out with dirty hands. It goes like (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Michael Harris: Have the Mounties Become Harper’s Private Police?

A few days ago I wrote a post where I wondered why the RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson has so far failed to explain the reason his investigators decided not to charge Nigel Wright for his role in the Duffy scandal.Even though he promised to do that more than a year ago.Now Michael Harris goes a step further and wonders whether the Mounties have become Harper's private police force. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Duffy Cover-Up: Why the RCMP Must Explain Itself

Now that we know that Stephen Harper's lawyer believed that Nigel Wright had Harper sign off on a five-point plan to payoff Mike Duffy. That good to go really meant good to go. And now that we know this:Donald Bayne, Duffy’s defence lawyer, read from the transcript of a police interview Perrin did a year ago: “He [Wright] was explicit the prime minister approved of the responses to Ms. Payne [Duffy’s lawyer], so as I said at the time, the prime minister had approved all of the five points articulated by Mr. Wright.” “That was an accurate (Read more…)

LeDaro: Stephen Harper on campaign trail

CuriosityCat: Duffy Scandal: PM Harper does not get it that there is a second trial going on

Harper defence to Trial #2

Here’s what Harper is saying in response to questions about the senior advisors and senators involved in a cover up of the real facts in the Duffy senate expenses scandal:

The Conservative leader refused to respond to direct questions whether Novak had his support and would remain involved in the ongoing election campaign. “Once again, I am not going to cherry pick facts that are in dispute before a court,” Harper said, to the applause of Tory supporters at the campaign event. He repeated his assertion that Duffy and Wright alone are the ones responsible (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: More Fun With ‘Deceivin’ Stephen’

H/t Theo Moudakis

And this from Star letter-writers: Re: Duffy scandal dogs Harper, Aug. 17


There are many types, just as there are many kinds of lies – white, boastful, malicious, and the Big Lie. This last kind can perhaps be used successfully only by one class of liar – the Big Man or CEO type.

The method is familiar, probably taught at MBA schools. Appear calm and subdued. Begin by saying “Look,” or “Let’s be clear,” or “I’ve said this before.” Slump your shoulders as a visible sigh of exasperation. Use a somewhat rote, very slightly sing-song (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Conapocalypse: The Duffy Trial’s Explosive New Revelations

It's the smoking gun. Or should I say the smoking flamethrower? The Con conspiracy has finally been exposed.It now seems that Ray Novak, Harper's beloved Chief of Staff, knew all about Nigel Wright's payment to Mike Duffy. Read more »

ParliamANT Hill: Mike Duffy’Ant trial: Nigel Wright’Ant communicated with Ray Novak’Ant 2 weeks ago

Satire inspired by this headline: 

CuriosityCat: Duffy trial: How many in the Harper PMO were walking around in a cloud?

Donald ‘Darth Vader’ Bayne

Barrister Donald Bayne, the Darth Vader defender of democracy (and of the sad figure of Senator Duffy), scoffedat the answer given him by Harper’s former Chief of Staff about the reactions by Canadians to Wright’s payment to Duffy of $90,000:

Nigel Wright testified Tuesday that he knew there was a chance his $90,000 personal cheque to cover Mike Duffy’s Senate expenses might not remain a secret, but said he didn’t expect the public impact to be as great as it became.

“My view was when I decided to write the cheque myself that it could well (Read more…)

LeDaro: Stephen Harper’s Duffygate

Montreal Simon: Nigel Wright and the Trial of Stephen Harper

His friend on Bay Street and in the MSM describe Nigel Wright as a "straight shooter." A man who wouldn't lie about anything.But the evidence presented at the Duffy trial so far has shown him to be a grubby schemer, who would do anything to protect the image of the Con regime, and his depraved master.And the story he is spinning couldn't be more absurd. Read more »

Politics and its Discontents: Too Good Not To Share

H/t Michael de Adder Recommend this Post

Susan on the Soapbox: Nigel Wright Trips Over Duffygate

“When I refer to the government as an elected dictatorship it’s not personal in any way to the Prime Minister nor to his party, it’s a reference to what’s happened, a creeping growth, an unhealthy growth of power in the Prime Minister’s Office—Elizabeth May, Leaders Debate

Less than one week after Elizabeth May made that damning statement Nigel Wright, Harper’s former Chief-of-Staff, proved her right.


Conservative senator Mike Duffy is facing 31 criminal charges, including three for fraud, breach of trust and bribery in connection with his acceptance of a $90,000 cheque from Nigel Wright, Harper’s former chief-of-staff, (Read more…)

Mind Bending Politics: Harper’s House of Cards is Falling Down

If you haven’t tuned into the Duffy trial over the past week, than you are living under a rock, or you’re missing one of the best political dramas in Canadian history. The cross examination of Nigel Wright in Senator Mike Duffy’s trial over inappropriate expenses, is becoming quite interesting to many Canadians. Canada seems to […] . . . → Read More: Mind Bending Politics: Harper’s House of Cards is Falling Down

Accidental Deliberations: Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Scott Clark and Peter De Vries discuss the need for a Canadian economic plan which involves investment in the long term rather than politically-oriented payoffs only within a single election cycle. And Joseph Stiglitz points out the obvious need for a global system of investment and financial regulation which better puts existing resources to work: (D)eveloping countries and emerging markets have demonstrated their ability to absorb huge amounts of money productively. Indeed, the tasks that these countries are undertaking – investing in infrastructure (roads, electricity, ports, and much else), building cities that (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: Fun With Stephen

As a Facebook wag described the above, Harper’s caucus room post-election.

I have always respected Smokey’s advice. At this critical juncture, Canadians would be foolish to ignore him. Recommend this Post

CuriosityCat: The Duffy Senate trial: The Missing Prime Minister “Shut Down” Email

Barrister Bayne, Duffy and Nigel Wright chronicleherald

Yesterday Donald Bayne, the bulldog barrister acting for senator Duffy in Duffy’s criminal trial, focused on an email that Nigel Wright, the prime minister’s former chief of staff, had not disclosed as part of the 400 plus pages of email data dump.

Found here, in Macleans delightfully detailed analyses of every day of the trial, the email deals with PM Harper’s statement that he would have “shut down” an inquiry long before it reached the stage it did:

Consider the events in Courtroom 33, where Sen. Mike Duffy is on trial on (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: The Evolving Harper ‘Narrative’ On The Duffy Scandal

Of course, I am using the word narrative quite euphemistically here.

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CuriosityCat: The Duffy Senate Scandal: Nigel Wright tells the truth and sinks Harper

Things have veered sharply off course for the most controlling politician Canada has had for many decades. What was to be a tightly controlled and swiftly administered exercise in damage control, has turned into a nightmarish exposure party that is guaranteed to sink Stephen Harper’s government in the coming elections.

The Feint & The Hand Grenade: What went wrong? Two things: a highly skilled barrister who uses The Feint and The Hand Grenade tactics in a masterful way during his cross examination of state witnesses, and a former chief of staff who wrote many emails, with copies to a Who’s (Read more…)

Left Over: Harper’s Hapless Harbingers…There’s Your Trouble…

Stephen Harper says ‘subordinates’ not responsible for Nigel Wright and Mike Duffy’s actions Conservative leader faces questions arising from senator’s fraud trial, for 3rd day in a row

By Susana Mas, CBC News Posted: Aug 14, 2015 1:01 PM ET Last Updated: Aug 14, 2015 5:26 PM ET



“…You hold people responsible for their own actions; you certainly don’t hold subordinates responsible for the actions of their superiors.” Stephen Harper

Okay, Harper, if we continue with that sort of rationale then Nigel Wright, your subordinate at that time, should not be held responsible for the actions you must (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: The Day Duffy’s Lawyer Went After Stephen Harper

Ever since the trial of Mike Duffy began, his lawyer Donald Bayne has been circling over Stephen Harper, like a hawk over a rabbit.But today all that changed.When Bayne swooped out of the sky, and went in for the kill.Read more »

Accidental Deliberations: On points of agreement

Let’s see if we can turn Stephen Harper’s otherwise laughable spin on his PMO’s widespread cover-up into a couple of points we can all agree on.

First, the ultimate responsibility for lies and cover-ups lies with superiors rather than subordinates – in Harper’s own words:

Second, exactly one person fits bears that responsibility when it comes to the unethical actions of the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff and central advisors.

And there are plenty of Conservatives ready to shout down anybody who tries to suggest otherwise.

LeDaro: Stephen Harper: "Damn those old memories"

Stephen Harper is too busy to remember what happened in the past. He rather have Mike Duffy and Nigel Wright disappear somewhere for away from Canada.