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Now that the election is over…

Less than a week after her party’s re-election, Premier Kathy Dunderdale informed voters that the House of Assembly would not be re-opening until the Spring, in part because she deems it dysfunctional, and as she told the CBC’s David Cochrane:”We need … . . . → Read More: Now that the election is over…

Election results – NL

Elections Newfoundland & Labrador has done a great job with their site this year by the look of things.Results go live in about half an hour’s time. Check it out, here. . . . → Read More: Election results – NL


With an unusually high number of overlapping provincial and territorial elections overlapping this year, the Fall of 2011 makes for a busy electoral season. With few fireworks in Ottawa as we settle into the normalcy of majority rule in Ottawa, the nat… . . . → Read More: 2015

Affectionate dispatches from the recently retired

Dear Newfoundlanders and Labradorians:I know that there is an election going on over the course of the past week and the next couple of weeks. (I know this because it was I who set the dates.)I know that you are tempted to focus on other people. People… . . . → Read More: Affectionate dispatches from the recently retired

14 months later

Kathy Dunderdale, last year:”New buyer has eyes on mill” – CBCKathy Dunderdale, yesterday:”It’d be something of a miracle in the present climate” – CBCWe’ve never been stronger. . . . → Read More: 14 months later

Special Ballots

Regular readers have probably seen a few rants on this topic before, but here’s a wee bit more in today’s Western Star on the bizarre provisions in the Elections Act which allow special ballots in Newfoundland & Labrador to be cast before the elect… . . . → Read More: Special Ballots

Morning Show addendum

Our political panel on the CBC Morning Show was a bit of fun. Thanks to former Premier Tom Rideout and Dr. Holly Pike for putting up with me and, of course, our host and moderator Bernice Hillier. (I’ll link to the podcast version when available)About … . . . → Read More: Morning Show addendum

Platform pieces

I haven’t even read this yet, so I’ll save substantive commentary until after my yard work is done. But there is a bit of chatter about it on twitter (check #nlpoli). Here’s a copy of the document at the heart of the Liberal platform announcement from earlier this morning:

Caring for Our Seniors

. . . → Read More: Platform pieces

Updated with hyperlinks

A previous version of this post is the most Googled thing I’ve ever written, so I’ll keep re-posting it with updates as the busy electoral season approaches. It’s a calendar of upcoming dates and deadlines for political junkies/candidates/hacks across … . . . → Read More: Updated with hyperlinks

The good district man

One of my longstanding pet peeves as an on-again off-again political hack and observer of Newfoundland politics is the proliferation of the term “a good district man” in reference to our elected officials, particularly MHAs. (Leaving aside the fact tha… . . . → Read More: The good district man

Speaking of disrespect

A resident of Pasadena notes in the weekend edition of the Western Star that it is “disrespectful for provincial government project signs, with the late Diane Whalen’s name on it, to be left up months after the work has been completed.”Indeed it is… . . . → Read More: Speaking of disrespect