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Bouquets of Gray: Strategic voting in Fredericton: vote Liberal

We have seen that strategic voting could play a decisive role in several swing ridings in Winnipeg and Saskatchewan.  Tactical voting may be useful several ridings in New Brunswick, including Fredericton. Strategic voting Fredericton The results of the 2011 election in Fredericton were: Con (47%) / Lib (24%)* / NDP (24%) / Green (4%) two local polls of voting intentions in Fredericton have suggested that the Conservatives are vulnerable:  Aug. 16 (Environics): Con (29%) / Lib (34%) / NDP (26%) / Green (12%)  Sept. 19 (Environics): Con (32%) / Lib (37%) / NDP (20%) / Green (10%) The best place to cast a strategic vote in Fredericton is with the Liberals Other posts: Strategic voting in Saskatchewan Strategic voting in Winnipeg

The Tory Pirate - Politics & Policy: People’s Alliance Announces Carleton By-election Candidate

A provincial by-election has been called for the riding of Carleton. The People’s Alliance of New Brunswick has justannounced their candidate. The following is a copy of the press release:

The People’s Alliance of New Brunswick announces Deputy Leader RandallLeavitt as candidate for the upcoming Carleton By-election.

Leavitt’s background is in business management and sales, with severalyears experience spent within the NB school system working with specialneeds students and those with learning challenges.

With the current state of the province, Randall sees this as an excellentopportunity for the people of Carleton to elect an (Read more…) . . . → Read More: The Tory Pirate – Politics & Policy: People’s Alliance Announces Carleton By-election Candidate

The Tory Pirate - Politics & Policy: Education Reform In New Brunswick: What Japan Can Teach Us (Part 1)

As a graduate of New Brunswick’s education system I sometimes reflect onthe quality of the schooling I received. I also have a longstanding  interest inJapanese culture. It is natural then that I would eventually get to looking at howJapan does education. What I found was a school system that better instills thevalues of leadership, sense of community, and respect than anything I’ve seen inNew Brunswick. I figured I may as well detail some of the highlights of theirsystem and make the argument that New Brunswick would do well to adopt atleast some of these policies. (Read more…) . . . → Read More: The Tory Pirate – Politics & Policy: Education Reform In New Brunswick: What Japan Can Teach Us (Part 1)

Facing Autism in New Brunswick: Sebastien’s Sad and Scary Adult Autism Reality in Moncton, New Brunswick

When autistic persons in New Brunswick turn 21 particularly severely autistic adults services many services will no longer be available. For severely autistic adults adulthood can be bleak, sad and scary. This is Sebastien’s story, a severely autistic 21 year old from Moncton, New Brunswick … as told by his obviously heartbroken and scared mother Lise.

Facing Autism in New Brunswick: New Brunswick’s Band Aid Adult Autism Disorder Care and Treatment

New Brunswick has an approach to adult autism disorder care and treatment that can most charitably be described as a Band Aid approach.   There are many reasons for this Band Aid solution apart from the consistent waving of the “we are living in hard times” dismissal that usually accompanies the replies written for Ministers of Social Development  by their communications employees. The reality, regardless of the reasons, is that adult autism care in New Brunswick typically involves one emergency solution after another.  These emergencies have existed since before I became in autism advocacy after my 19 year old son’s (Read more…)

The Progressive Economics Forum: Deficit Déjà Voodoo again in New Brunswick

The Fredericton Daily Gleaner published an op-ed I wrote about how the province doesn’t have a structural deficit, despite the government claiming it does. The commentary piece is behind a pay wall so I’ve copied it below.

Last month, CUPE New Brunswick also published a paper I wrote on this issue, Deficit Déjà Voodoo: is New Brunswick really headed off the fiscal cliff? It and a presentation I gave, another blog post and other background material are also available through this post.


Want to know a secret? There is no structural deficit

By Toby Sanger

The New (Read more…)

Facing Autism in New Brunswick: THANK YOU Conservative MLA Jake Stewart and NDP Leader Dominic Cardy For Speaking Up In Support Of Adult Autism Care and Treatment in New Brunswick

New Brunswick governments have been outstanding in establishing an internationally recognized early evidence based autism intervention service and have made some gains in autism training for Education Aides and Resource Teachers.   There has been no progress though  in establishing an autism centre for adult treatment and permanent residential care for severely impacted autistic adults with a network of autism group homes around the province.

It is very easy to become discouraged in advocating for adult autism care in New Brunswick.  The establishment of early evidence based autism intervention services was not easy but successes have been achieved.  While there (Read more…)

Facing Autism in New Brunswick: Dear Elected Representatives: New Brunswick Needs Adult Autism Residential Care and Treatment

Dear Hon. Premier Gallant, Deputy Premier Horsman,Speaker Collins,  Ministers, Party Leaders and Government Advisers: Re New Brunswick’s Lack of Adult Autism Care: I am sure that you are all grappling with important issues in these weeks following a provincial election. Many issues have generated intense discussion and serious attention from all of our public leaders.  The issue of adult autism care however was not one of those issues. Neither the current governing Liberal Party nor the previously governing Conservative party mentioned autism in their platforms.  The Green Party did propose regional autism group homes which would certainly help those (Read more…) . . . → Read More: Facing Autism in New Brunswick: Dear Elected Representatives: New Brunswick Needs Adult Autism Residential Care and Treatment

Alberta Diary: Brian Gallant has a thin resume? Stephen Harper hasn’t held a real job since he quit the mailroom in ’79 or whenever!

New Brunswick Premier-designate Brian Gallant, grabbed from his campaign website. Below: Cranky old National Post opinion thingy Kelly McParland, age undetermined; Justin Trudeau, 42, getting off an airplane with some old guy, 62; Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair, 59.

As the present now will later be past

The order is rapidly fadin’

And the first one now will later be last

For the times they are a-changin’ …

— Bob Dylan (age 73)

If anyone has the right to be bitter about bright young Liberal leaders with good looks, great hair and supposedly thin resumes like those of New Brunswick (Read more…)

The Liberal Scarf: New Brunswick Conservative’s pull out of leaders debate – don’t want to talk about the David Alward record?

I’m in New Brunswick for a couple weeks, so might as well take a shot at the Tories while I’m here. With the writ formally dropping tomorrow, and signs going up across the province (I’ve seen probably about a dozen already driving around Saint John) Conservative leader David Alward is running away from the CBC leaders debate. The Conservatives claim they don’t want to participate in the debate because they are inviting the leaders of the Green Party and the People’s Alliance, but Alward was happy to participate alongside them in 2010. Maybe he just doesn’t want to talk about (Read more…)

Alberta Diary: Albertans have a right to ask questions about the integrity and preservation of their government’s records

Alberta Tories contemplate their departure from the Legislature. Actual Progressive Conservative Government officials may not leave office in exactly the manner illustrated. Below: But if they do, is this the fate of their secrets? Below that: the late premier Ralph Klein and privatization advocate and cabinet minister Steve West.

There’s a whiff of panic in the air nowadays in some of the most politicized corners of the Alberta government.

Of course, every government that has been in power for more than a few years, regardless of its ideology or party name, has secrets it would rather not reveal.

But with (Read more…)

Trashy's World: Stuff I didn’t know before…

Like… New Brunswick is a province that is stuck in the Dark Ages when it comes to access to abortions. An abortion must be be deemed “medically neccesary” before it can be performed. And… that Beelzebub is alive and active in Fredericton. As for the first new piece of knowledge… I learned this upon hearing […]

Facing Autism in New Brunswick: Ignoring Training Requirements and Realities Will Undermine NB Autism Intervention Services

A Fredericton mother was heard on CBC info am a short while ago, once again expressing her opinion that overall the new NB  Autism intervention policy is good. She basically stated that 20 hours of treatment should mean 20 hours of treatment. Everybody agrees with that statement. Unfortunately the problem with the new policy isn’t the 20 hour accountability policy. The underlying problem is the lack of anything in the policy to provide for properly trained personnel to provide the 20 hours in agencies around the PNB. Without proper training the treatment quality will diminish substantially and may (Read more…) . . . → Read More: Facing Autism in New Brunswick: Ignoring Training Requirements and Realities Will Undermine NB Autism Intervention Services

Facing Autism in New Brunswick: Support and Care for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder in New Brunswick – The Report of the University of Calgary School of Public Policy

“Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a lifelong neurological condition estimated to affect as many as one in 88 children. It is now the most common neurological disorder affecting children and one of the most common developmental disabilities. Many individuals living with ASD will need some level of support over their entire lives. In cases where adolescents and adults with severe autism are placed into long-term care or other supported housing arrangements the annual cost of housing, which includes caregiver time, can be $400 per day, amounting to approximately $150,000 a year.  Few Canadian families generate sufficient income to cover such (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Lockout at UNB

University of New Brunswick has locked out professors.

NEW THIS MORNING: #UNB fulltime faculty on the picket line, classes on #Fredericton, #SaintJohn campuses suspended.— Nick Moore (@NickMooreCTV) January 13, 2014

LeDaro: Train Carrying Oil Derails, Catches Fire in New Brunswick, Canada

Too many train derailments carrying crude oil. This time in New Brunswick. Luckily it happened in a non-populated area and nearby community Plaster Rock was evacuated. There seems to be no end to these derailments. I could not find the video which shows as if an atomic bomb was exploded.

How much damage this kind of crude oil transportation will cause before Harper government will take any action?

Facing Autism in New Brunswick: They Just Don’t Give A Damn: 2007 Adult Autism Care and Treatment In New Brunswick Was Abysmal – 2014 Nothing Has Changed, Still Abysmal

Following this comment is a re-posting of a comment I posted on this site 7 years ago in 2007 about the abysmal state of autism youth and adult residential care and treatment in New Brunswick, Canada. 7 years later and nothing has changed. Well, one thing has changed, a very important part of my life has changed.

My son with severe autism and intellectual disability is now 7 years older…. and his Mom and Dad are also 7 years older.

Time marches on. Our autistic children are becoming autistic adults. Our political and government leaders have sat on the sidelines (Read more…)

LeDaro: Frucking Fracking for shale gas is becoming a serious problem

Premier David Alward of New Brunswick does not get it. It is not only natives who are opposed to fracking in New Brunswick, but the general public as well. Also demonstrations to support New Brunswickers are being held around the country. But Alward is stuck on frucking fracking. I believe natives and other anti-frackers are right and more New Brunswickers and Canadians should get behind them. Fracking is being done on native lands and their permission is absolutely important.

Fracking is especially deadly to drinking water.

The exploratory drilling in New Brunswick also faces opposition from the local non-aboriginal community. Allan (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Is #Elsipogtog The Spark That Will Light The Fracking Fire?

Kevin Logan-Cowichan Conversations Contributor

Yesterday Canadian Ministers were attending the World Energy Congress delivering keynote speeches. BC’s Minister of Natural gas non-disclosure was in attendance amidst negotiating one of the world’s largest deals in history destined to frack the entirety of the North East of BC in ways we have never seen before.

Canadian Natural resource Minister Joe Oliver told the World Energy Congress that Canada expects 650 US Billion dollars worth of investment in the energy industry.

We are at the centre of the international fracking boom and most Canadians don’t know it. It is literally like being in (Read more…)

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Police Violence Against #IdleNoMore

Watch how the media portrays the standoff between First Nations protesters, and the RCMP in New Brunswick. They talk about the “violent protest”. Was the protest violent until the RCMP showed up with snipers, dogs, and a phalanx of officers? Who is the real instigator of violence? Could the outbreak of it be traced back to a fracking gas company that wants to risk the water supply of the people living there?

The media can spin their little yarn to tell us it’s all about unsophisticated and violent Natives, but you don’t have to buy into their fairy tale. We (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Our Government’s Directing The RCMP To Clear Path For Fracking

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

The battle lines have been drawn in New Brunswick as the Mi’Kmaq First Nations stand to defend their unseeded territory from fracking and threatening their way of life.

The RCMP, as they have done throughout our history, have come in to push the natives back and their conduct appears to be highly questionable at best.

Canada we are facing unbelievable threats, challenges and difficulties as our governments stand only to assist fracking and pipeline operations at the bequest of the Corporate Oil & Gas corporations.

The events taking place as we read and hear about them could (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Will NAFTA Rescue the Corporations Facing Anti Fracking Opponents?

This was originally posted on the Common Sense Canadian in Energy and Resources

Obey law, minister tells New Brunswick fracking protesters Fracking protest in New Brunswick (photo: Colin McPhail)

by Emma Lui

Communities everywhere are calling for a stop to fracking – from Elsipogtog First Nation’s highway blockade in New Brunswick to Californians, New Yorker’s and other Americans urging for a fracking ban on public lands to farmers occupying fields in Poland, to recent fracking protests in the U.K.

Quebec fracking moratorium

It was this sort of public pressure that prompted the Quebec government to place a moratorium on (Read more…)

LeDaro: Fracking in New Brunswick: The scientist who recommended fracking in NB is a fake scientist

Louis LaPierre of Dieppe, N.B., is invested as Member to the Order of Canada by Governor General David Johnston, November 2012. Louis LaPierre has admitted he falsely claimed to have a doctorate in environmental science. (CP/Fred Chartrand)

Fracking in New Brunswick is quite controversial. However, the scientist Louis LaPierre, who gave “go to” for fracking in NB, turned out to be a fake scientist. He is known now the “go to” scientist.

“Surprising revelations over the credentials of academic Louis LaPierre For decades, a prominent New Brunswick academic, was the “go to” scientist hired by governments to review some (Read more…)

Facing Autism in New Brunswick: New Brunswick is a Canadian (and North American) Leader In Early Autism Intervention and School Autism Services

New Brunswick is a Canadian, and North American,  leader in early autism intervention and school autism services.  I do not doubt that that statement is enough to prompt a retort from many jurisdictions.  New Brunswick is not one of the wealthiest jurisdictions in Canada, let alone North America, but the fact is that New Brunswick has had publicly provided early ABA autism intervention to the extent of 20 hours per week for ages 2-5 for several years.  700-800 education aides and resource teachers also  received the same UNB-CEL Autism Intervention training.   These services have been provided by both Liberal (Read more…) . . . → Read More: Facing Autism in New Brunswick: New Brunswick is a Canadian (and North American) Leader In Early Autism Intervention and School Autism Services

LeDaro: Premier David Alward’s ad. promoting Alberta oil pipeline

That should make Alberta happy. New Brunswickers? I don’t know. I saw the ad last night and I was taken aback. I knew he supported the pipeline but to give a lengthy commercial on t.v, at the cost of $90,000.00, he has taken it on another level. He is sold out to big oil companies. Has he heard about the environmental consequences? I suppose he does not care as long as he can hobnob with big oil companies and receive admiration from the Premier, Alison Redford, of Alberta.

“The province has purchased $75,000 of airtime to run (Read more…)