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A. Picazo: A Circus On The Levant

“Being a Jew isn’t like being Black or being gay or being a woman, or even Israeli where many Jews come from. Being a Jew is a choice, like being a Blood or Crip. Jews are the medieval prototype of the Occupy Wall Street movement; a shiftless group of hobo’s that doesn’t believe in property … Continue reading →

Susan on the Soapbox: A “Two Minute Tory” Spends an Evening with Ted Morton

Ted Morton, the former Finance Minister and unsuccessful PC leadership candidate, was holding court at the Manning Foundation. He was going to give a speech on how a bunch of lefty carpet baggers (aka the “Two Minute Tories”) hijacked the PC leadership selection process to the enduring detriment of the Blue Tories.

The party faithful clustered around him to exchange pleasantries. Ms Soapbox worked her way to the front of the line and introduced herself as a Two Minute Tory who’d made the unfortunate mistake of voting for Ms Redford in the last PC leadership race.

Ted Morton

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Let Freedom Rain II: ‘I mean, whatever’

I like Nenshi but what I like most about him is his candor. His delicious put-down of the flatulent Joan Crockatt is followed by a more polite – but equally forceful – dismissal. “I mean, whatever. Not like backbench MPs have any ability to do anything. She’s very nice, she’s shown up at a lot of events [and is] certainly more present after the election than during the election, which is interesting. Most candidates are not like that… Have we seen any real difference in how the federal government treats the city of Calgary now that we’ve returned another Conservative (Read more…)

The Equivocator: Vote Harvey Locke: The Progressive Choice for Calgary-Centre

Today (November 26th) is by-election day in the great riding of Calgary-Centre! The Liberal campaign has been as exciting as it has been improbably and for the first time since 1968, Calgary-Centre might such send a Liberal to Ottawa. Though … Continue reading . . . → Read More: The Equivocator: Vote Harvey Locke: The Progressive Choice for Calgary-Centre 10,000 Doors in One Day — Calgary-Centre: It’s Close.

It’s close. Yesterday the Harvey Locke team in Calgary-Centre ID untold numbers of voters and knocked on 10,000 doors. The race is close in Calgary-Centre and, for the first time in almost 40 years, a Liberal might be sent to Ottawa from Calgary…. . . . → Read More: 10,000 Doors in One Day — Calgary-Centre: It’s Close. Liberals still in hairs breadth from Tories in Calgary-Centre — MoE has them in statistical heat

New Globe and Mail Poll Liberal Harvey Locke is within the margin of error of Tory Joan Crockatt. It’s close. Just as close as last week’s poll. Harvey Locke, who has been consistently talking about having progressive values — of bein… . . . → Read More: Liberals still in hairs breadth from Tories in Calgary-Centre — MoE has them in statistical heat

Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff: Mosaic 2012 #WHYQR

I had an excellent evening out in Regina with my wife, family, and friends. I met some Ward 1 residents too along the way, including Joe and his wife. Joe’s writing a book about Regina, and it may be available by the end of this year. He also had very interesting comments about municipal politics here, including an idea (not acted on 30 years ago) to do away with the Ward numbers, and focus on geographical names with more meaning instead. Hillsdale, Douglas Park, and Whitmore Park would have meaning to more local people than “Ward 1″. I would have

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CalgaryLiberal: My Three Things for Calgary

Nenshi and the City of Calgary, over the last year, have pushed a very central theme on how we can make Calgary a better place. It’s simple. If we do just three things to better Calgary, and if a lot of us do it, we’ll make Calgary a better place. You can read more about [...]

A. Picazo: Secondary Suites And The Right To Affordable Housing

In December 2007, at the height of Calgary’s housing crunch, a report emerged from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation that confirmed what many had long suspected: the cost of renting a two bedroom apartment in Calgary eclipsed that of all major Canadian cities, marking the first time since the CMHC started tracking the data … Continue reading →