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A BCer in Toronto: Lessons for the Liberals from the NDP leadership and showcase weekend

With the NDP leadership race and showcase weekend in the books, there are some lessons the Liberal Party should draw from the experience as we prepare for our own leadership vote, scheduled for some time next spring. I think the first lesson is that you need a strong field of candidates to generate any kind of public and media interest and being new life into the party; coronations aren’t exciting at all. But that’s an obvious one. I think lessons can be drawn in two main areas: the system of voting, and the leadership weekend. The Leadership Weekend Love them . . . → Read More: A BCer in Toronto: Lessons for the Liberals from the NDP leadership and showcase weekend

A BCer in Toronto: Post-#ndpldr, with Mulcair change will be more personality than politics

Leadership contests tend to create the appearance of stark differences where none really exist – it’s in the interests of both candidates looking to differentiate themselves and media looking for a meaningful race to cover. In reality, these differences are usually exaggerated, and governing tends to be a moderating influence anyways.

That’s certainly the case with the recently completed NDP race which crowned Thomas Mulcair the successor to Jack Layton. If there was one real contrast in the field, it was over Nathan Cullen’s proposal for joint nominations in select ridings with the Liberals. More broadly though, Mulcair, Paul Dewar . . . → Read More: A BCer in Toronto: Post-#ndpldr, with Mulcair change will be more personality than politics

A BCer in Toronto: #ndpldr pics, video and a few thoughts

It was a very long Saturday at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre — about 12 hours for me, longer for others — for the NDP to arrive at what, for many, was an inevitable result: the election of Thomas Mulcair as their new leader. With Mulcair set to take his seat as leader of the official opposition Monday, only one party in the House of Commons still lacks a permanent leader.

The weekend itself was an odd one, featuring some of the elements of a traditional delegated leadership convention: the candidate showcases, the war rooms, the swag, the flash

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Polygonic: A vote for reality – a congratulations to the NDP

Quel jour! Quel nuit! And, for most New Democrats, thank god it didn’t take two jours and two nuits to finally sort the question out.

Indeed, poor me – UK clocks leaped ahead one hour into summer time yesterday, leaving me drowsy-eyed in front of the CBC live feed at 2 a.m., still waiting for final results, and already slipping into semi dreamstate. For a moment, I thought I saw Puff the Magic Dragon giving his acceptance speech.

Puff, it wasn’t, and that is for the best. The NDP have done exactly what I hoped they would –

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Scott's DiaTribes: Some more thoughts on Mulclair and the Convention in general

After a day and a night of digesting what I saw at the NDP Convention, some thoughts on what I saw and heard:

- I’ve heard some say that Mulclair will charged as being an “opportunist” because he’s been associated with or had flirtations with other parties. As Susan Delacourt points out, he isn’t the only current party leader that’s done that – Harper in particular has done a fair bit of moving around. As well, I don’t know that anyone had a crystal ball back when he won that said working as an MP in Quebec (or trying to

Scott's DiaTribes: Congratulations to Thomas Mulclair

I’ll have more to say later this weekend.. but I have only 1 plea/request to Mulclair’s handlers/advisers:

When the next election’s leader debates happen, please please please don’t let him try to debate by having reading notes with him (even as a Liberal, it would be painful to watch).

Otherwise, congratulations to the newest Leader of The Official Opposition.

Thank you and good night.

PS – I’m told he did much better with CBC in a one on one format.

Thanks to the NDP for their hospitality.

On behalf of Progressive Bloggers, I’d like to thank the NDP for allowing us bloggers some great access to your convention. I’d like to specifically thank Sally Housser, the interim Deputy National Director, for the invitations and for the assistance on what to do once we got there (also thanks go to Rupinder Kaur – Press Secretary)

Some glitches, but overall, a good experience – I think the other bloggers will say the same.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: OK, I’m Out

Attending NDP conventions isn’t supposed to be my full time job.  Rumour has it they’re handing out sleeping bags and we’re all supposed to sleep on the floor.  Not happening.  Mulclair will eventually win and give his speech to a convention center full of sleepy, disgruntled socialists sometime Sunday morning.  He’ll be up against Return of The Swamp Monster on the sci-fi Network, so he should kill in that time slot.  I’m not sticking around for it.

Rumour is he’ll be “conciliatory”, and then tomorrow the purges begin.

Update: Yeah, its Mulclair.  They just announced

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Third Ballot; Bottom Line

Fuck me, I think we’re off to a 4th ballot unless Topp backs down.

BigCityLib Strikes Back: Its Descended Into CHAOS!

The computers have crashed and the vote was going to be delayed!  Then the announcement announcing the delay was delayed!  Now they have successfully announced the delayed announcement!  The delay is officially in effect, until 5:40 when things are supposed to get back on track.  I’m getting flashbacks to the Democratic Convention of Chicago, ’68.

The NDP official position is that its all a DOS attack.  On the other hand, I suspect Kinsella peed on a server.  But if he threatens to sue I will retract that statement. 

And its as though the whole city has decided to join

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Scott's DiaTribes: Live At The NDP Convention

Jim Calder and I are hanging out here at the BLoggers War Room, observing the festivities and the voting here. It’s been an interesting experience – I can see both the advantages of online voting and one member one vote(and preferential balloting going along with it) – and the disadvantages. The advantages being that more members are voting democratically for their party – the disadvantages being that a lot of votes already being in… there’s not as much Convention drama (ie with declarations of candidates or MP’s going to support another candidate – with only 4600 “voters” here, that effect

BigCityLib Strikes Back: 2nd Round; Bottom Line

– Total vote count went down.  The rumoured B.C. surge (are waking B.C. voters casting on-line ballots).  LPoC should take note; on-line attendance will disappoint you.–Peggy Nash drops out.  Where does she go?  Apparently she has released her people.–Cullen didn’t pick up much steam at all.  He will not be the guy.–Topp has a long way to go.  Mulcair will probably grind this one out.

Here at the Convention

Just arrived at the NDP Convention, after getting lost. NDP Delegates are very friendly however, and pointed me the way. Just getting settled in, and I think it should make for a fun day, particularly after what I consider a slightly surprising First Ballot result.

ONE COMPLAINT: Who decided to stick the BLoggers Warroom beside one of the big speakers? I’m going to go deaf by the end of the day.

More later through the day.

Accidental Deliberations: Musical interlude

In keeping with the convention theme…KTA – Longer than a Lifetime

(And if anybody has audio of the song from Jack Layton’s tribute, feel free to pass along the link.)

A BCer in Toronto: Cullen won #ndpldr showcase showdown, but it’s likely meaningless

With the candidate showcase showdown in the books and just over an hour until the Jack Layton tribute, I have time to switch from tweeting quick sarcastic comments to blog with a bit more deliberative thought. Like the Senate, but even more sober (there’s an open bar in the media room, but I’m behaving).

I’ve already declared my soft spot for Nathan Cullen, but I think I’m not alone in thinking he had the best speech of the afternoon. Unlike most of the others, he eschewed the elaborate floor demonstration. No grand walk-in, no video testimonials, no three rounds of

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Impolitical: NDP Convention – Day 1

Don’t know how coherent or value added this will be after a day of tweeting, thought I’d try to get a few things down here.

First of all, impressions on the afternoon’s “showcases” of the candidates, as the NDP termed them. There were a lot of supplemental activities (floor demos, introductory speakers, videos) surrounding most of the presentations and I think those choices may have been overdone, at least from the perspective of someone sitting here in the hall. It’s hard for me to say since I’m a critical observer, maybe the enthusiasm shown on the floor resonates with some

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Far and Wide: Mulcair’s Magic Number?

One number everyone will be watching, Mulcair’s first ballot percentage. Some talk about a Mulcair first ballot win here at the NDP convention, but I think that would be a stunner. The conventional wisdom is multiple votes, and within that a conversation about what Mulcair needs on the critical initial ballot.

I’m thinking 35% is a key number for Mulcair, anything above that and he takes on an air of inevitability. Rather than a real alternative emerging, a unifying sense develops and serious challenge looks remote. Factor in a muddled field behind Mulcair, and it’s hard to see the wheels

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today so far

the first day has been good. this has to be the first time a convention in Canada has been run with new media. the different campaigns have put together good programs. the leadership candidates all managed very thoughtful and inspiring messages. Part of a convention like this is to create a sense of momentum for your candidate. Cullen, Mulcair, Dewar and Nash did this and to some extent so did

Accidental Deliberations: Leadership 2012 – First Ballot Endorsement

The NDP’s leadership campaign has presented such a wide variety of opportunities and questions for party members that it’s been difficult to decide who to endorse – and I’ve reached my own first-ballot decision only after taking time to see how those have been balanced out in this afternoon’s leadership showcase. But for what it’s worth, here’s my endorsement for the many members who have chosen to wait to decide for themselves.

To start with, I’ll be shifting my first choice from my preliminary endorsement – not because Brian Topp’s positive message is any less important than it’s always been,

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A BCer in Toronto: A Liberal perspective on #ndpldr in Toronto

I hear a wildcat strike by unionized Air Canada workers at Pearson Airport has been delaying some NDP delegates from making it to the leadership convention, but luckily the TTC is still running and I’ve arrived at the Metro Toronto Convention  Centre, gotten my media/blogger badge, and settled into the blogger command centre on the convention floor to begin my Liberally-tainted coverage of the battle to succeed Jack Layton.

While walking through the Skywalk on my way to the MTCC, an older gentleman came up to me and told me I had a walk like some guy who used to

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Politics, Re-Spun: NDP Leadership Convention Liveblog

Welcome to the Politics, Re-Spun NDP Leadership Convention Liveblog.

Two of our embedded Politics, Re-Spun crew in the convention, Anna and Laura are in Twitter as well as on the liveblog. They’ll be uploading content from the convention as well, so watch for that.

So join us here to share your predictions, analysis, shock and awe, thrills and reactions, happy or sad.

Supplementary content [to be updated all weekend]:

Stephen is voting live online all weekend for Nathan Cullen. Here’s why. People who read this page, also read: NDP Leadership Discussion, March 19, 2012 Why I’m Voting for Nathan

CuriosityCat: The Root of the Conflict between NDP’s Ed Broadbent and Thomas Mulcair

Canadians can be excused for feeling a bit out of touch with the squabble that has engulfed the NDP. Ed Broadbent, the old warhorse with a long record of service to the NDP, has come out swinging at the upstart Thomas Mulcair, who has overshadowed Broadbent’s preferred candidate for new leader of the left wing party, Brian Topp. Thomas Mulcair’s High Noon Problem

To some, it might seem like a tempest in a teapost.

But it is not. It is a fight for the very soul of the NDP. To understand what is happening, you have to understand that the . . . → Read More: CuriosityCat: The Root of the Conflict between NDP’s Ed Broadbent and Thomas Mulcair

Thomas Mulcair Explains Youth Strategy

In this brief video from Huffington Post Canada Thomas Mulcair gives some insight into his strategy for not just increasing the parties presence among progressive voters but also details briefly how to get the youth demographic more engaged. Filed under: #ndpldr, Canada, Progressives Tagged: Thomas Mulcair

For #NDPLDR, It’s Thomas Mulcair or Bust

I made a Storify story out of my most recent decision to support Thomas Mulcair for NDP leader but seem to be having some trouble embedding it to my wordpress (thanks to my lack of knowledge on many things HTML). So, here is the link. Enjoy. Filed under: Canada, Progressives Tagged: #ndpldr, NDP, Thomas Mulcair

Mulcair or Dewar: My Brain or My Heart

The Federal New Democratic Party leadership race has entered it’s final weeks and I’m completely torn. Let me start off by saying that Thomas Mulcair has been floating back and forth between my first, and second, choice for a while now. It’s true, I’ve come out full force in support of Paul Dewar for leader [...]