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In-Sights: Gas sales in new fiscal year begin on a sour note

Premier Clark and friends are organizing demonstrations, trying to keep the LNG fantasy alive with voters, at least for another year.BC Liberals won’t admit economic reality but producers have already passed judgment on the future of the BC gas industr… . . . → Read More: In-Sights: Gas sales in new fiscal year begin on a sour note

In-Sights: Know and ‘No’ to LNG

An articulate letter published by by the Terrace Standard, a Black Press property. Excerpts follow but I urge you to read the entire letter HERE:I was saddened to witness the “yes to LNG” rally held March 16, not only because I know that the Petron… . . . → Read More: In-Sights: Know and ‘No’ to LNG

In-Sights: BC’s intended major LNG partner

Petronas LNG Decision a ‘Watershed Moment’ for Trudeau Liberals, Say Critics, Mychaylo Prystupa, The Tyee, March 10, 2016…On Wednesday, a letter signed by 130 Canadian and international scientists urged the Trudeau government to reject a recent Canad… . . . → Read More: In-Sights: BC’s intended major LNG partner

In-Sights: Late for the party

$40 Billion LNG Project In Australia Cancelled Amid Low Prices, Charles Kennedy,, Mar 24, 2016The crash in LNG prices has claimed a major victim. Woodside Petroleum and its partners, which include Royal Dutch Shell, BP, and PetroChina have… . . . → Read More: In-Sights: Late for the party

In-Sights: Industry as policy maker or welfare bum

Many people believe that BC Hydro’s current job #1 is enabling the delivery of water and cheap power to northeast gas fields. If true, that serves as proof that government policy is being dictated by one favoured industry – an industry that presently e… . . . → Read More: In-Sights: Industry as policy maker or welfare bum

In-Sights: Favoured friends

After the Campbell Liberals were  elected in 2001, influences of special business interests grew rapidly. Under Christina Clark’s leadership, non-renewable resource companies wield great political power and they use it to minimize regulations and … . . . → Read More: In-Sights: Favoured friends

In-Sights: Andrew Nikiforuk on LNG

There is an important article by Andrew Nikiforuk at The Tyee. He recaps work from various sources, in ways that are so indisputable that even the BC Liberal “Social Media Interns” and trolls have taken cover, at least in the first 75 comments. Perhaps… . . . → Read More: In-Sights: Andrew Nikiforuk on LNG

The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Chevron starts production at GORGON (Australia) #nlpoli

SAN RAMON, Calif.–(Chevron via BUSINESS WIRE)–Mar. 7, 2016– Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) today announced it has started producing liquefied natural gas (LNG) and condensate at the Gorgon Project on Barrow Island off the northwest coast of Western… . . . → Read More: The Sir Robert Bond Papers: Chevron starts production at GORGON (Australia) #nlpoli

In-Sights: An "accidental activist" on LNG

Dr. Eoin Finn, who has a residence on Bowyer Island in Howe Sound, is a retired partner of KPMG and holds Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry) and MBA (International Business) degrees. BC's proven natural gas reserves are tiny fraction of what Prov Govt clai… . . . → Read More: In-Sights: An "accidental activist" on LNG

In-Sights: Truth found in numbers, lies found in words

I am reading budget documents and will soon be writing more about the provincial government’s financial smoke and mirrors but I have initial comments.Natural GasBC Liberals, particularly Premier Clark, are proving to be a fine investment for British Co… . . . → Read More: In-Sights: Truth found in numbers, lies found in words

In-Sights: Vanishing revenues

With land developers, the largest funders of the BC Liberal Party are natural resource companies. They’ve contributed millions of dollars to encourage government sympathetic to their needs. No administration in the province’s history has been as sympat… . . . → Read More: In-Sights: Vanishing revenues

In-Sights: How "clean" is BC’s natural gas industry?

Methane: The other important greenhouse gas, Environmental Defense Fund:By emitting just a little bit of methane, mankind is greatly accelerating the rate of climatic change. – Steve Hamburg EDF Chief ScientistWhat is methane? Methane is the primary co… . . . → Read More: In-Sights: How "clean" is BC’s natural gas industry?

In-Sights: Gas production ↑ 85%, public revenue ↓ 90%

To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity. – Douglas AdamsDays ago, Premier Clark averred that meeting needs of children in government care is dependent on new fundi… . . . → Read More: In-Sights: Gas production ↑ 85%, public revenue ↓ 90%

In-Sights: What gas industry?

What BC gets from natural gas industry in 2015 does not even pay half the cost of Gas Development Ministry. #bcpoli— Norm Farrell (@Norm_Farrell) December 11, 2015Note: Numbers from monthly summaries of Crown Petroleum … . . . → Read More: In-Sights: What gas industry?

In-Sights: LNG: a decade of oversupply

Toil ahead for oil, but expect double trouble for LNG, Angela Macdonald-Smith, Energy Reporter, Sydney Morning Herald, December 7, 2014The crude oil market is seen as being in dire straits, but liquefied natural gas is much worse, according to experts…. . . . → Read More: In-Sights: LNG: a decade of oversupply

In-Sights: When industry buys a government…

Who knew that Christy Clark would make Gordon Campbell look like an effective, if somewhat dishonest, Premier. #bcpoli— Norm Farrell (@Norm_Farrell) December 4, 2015Did gas industry get a good deal when they bought a government? You betcha! #bcpo… . . . → Read More: In-Sights: When industry buys a government…

In-Sights: Thinking of you Christy

Bloomberg Business says, “Spare a thought for anyone who bet on a recovery in liquefied natural gas prices after last year’s 45 percent plunge.”Bloomberg also says:LNG to northeast Asia, home to the world’s biggest consumers, plunged 27 percent thi… . . . → Read More: In-Sights: Thinking of you Christy

In-Sights: Ahem, indeed

A while back, I complained on Twitter that corporate media types were failing to report on the near complete disappearance of revenues from this year’s monthly sales of petroleum and natural gas rights. Northern reporter Jonny Wakefield had a quick one… . . . → Read More: In-Sights: Ahem, indeed

In-Sights: Patronage, corruption and cronyism

July’s sale of BC Petroleum and Natural Gas Rights realized little more than a million dollars, bringing the seven month total in 2015 to $8 million. In the year before Christy Clark became Premier, the total for the same months was almost $664 million. During January to July of 2008, rights sales brought in $1.6 billion, almost 200 times the amount in the current year.

When Christy Clark became leader of the BC Liberal Party, a key member of her transition team was Gwyn Morgan, a person with boardroom ties to two of the Liberals’ favourite corporations: Encana (Read more…)

In-Sights: Wild fantasies and planned deceit

It is now clear that LNG claims made by Liberals before the 2013 BC election were wild fantasies and carefully planned deceit. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives — an organization targeted for a tax audit by the Harper Government — recently published A Clear Look at LNG. The main conclusions: Liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports from the west coast of Canada have been heralded as economic salvation for the province of British Columbia. This report undertakes a reality check that reveals several major problems with this narrative, both in the stewardship of finite non-renewable resources by provincial and federal (Read more…)

In-Sights: One other Commission of Inquiry is needed

I have no doubt the BC Liberal involvement with Big Pharma is at the root of high-level government decisions to knee-cap research into the safety and efficacy of more than $25 billion worth of pharmaceuticals sold each year in Canada.

Drug research conducted by the Health Ministry and agencies like Therapeutics Initiative threatened the financial interests of an important group of Christy Clark sponsors. Her government squeezied T.I. financially but the independent effort had too much public support for Liberals to kill it. As a result, the politicians chose a different approach to discredit drug research. That resulted in (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: New York State Bans Fracking

After years of delays and debate, New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo finally decided that the risks of fracking outweigh the rewards, bans the practice.

The post New York State Bans Fracking appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

The Canadian Progressive: Corporate welfare: Petronas seeks billions in Canadian federal tax handouts

by: Obert Madondo Follow @Obiemad | Published Wed, Aug 13, 2014

2012 PowerShift protest in Ottawa. (Photo: OBERT MADONDO/The Canadian Progressive)

In 2012, I complained that Prime Minister Stephen Harper was turning Canada into a fully-fledged petro-state whose vast tar sands operations were owned by energy companies controlled by foreign governments. That was after the Conservatives approved the $15.1 billion takeover of Calgary-based Nexen Inc. by CNOOC, a company owned by the Chinese government.

Now imagine the same foreign-owned energy behemoth receiving billions of Canadian taxpayers’ cash in the form of federal tax relief. That’s about to be (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: The BC Liberal Government Is Foolishly Moving To Allow Fracking On Farmland-Videos

Long time Cowichan activist Bill Woollam has offered this guest post critical of fracking and David Black’s refinery proposal.

Bill has his own blog that covers wide-ranging issues. It can be found here.

Bill Woollam Guest Post

I recently wrote to David Black, newspaper owner/manager, in response to his support for the oil/gas pipelines and refinement industry. After watching the ‘Gasland part 2? documentary, even he had to admit the toxicification of our aquifers by fracking for natural gas is, quote, “Alarming”.

In one out of every five completed hydraulic fracking shafts, the concrete which encases (Read more…)

Bill Longstaff: The Great Game—did Putin outplay the West in Crimea?

In the 19th century, the British and Russian empires’ strategic rivalry for supremacy in Central Asia was referred to as the Great Game. The game has never really ended as Russia has continued to vie with Western powers for influence and control in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. And in recent days, the Russians may have just outplayed the West in Ukraine.

Influence in Ukraine has see-sawed