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Cowichan Conversations: Defiant Northern Chief Galvanizes BC First Nations Against Premier’s LNG Plans

A new leadership figure has emerged in the politics of LNG, Enbridge, pipelines and native rights. Fort Nelson Chief Sharleen Gail has blown Christy Clark and her MLA’s into major damage control mode.

It could however be too late. Chief Gail’s stand might well have spelled the turning point in this long drawn out battle over efforts to ship bitumen from the Alberta Tar Sands to processing and shipping facilities in BC.

The “Fort Nelson incident” has united First Nations against speedy approvals of a $78 billion industry – potentially “destabilizing” the Premier’s entire strategy.

Read this important feature report (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: McDonalds Treating Foreign Workers Like Slaves

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

McDonalds, and several other Canadian firms are being investigated following reports of exploitation and abuse from victimized foreign workers.

I have often wondered about the staff at many different fast food outlets who might have been brought in on the foreign worker program, but did not know if they were being scammed by unscrupulous employers.

I wanted to ask but it is more than a little awkward. Hello, are you being exploted by your employer is not an easy line of chatter for anyone, when placing an order.

We have known somewhat of the shadowy existence of (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Six pieces of ID and still not allowed to vote-Elizabeth May

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

The controversy swirling around the democratic right to vote has been increasing in its velocity. Canadians are recognizing that this plan targets voters who are unlikely to vote for the Conservatives.

This abomination is right out of US Republican Karl Rove’s playbook and has no place in a democracy.

Ironically the illegal activities of Harper Conservatives resulted in toughening up election procedures but in truth this act handcuffs Election Canada Officials and allows the lawbreakers free rein.

Here is Green Party leader Elizabeth May’s take on it as was published in the Victoria Times Colonist.

Green Party (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Jessica Ernst Exposes Drilling and Fracking Crimes in Alberta

Cowichan Conversations: Rick Mercer Rants About The ‘Fair Election Act’

Cowichan Conversations: The so-called “Fair Elections Act” is so bad for democracy in so many ways it’s hard to wrap your head around it all.

All Canadians concerned with democratic elections and all political parties must cooperate in the next election. Canada’s future trumps short term political ambitions. Thomas Mulcair, Justin Trudeau and Elizabeth May must structure a cooperative model to defeat Steve Harper in the public interest. It can be done. There is too much at risk!

This was posted to Facebook by Cupe New Brunswick and is reproduced below.

The so-called “Fair Elections Act” is so bad for democracy in so many ways it’s hard to wrap your head around it all. Most people have already heard about how it will prevent some (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: It Is Time To Risk Democracy

Kevin Logan-Cowichan Conversations Contributor

“Politics is the pursuit of power; a politician who says he won’t consider seizing it in the circumstances available is either lying (to you or himself) or derelict of duty.”

The reality of the vote split that Harper’s Minority supported Majority relies on is the only thing these so-called leaders are not discussing. It’s all spin and petty partisan politics. The piece below goes so far to say “It’s not even on the radar.”

By only focusing on potentially establishing a coalition after the next election they are giving the Conservatives a (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: First CBC’s Rex Murphy, Now Peter Mansbridge Making Big Bucks From Oil And Gas Corporations


The CBC Should Fire Peter Mansbridge And Rex Murphy



CBC’s Peter Manbridge and Rex Murphy-The Money Is Good!

Check out this Huffington Post Canada report by Michael BolenCBC anchor Peter Mansbridge was paid by a top oil and gas industry group to give a speech on energy, raising new questions about the broadcaster’s conflict of interest policies in the wake of revelations about contributor Rex Murphy’s ties to the energy sector.

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) paid Mansbridge to speak at its Investment Symposium in December 2012 and a photo of him giving the (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Tar Sands Explained in 3 Minutes

Cowichan Conversations: Nebraska Court Decision Bad News For Keystone Pipeline

Keystone XL access shut down by Lancaster County Judge Oil pipeline faces prospect of more delays because of staunch opposition.Now, unless the law is reinstated by a higher court, Calgary-based pipeline builder TransCanada Corp. might be forced to seek permission from every last landowner on the route.

Read the full CBC story here

Cowichan Conversations: Wealth Transfer is Theft!

Cowichan Conversations: Canada’s Most Disgusting Rex Murphy Fearless Defender of the Overdogs

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger-

We have all come across Rex Murphy on the CBC and although he can sometimes be entertaining he is a shameless bought and paid for buffoon and frontman for PM Steve and the Oil and Gas corporations.

His bullying style on Cross Canada Checkup towards those not singing off his songsheet has been well established and tolerated for far too long.

Now he makes a handsome living as a fearless defender of the over dogs.

He travels around the country pitching for the powerful and ridiculing the rest. I expect that he will soon be appointed to (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: An Open Letter to NDP-MP Murray Rankin

Dorothy Field

Dear Murray,

I watched your speech on the Unfair Elections Act. Well done. Thank you. And I didn’t know about Rose Henry’s court case. She’s really something.

I am going to make another appeal to you. As I see it and I think you see it, Harper is step by step dismantling Canada as a democratic nation. I live in fear and trembling of him getting in again.

As far as I can see, the only possible way to make sure that doesn’t happen is for the NDP and the Liberals to cooperate.

I’ve heard your reasons not (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Is A Flawed Tool

Rob Douglas

A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that Canada’s economy had grown by a modest 0.2 per cent during the last month on record, the fifth consecutive month of growth.

This was greeted as good news, as we define a healthy economy as a growing economy, and track our success with a tool called the gross domestic product – or GDP.

GDP measures the total value of all goods and services produced in a country within a specific period of time, such as a quarterly or annual basis.

For example, every time a grocery store sells (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Flaherty cites terrorism when asked why CRA is auditing environmental charities

Harper’s enforcer Jim Flaherty

The heavy hand of oppression being directed towards effective environmental organizations smacks of extremism once unthinkable in Canada.

When advocating for the protection of our rivers, lakes, oceans, fisheries, air, farmland, wildlife and aquifers earns the attention of the Canadian Revenue Agencies ‘A’ team then we know just how desperate the ‘Harper Gang’ have become.

Harper and his far right radicals have shamelessly ripped the guts out of much of the established regulatory protections that Canadians have counted on to protect us.

Now they are ratcheting up the attacks further by threatening the charitable status of environmental (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Exploding BC LNG Myths

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

The politics and manipulation at the hands of the oil and gas industry has seen them accelerate control of both our natural resources and our politicians of all stripes, federally and of course right here in BC.

The Common Sense Canadian ran this latest post from Kevin Logan.

In it he shines a light on the propaganda machines in play and the diminishing desire or ability of the politicians to represent the public interest.

By Kevin Logan

Recently the BC Government published an online quiz to “test the knowledge” of British Columbians on the coming LNG revolution. (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Why “Own the Podium” Sets Canada Up for Failure

Brett Wilson a former competitive swimmer and now a successful entrepreneur philanthropist has outed the stupid, insensitive and counterproductive media driven “Own the Podium’ mantra that soils what is or can be a wonderful international series of events.

I could not agree more Brett. These athletes struggle to reach the heights that qualify them for Olympic competition.

The losers are those who frame such contests of excellence through such distasteful lens.

Enjoy the games and the excellence of athletes from around the world. Generally the best at each particular event will win and celebrate that victory for its’ recognition of their (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: The Ethics of Fracking

Cowichan Conversations: Peak Harper-Steve Oversees Dropping Prices and a Glut of US Oil and Gas

Here is an excellent report from Desmogblog’s Kai Nagata

By Kai Nagata

It turns out we have yet to reach peak oil, after all. And in this topsy-turvy world where the U.S. now produces more oil than it needs to import, it may be Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s power that has peaked instead. Why? Because in his quest to build an “energy superpower,” Harper tied his political fate to the price of Canadian crude.

PM Steve Harper has peaked!

The entire story is available here.

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Cowichan Conversations: Vancouver Island vs Texas Frackers

Don Maroc Cowichan Conversations Contributor

The frackers are moving closer. We may have a front row seat to learning what the Peace River farmers and Alberta ranchers have been living through.

Last year Quicksilver Resources Canada purchased the former Elk Falls pulp mill site on the north side of Campbell River

No, they are not in the pulp and paper business. Their Canadian head office is in Calgary, but their real headquarters is Fort Worth, Texas. They are experts in unconventional natural gas and oil exploration. They are frackers.

They already have 128,000 acres of gas leases in the Horn (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Rick Mercer Reports

Cowichan Conversations: Christy Clark’s Flatulent Gas Projections Leave Bad Odour

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

Cruising through my daily blog watch I came across this interesting piece from the Common Sense Canadian.

Damien Gilles featured Mark Hume’s story from the Globe and Mail that casts doubt on the future surplus of LNG in BC.


Here is the full report from David Hughes an independent geo scientist without ties to government or industry via the Watershed Sentinel.

This underlines the importance of maintaining a strong responsible community of scientists and their knowledge. The sort of science that Steve Harper is trying to kill!



. . . → Read More: Cowichan Conversations: Christy Clark’s Flatulent Gas Projections Leave Bad Odour

Cowichan Conversations: Canada and the USA Should Get Back To Christian Principles

Cowichan Conversations: The Government of Canada Must Respect the First Nations Rights and Treaties

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

Hardly a day goes by without hearing of another environmental disaster. In most cases they are easily traceable back to the doorsteps of greedy ‘Oil and Gas Corporations’ combined with reduced or eliminated federal and provincial regulations.

Do we hear outrage and a call to action from our Prime Minister over the accelerating desecration of our land? No!

Are there any governmental actions over the extreme hardships caused our residents, fish and wildlife? No!

Are there any significant responses or expressions at all from our elected MP’s and MLA’s in response to the jack boot tactics towards (Read more…)

Cowichan Conversations: Neil Young-Diana Krall To Help Bankroll First Nation’s Tar Sands Battle

Richard Hughes-Political Blogger

Could this be a ‘Canadian Spring’- an awakening to the fact that ‘Thugs in Suits’ are hijacking our country, selling out our natural resources to the Chinese and sacrifing our environment at every level.

Harper’s War on Science has gone to far for Canadians to stomach.

His actions and those to come are foreign to Canadians sense of justice, fairness, responsibilty and duty to our country and our peoples.

PM Steve Harper has gone to far!

The insult attack on all things Canadian has crossed political, religious, social and economic lines.

Joins Neil Young In Cross Canada (Read more…)

. . . → Read More: Cowichan Conversations: Neil Young-Diana Krall To Help Bankroll First Nation’s Tar Sands Battle