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Politics and its Discontents: An Update To Yesterday’s Post

I don’t have a new post today, as I just changed ISPs and am preoccupied trying to solve a problem in configuring my wife’s computer for the encrypted router I set up. However, if you read yesterday’s post about Murray Lytle, the newest member of the NEB appointed by the Harper regime, you will know that he is affiliated with the Coulson Center for Christian Worldview, which offered quite a profile and high praise of Mr. Lytle.

I just received a comment from Anon, who offered this: Glad you captured the info from the Colsten Centre as they seem (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: Another Fox Guarding The Hen House

It is hardly news to suggest that the National Energy Board (NEB) is rife with bias favouring the energy sector. Half of its members are professionals from the gas and oil industries, and all but one was appointed by the Harper regime. But now it seems the government is not even trying to pretend that the Board exists for anything but the good of the energy industry.

Mychaylo Prystupa reports the following: On Tuesday, Conservative Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford appointed Calgary engineering PhD Murray Lytle. “Dr. Lytle brings many years of experience in the oil, gas and mining fields (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: NEB’s Energy East pipeline review must be suspended: Groups

Over 60 groups from across Canada recently asked the National Energy Board to suspend its biased review of TransCanada’s Energy East tar sands pipeline.

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The Canadian Progressive: It’s taboo to talk climate change at NEB’s Energy East hearings

By excluding climate change from the forthcoming review of the proposed Energy East project, the NEB is prioritizing Big oil’s anti-environment interests.

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Politics and its Discontents: Enbridge Spill

I’m sure the company will spin this 262,000 litre oil spill in Regina as a ‘good news’ story. You decide.

You can read additional information here. Recommend this Post

Paul S. Graham: Video: Coalition challenges NEB to consider the climate impacts of the proposed Energy East Pipeline

Map of Proposed Energy East Pipeline route. Source: National Energy Board

Energy East Pipelines, Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of TransCanada Oil Pipelines (Canada), has applied to build the Energy East Pipeline, a project that will use aging natural gas pipelines along most of its route to move explosive, toxic diluted bitumen from the Alberta oil sands to refining facilities on Canada’s east coast.

The plan is fraught with risks to human health and the natural environment, but the National Energy Board, the federal regulatory body charged with assessing the suitability of this project, seems determined to turn a (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: First Nations: NEB review of Kinder Morgan pipeline “fatally flawed”

In an open letter, 12 BC First Nations tell the Harper government the National Energy Board’s review of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Expansion Project is “fatally flawed and superficial.”

The post First Nations: NEB review of Kinder Morgan pipeline “fatally flawed” appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Bill Longstaff: Energy East—another reason why we need Quebec

Among the arguments that might be made to keep Quebec in Canada is simply that it’s our most progressive province. One can cite ample of evidence for this: it showed the strongest support for the Kyoto Accord and gay marriage, it has the most advanced child care program, it is probably the major reason we said no to the Iraq war … the list goes on.

Earlier this month, the province

The Disaffected Lib: A Government Corrupted

There’s no trace of hyperbole in denouncing Stephen Harper as the Great Corrupter.  He is corrupt and he corrupts whatever he touches whenever and however it suits him.

The proof is pretty much everywhere but a shining example is the National Energy Board.   Take it from Marc Elieson, an energy executive and former CEO of BC Hydro.

Marc Eliesen  …has quit his role as an intervenor in the federal review of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline and oil tanker expansion project, calling the National Energy Board “a truly captured regulator.” Eliesen has worked in the nation’s energy (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: Something To Be Thankful For This Weekend

The National Energy Board inspires little confidence in many of us, often appearing less an independent regulator of the energy industry and more an extension of the Harper regime’s tarsands’ agenda.

It is therefore both a surprise and a delight to read that they are actually showing a bit of backbone when it comes to Enbridge’s Plan 9 line reversal to bring tarsands crude to the East for refining: The National Energy Board has slammed the brakes on Enbridge Inc.’s plan to start shipping western oil to Montreal this fall through its reversed Line 9 pipeline, saying the company (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: Activists Refuse to Leave Enbridge’s Line 9 Construction Site

On Tuesday, peaceful “Dam Line 9″ activists occupying an Enbridge Line 9 pipeline construction site in southwestern Ontario defied a police deadline to leave.

The post Activists Refuse to Leave Enbridge’s Line 9 Construction Site appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

The Canadian Progressive: Dam Line 9: Protest Occupation of Line 9 Construction Site Begins

In Ontario, peaceful activists have stopped construction work on an Enbridge Line 9 pipeline site, arguing that Line 9 posed “a danger to people, animals, land, and water.”

The post Dam Line 9: Protest Occupation of Line 9 Construction Site Begins appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

The Canadian Progressive: Harper blasted for pushing Kinder Morgan’s $5.4B oil pipeline

In a strongly worded letter, Lower Nicola Indian Band Chief Aaron L. Sam blasts Stephen Harper for pushing Kinder Morgan’s $5.4-billion oil pipeline, ignoring climate change.

The post Harper blasted for pushing Kinder Morgan’s $5.4B oil pipeline appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

reeves report: Ottawa approves $5.5 billion Northern Gateway pipeline

THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has approved the $5.5-billion Northern Gateway pipeline project from Enbridge, to carry 525,000 barrels of crude oil each day from Bruderheim in northern Alberta to the port town of Kitimat along British Columbia’s rugged Pacific Coast.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper signalled his approval for the project late Thursday after the controversial pipeline received regulatory approval from the National Energy Board in December 2013.

Ottawa has hinged its blessing for the project on Enbridge consulting further with BC’s First Nations and their ability to meet the 209 requirements placed on it by the Joint Review Panel in December. The JRP called (Read more…)

reeves report: NEB finds compliance issues with TransCanada’s environmental protections

A series of five extensive audits of TransCanada Pipelines Management Program by the National Energy Board came back with only minor issues the regulator is asking the energy giant to iron out.

TransCanada pipeline.

“NEB audits proactively identify those aspects of a company’s management system that are working well along with those that need to be improved,” said Gaétan Caron, the Chair and CEO of the NEB in a written statement. “This process of continual improvement moves industry closer to achieving the Board’s target of zero incidents.”

Earlier this week, the energy board made public a series of (Read more…)

the reeves report: Reports question NEB’s approval process for Northern Gateway and Line 9 pipelines

Enbridge under fire as opponents of controversial pipeline projects worry the Canadian energy giant will be ill-prepared to handle potential ruptures throughout Southern Ontario and on B.C.’s rugged coast.

Opponents of Enbridge’s Line 9B pipeline in Southern Ontario are scrambling in the wake of its tentative approval earlier this month by the National Energy Board to highlight just how dangerous overhauling the 38-year-old, 639-kilometre pipeline could be for flora and fauna alike.

Approximately 100 protesters, First Nations members, students and concerned citizens gathered on the front lawn of Queen’s Park in Toronto the day after the NEB’s ruling (Read more…)

Politics and its Discontents: A Timely Reminder

In light of the National Energy Board’s rubber stamping of the Enbridge Line 9 reversal with very few safeguards, here is a timely reminder of the inherent dangers of pipelines:

(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = “//″; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, ‘script’, ‘facebook-jssdk’)); Post by West Coast Native News. Recommend this Post

The Common Sense Canadian: Canada’s LNG exports threaten energy security: Geologist

Graph depicts National Energy Board’s projection of BC Government’s gas production compared to other LNG export levels. (Photo: David Hughes, Global Sustainability Research Inc)

Read this Feb 18th article from SNL Financial about David Hughes’ assessment of the BC Government’s immediate focus on its LNG exports without a safety net will compromise the countries long-term energy security:

Aside from seeking to “liquidate” its energy resources as quickly as possible, Canada does not have a coherent energy policy, according to David Hughes, president of the consulting firm Global Sustainability Research Inc. and a fellow at the Post Carbon Institute.

Canada is (Read more…)

the reeves report: Indirect Impacts of Pipelines Should Be Included in Assessments

If oil and gas pipeline proponents can talk about indirect economic benefits stemming from new pipeline infrastructure, opponents should be able to consider the environmental impacts of those indirect actions when arguing against them, according to the Pembina Institute’s federal policy director.

Fair is fair, according to Clare Demerse, and if oil and natural gas companies tout the economic benefits of upstream oil sands production and downstream refining when making the case for new pipeline infrastructure, organizations like Pembina should be able to include the environmental and climatic impacts associated from such activities in the national discussion about our (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline would increase Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions

By: Pembina Institute | Press Release

OTTAWA — The proposed Energy East pipeline would enable a significant increase in Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions, says a new report from the Pembina Institute.

Climate Implications of the Proposed Energy East Pipeline is the first public estimate of the west-to-east pipeline’s upstream climate impact. It shows that producing the crude needed to fill Energy East could generate up to 32 million tonnes of additional greenhouse gas emissions each year — an even greater impact than the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

TransCanada is expected to file its regulatory application for Energy East with the (Read more…)

Environmental Law Alert Blog: Why the NEB downplayed the impact of a major bitumen spill

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So how did the National Energy Board’s Joint Review Panel (JRP) considering Enbridge’s proposed pipelines and tankers project conclude that a catastrophic spill of diluted bitumen (untreated oil sands oil, diluted so that it can be transported by pipe) on BC’s North Coast would only have a short-term impact on the environment? We suggest that the Enbridge JRP report is illustrative of two concerns that we’ve raised about changes to Canada’s environmental assessment laws:

Having environmental assessments done by the National Energy Board (NEB) undermines the potential for an unbiased and independent assessment; Putting in place (Read more…)

Alberta Diary: Caught in an apparent conflict like Chuck Strahl? No problem! Just double down!

Manning Centre-Security Intelligence Review Committee Chair and Enbridge lobbyist Chuck Strahl. Below: Former would-be Reform Party prime minister Preston Manning; Reform Party prime minister in waiting Jason Kenney. All these slightly out-of-focus profile shots were taken by your blogger during his infiltration of the 2013 Manning Centre conference in Ottawa.

When people at the top levels of Canada’s Reform-Conservative government are criticized for controversial behaviour, their instinct seems to be to double down and increase the size of their bet.

The latest example of this phenomenon is Chuck Strahl, the former Reform Party, Canadian Alliance and Conservative Member of (Read more…)

Susan on the Soapbox: Redford backtracks on public participation–but only at the federal level

Premier Redford was asked to comment on the actions of environmental activists protesting a National Energy Board (NEB) review of the proposal to reverse Enbridge’s Line 9 oil pipeline. The environmentalists say the NEB’s review process is too narrow and public participation is too limited.

Premier Redford said: “I think anyone who wants to have a voice should participate in the hearing process and we should ensure that that happens”.*

Wow! This is a complete about-face from the position the premier expressed earlier this week when she said that it’s the government’s prerogative to decide who participates (Read more…)

The Canadian Progressive: ForestEthics sues Harper government over limits on pipeline hearings

A Vancouver-based environmental group ForestEthics and activist Donna Sinclair are suing the Harper government over new rules that drastically limit Canadians’ participation in pipeline project hearings and decisions relating to the energy industry.

The post ForestEthics sues Harper government over limits on pipeline hearings appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

The Canadian Progressive: Enbridge to delay required pipeline safety fix for three more years

Enbridge “will delay required crude oil pipeline safety fix for three more years”, according to a document received by the Council of Canadians via an access to information request.

The post Enbridge to delay required pipeline safety fix for three more years appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.