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to whom it may concern: independence day

how it ought to be, if not how it is: how it feels is more important than how it looks is it real? There is nothing else for it to be I do not acknowledge your authority but neither do I challenge it the power imbalance between us makes that wise to whom it may concern, […] . . . → Read More: to whom it may concern: independence day

let your body go

You can think about what you wantto make a happy youbut don’t go thinking aboutwhat to say or think or doYou can make up your realitylike you’re making up a playlike your imagination is the only wayWhen you try to plan ahead each step and every wordyou’re controlling creativityand that is just absurdJust picture what you wantand […] . . . → Read More: let your body go

Aries Blue Moon revisited

Ah, the Aries Blue Moon gathering on Friday night… it was a lovely time, as it turned out. Sweet rather than worldshaking, connective rather than shattering. If we’re evolving, Aries is the place it will show first. And to me, it did. Cardinal fire equals initiation of the spirit. Initiation can be deeply profound, but […] . . . → Read More: Aries Blue Moon revisited

it’s a brand new baby website!

I think it’s pretty darn cute; it looks a bit like its mother (the old site, here) but way more functional and dynamic. It’s small still, but it’ll grow; my amazingly flexible website software (XSitePro) will allow me to update it easily and often, and as I learn how to use it, I’ll be able […] . . . → Read More: it’s a brand new baby website!

name change

I’ve come to a momentous decision, and it’s been growing in me a long time, since I read ‘The Secret Life of Bees’ a few years ago. Having changed my name once already, I know it’s a big deal, and I apologize in advance for the inconvenience (and it is inconvenient) to my friends and […] . . . → Read More: name change