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Warren Kinsella: Attention Team Propellerhead: Warren’s free commentary on iOS8

I thought about inserting this web posting into the hard drive of your Mac, iPad or iPhone while you slept – without your permission, gratis! – but thought that would be a really ignorant and possibly illegal thing to do. But, in my ongoing quest to impress my annual 2.2 million page viewers with my technical know-how, I decided to give you my review of iOS8, which Apple is billing as The Biggest Thing They’ve Done© since the last Biggest Thing They’ve Done©. You’re welcome.


• It takes up a ton of room in your device, which necessitated (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: “The lead communicator can’t communicate.”


Warren Kinsella: Meet my little friend

Spotted him up at the lake, as I was trimming back my modest patch of grass for the last time this year. Sigh.

Just me, the dog and a steak: that’s all that’s up here tonight. Oh, and the frog.

Wish y’all were here.

Warren Kinsella: Separation anxiety

Today’s Sun – the first one. Good to see.

Warren Kinsella: Old man, take a look at me now, I’m a lot like you were, etc.

“Old men”?

Look, lots of us agree on his position on reproductive freedom. We were taking that position long before Justin Trudeau was, in fact.

But calling your opponents names – to wit, “old men” – is dumb. Makes him look defensive and callow.

Oh, and it probably won’t help him much with the many, many folks who are older than him. Many of whom, last time I checked, vote often and early.

Warren Kinsella: Best wishes to Rod Love and his family

I hate this fucking disease.

Warren Kinsella: In Tuesday’s Sun: to Scotland, with affection and concern

Dear Scotland: To establish my bona fides, let me say that the most beautiful place on Earth is Oban, on your Western coast. I travelled there with a girl some years ago and promptly forgot about the girl, and thereupon became fully preoccupied with moving to Scotland, hanging out in a pub and writing poetry. I didn’t do any of that, but Oban still calls me. My bona fides thus established, let me say that I hope you did not vote to separate. Without you, Scotland, the United Kingdom will be neither: not united, and not a kingdom. (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: Battleground: “At the end of the day, Rob Ford is also a human being”

…and some discussion of Brian Gallant’s “re-do” mess.

Will John Tory continue to make jokes, now, about the Ford being “joined at the hip”? I wouldn’t be surprised.

Warren Kinsella: Dear Rob Ford

All of us here say: get well soon.



Warren Kinsella: Do political endorsements amount to a hill of beans?

Not really.

Warren Kinsella: When your opponent has cancer, do you attack him?

Now, I don’t know if Rob Ford has cancer. But, based on the stories that are emerging, based upon what political people are hearing, few will be surprised if the Mayor’s doctors reveal – later today – that his tumours are cancerous.

So, if you are in the middle of an election campaign, how do you handle that kind of news? Here’s how Doug Ford says Olivia Chow handled it:

“Doug Ford said one of the things buoying the family is all of the outpouring of support from the public.

“We appreciate it so much,” he said, adding (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: Gallant-gate: still wonder why Wynne won, and why Hudak lost?

Because Wynne never did stuff like this – and Hudak did.

Dunno if Brian Gallant is a goner, but he sure as Hell made his life more complicated – and with just four days to go.

Warren Kinsella: John Tory’s attacks on a hospitalized Rob Ford remind me of something

According to the Toronto Sun – and is well-known in political circles – Rob Ford is quite sick.

Despite that, John Tory continues to attack Rob Ford, who isn’t even his opponent anymore. Tory says the bedridden Rob Ford is a “circus act,” and so on.

I’m not backing anyone in the mayor’s race. But, whether you like Rob Ford or not, going after him while he’s so sick – as I’ve written before – is disgraceful.

And it reminds me of something else John Tory did, too, and for which he’s never apologized. Check this out, particularly around the (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: In Tuesday’s Sun: Scotland divided, plus bonus 007 reference

Scotland, heed the wise words of the guy who bites the heads off chickens.

You know, Alice Cooper. According to urban legend, the rock star once bit the head off of a chicken. Reportedly, Alice then went on to play golf with former Republican presidents. It’s true! (The golf part, not the chicken part.)

Quoth Alice: “To me, that’s treason. [Stars] should never be in bed with politics.”

And: “If you’re listening to a…star in order to get information on who to vote for, you’re a bigger moron than they are.”

Alice’s sage advice comes to mind, (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: The passion of the Fords

Spotted on Twitter. Anyone know who all these folks are? I can only name a few.

Warren Kinsella: My take in this morning’s Hill Times

Can’t remember my password, so here’s the unedited version, filed with ‘em last week:

“Political things tend to come in threes. This Parliament is likely to be no exception. Three things – three issues, three challenges – will define the coming session.

One, the war that isn’t a war. Stephen Harper’s insists that his decision to commit dozens of members of the Special Operations Regiment to the fight against the murderous, rampaging ISIS is nothing to worry about. It isn’t “war.” But he isn’t being truthful.

On its web site, the regiment describes itself as a “weapon” in the (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: Stiff Little Fingers: Nobody’s Hero

Saw ‘em last night with Lala, Chris, Andrew, others. They are bit older now, and they stand in front of the drum kit. But they’re still brilliant.

Warren Kinsella: Now THIS is writing

I don’t agree with Strobel on politics, pretty much ever, but this column had Kirbie and I laughing our keesters off on the way back from Stiff Little Fingers last night. Just great writing, here:

“Some folks are so sick of that temple to entitlement on Nathan Phillips Square, that social engineering academy, they’d vote for a wombat if it was named Ford.

They don’t see Rob or Doug as hillbilly bullies. They don’t hear banjos. No, they see a chubby avenging angel marching downtown to clean up that snakepit of excess, greed and civic sin.

By folks, I don’t (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: Harper quitting?

Some folks telling me they think it may be announced here. . But why there and not on the Hill or at 24?

Warren Kinsella: I notice everything. Just sayin’.

Warren Kinsella: From the bulging Shameless Hypocrite file: John Tory on Doug Ford

There is plenty of stuff like this lying around. And it’s why I broke with the guy: he enthusiastically supported – for years, without qualification – the very thing he now claims to loathe and oppose.

He’s not running because he opposes the Fords. He’s running because he’s the worst kind of opportunist, and he figured he could beat a crack-smoking “buffoon.”

Beat Rob Ford? Sure. But beat Doug, about whom he said stuff like this? We shall see.

Warren Kinsella: One Ford out, one Ford in

While other folks will focus on the politics part, let me say that this can only mean that Rob Ford is really sick. I know all of you join me in wishing him better health.

Warren Kinsella: In Friday’s Sun: the rough beast slouching towards Baghdad

What rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches towards Baghdad to be born?

Theatrical, perhaps; a mangling of Yeats, to be sure. But watching U.S. President Barack Obama on the eve of the anniversary of 9/11, did you experience a creeping sense of dread? Did Obama’s speech to the world – in which he executed a colossal about-face, pledging to wage war in Iraq, having been elected in 2008 to do the precise opposite – leave your blood cold?

ISIS, which doesn’t stand for Satan Made Flesh but should, sought war with the West. It now appears (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: Throwback Thursday Thing

Yes, it’s me. In The Trial Continues, the alt band Chris Benner and I had in Ottawa.

I plead that it was the Eighties.


Warren Kinsella: What will (or could) happen next in Toronto politics

Rob Ford – who, by the by, was the only mayoralty candidate to contact me during my recent run-in with the underside of a bus – is facing a huge health challenge. You know that.

What you don’t know, perhaps, is that I had two epiphanies last night. Epiphany One, I was disgusted and appalled by the frankly evil things being said about Rob Ford’s predicament on Twitter. I said so, and I wasn’t alone. I firmly believe, this morning, that some of the things being said by self-described “progressives” will propel many, many sympathetic/empathetic voters into supporting Rob Ford (Read more…)