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Warren Kinsella: We Grok Swann!

At least one #ableg leader knows how to do the Vulcan salute. Vote accordingly, Alberta!


Warren Kinsella: If you’re going to do the Vulcan salute, pal, do it right

This guy doesn’t just deserve to lose. He deserves to be dispatched by a Gorn.

As reader Darcy Dupas said: set phasers on stunned. 

Warren Kinsella: Crazy Daisy

What happens at Daisy Group on a Friday afternoon doesn’t always stay at Daisy Group.

Click to view video.

Warren Kinsella: Which leader best represents your interests?

Ekos’ Frank Graves, long derided (unfairly) as a pro-Liberal pollster, has an answer to the question above – and it should concern Justin Trudeau’s brain trust:

Says Frank:

“Harper retains an edge in terms of who Canadians see as best reflecting their values, but this advantage has diminished in recent weeks. This is an important number to watch, because ‘values’ are strongly connected to emotional engagement and party choice. Harper is seen by the largest number of Canadians as the leader best able to represent their interests; ‘progressive’ voters have been bouncing between the Liberals and the NDP on this (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: SFH, one year ago tonight 

Happy birthday, Bjorn. And, who’s the guy second from right, the one with glasses? Don’t recognize him. 


Warren Kinsella: Justin Trudeau wants Bill Blair to be a Liberal candidate? For real?

Seriously? #LPC would "draft" the guy who defended carding of non-whites? #cdnpoli #topoli

— Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) April 16, 2015

What a disgrace. And here’s why.

Warren Kinsella: Sigh

Big sigh.

As many of you guys know, I have actually written a book on the subject of progressives coming together. Notwithstanding that, I am enough of a realist to know that it is unlikely to ever happen – either before the election, or after it.

As such, I don’t know why Trudeau ever fell for answering a hypothetical question. All he needed to say was: “That’s a hypothetical question. I won’t answer it. I will, instead, say that I am working hard to earn the support of every Canadian, and lead a progressive Liberal government that all Canadians can (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: Save the chilren from Satan

All-time classic news report by Global’s Alan Carter. His delivery is so perfect, so deadpan, he should be up for a Pulitzer (cf. “Why are you shaming me?”).

Meanwhile, there’s good news and bad news here for progressive politicians. Bad news: it’s a very diverse group, these protestors, the type of group that typically always votes for progressive political parties. The good news: watch the bit at the 30-second mark, where there’s a guy repeating that “Satan” developed the sex-ed curriculum, and look for the sign behind him.

An important part of being concerned about what your children are (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: In this week’s Hill Times: what the Hell were you thinking?

So, in 1980 or thereabouts, I left my Alberta home and went to Carleton University in Ottawa. Along with several hundred others, I enrolled in a first-year political science class. 

We had a wonderful political science professor, visiting from Israel. He was knowledgeable, respectful and ethical—a great teacher.

“I have something very important to tell you,” he would say in his clipped Tel Aviv accent. “I will tell you on the last day, in the last class.”

And so he did. I’ve thought about him, and his memorable final words, more than once in recent days. Observing the (Read more…)

. . . → Read More: Warren Kinsella: In this week’s Hill Times: what the Hell were you thinking?

Warren Kinsella: “The police, like the dog, have no lead.”


Warren Kinsella: Ontario PCs oppose cap and trade!

…and warn that it will lead to the apocalypse, or worse.

No word, at this writing, what they intend to say to those communists up in Ottawa who also have supported cap and trade:

Warren Kinsella: Team Operation Alienation™ will tell themselves “It’s just Ipsos.”

Good luck with that.

Warren Kinsella: Team Operation Alienation™ will tell themselves “It’s just Ipsos.” Good luck with that.

Warren Kinsella: iPhone: cacked

To the amusement of Berry aficionados, I’m sure, my 5S is seemingly pooched. I was using Edmonton International Airport charging stations yesterday aft; this morning, upon waking, iPhone is dead. Flashing Apple, no turning on. Trying to restore via iTunes? Nope.

Anyone ever get this “2001″ error message before? More to the point, anyone know how to fix a perfectly good iPhone that Edmonton’s airport wrecked?

Yes, I’m writing this on my Berry.

Warren Kinsella: In a session with Alberta Liberals

…and we say:


Warren Kinsella: Some people will do anything for a buck

Mercenaries lecturing loyalists about loyalty. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

Warren Kinsella: Warren tries to start Internet war; Internet yawns

@kinsellawarren Hahaha you must miss being ganged up on at Sun Media

— Stephen V (@Tupelosteve) April 10, 2015

Warren Kinsella: Why Mike Duffy will likely win on the “residency” allegations in court

I used to be the courts and cops reporter for the Ottawa Citizen. I watched Don Bayne do his thing, up close, many times. When Mike Duffy made the decision to retain Bayne, he made a very smart decision.

Here’s just one reason why. In his cross with the Senate bureaucrat offered up by the Crown, Bayne inserts the first reasonable doubt – that is, Duffy needed to only own land in the place he represented. He didn’t actually need to live there.

“Mark Audcent, retired Senate law clerk, testified for the Crown that residence is a question of “fact. (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: SFH: Eighties Dance Song

Many, many of you have asked what goes on every Thursday night at the SFH studio sessions.

Well, okay, none of you have asked that, ever, but let’s imagine for a moment that a few of you had. And, equally, let’s imagine that you had said: “O Warren, in those regular get-togethers of the summit of god-like creative genius that is SFH, what do you do, pray tell?”

Well, here’s what we do, shot on my iPhone device. We have abandoned punk rock, and now play only GYDDPP – German-Yiddish Derivative Dance Punk Pop. Here is our ‘Eighties (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: Jim Prentice is in third place

So says one poll, here.

So here’s what I say about why that may be so. From my speech to Alberta Liberals, this weekend, and the Hill Times, next week:

“[Prentice's budget] is a barf bag of incoherence. It raises taxes and user fees, and it slashes government services – all at the same time. It tries to appease fiscal conservatives and fiscal spendthrifts, but has only succeeded in enraging both. It is the legislative equivalent of sucking and blowing simultaneously. And Albertans do not – do not – like it.”

Amazing things are happening in Alberta, this Spring. Pay attention. 

Warren Kinsella: Attention, all Riot Grrrls

This is so frigging awesome. Can you see John Tory doing this, ever? Maybe a Pat Boone Day, but not something like this.

Oh, and Lala: give me back the Bikini Kill T-shirt you stole.

[SHAMELESS PLUG: you can read more about Riot Grrls in my book Fury’s Hour, helpfully available here.]

Warren Kinsella: The power of journalism, and Walter Scott

Growing up, I just wanted to be a reporter. That’s all. I started my own newspaper when I was nine; I worked at them all through elementary school, junior high school, high school, university and the Bar Admission course. I’ve been a reporter at the Ottawa Citizen and the The Calgary Herald, and a columnist at the National Post, the Citizen and the Sun papers. I loved to read them, I loved to write for them. I even loved the smell of them.

They’re dying, of course, mainly because the ways in which we receive information has so (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: The Daily Beast: Bloombergian

Shinan’s dispatch from the front in Tee Dot. Fun writing here.

John Tory, a placid, Bloombergian figure who hails from one of Canada’s establishment clans, eventually grabbed the prize, but not without one perennial gum stuck to his shoe—Rob Ford ran for, and hung on to, his former council seat! 

“John Tory won, but he still acts like he is still running against Rob Ford. And it makes John Tory look like a sore winner.” That’s how pundit Warren Kinsella, a ceaseless critic of the current mayor, characterizes the psycho-dynamics at City Hall to me. 

 In (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: In this week’s Hill Times: do you detest her as much as I do?

In the long and storied history of Canadian politics, has there been anything – anything at all – as consistently disgusting and repellant and loathsome as the Canadian Senate? Has there been any political institution that has been so deserving of being dragged into the public square, and executed for all to see?  Ask yourself: is there? No.  No, there isn’t.   And rest assured, Senators, as you slouch in the Air Canada lounge, delicately clutching the Hill Times or some other paper in your manicured digits, waiting to board a flight back to the patch of dirt (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: Video of a cold-blooded murder

Unlike the Ferguson, Missouri cold-blooded murder of Michael Brown, this cold-blooded murder has been entirely caught on video – and it shows a black man, Walter Scott, running from a white cop, Michael Slager. Who shoots the unarmed Scott in the back multiple times. And kills him.

This was murder, and that is what the charge is. If the video didn’t exist, I have no doubt that it would have been Ferguson all over again.

Warning: this is unedited video, and it shows it all.