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Warren Kinsella: John Tory and Big Tobacco

From a regular reader. This is fascinating:

Hi Warren:

Just thought I would give you a heads up about a slip up from the Tory web team. It seems that they were also involved in building a site for the tobacco industry, Stop Illegal Tobacco. How does one know that? Well, because they used the same meta description from the Subway Relief Line microsite, which they neglected to change:


Unfortunately, when you post the Tobacco site to places like Facebook, you get a John Tory talking point:

It has now also been indexed by Google, for all to see:

(Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: Just handed out to reporter’s at Queen’s Park

…and now you guys get it, too! It’s well done. (My earlier response, however, stands, and is here.)

The Ontario Legislative Assembly, like the House of Commons in Ottawa and other Parliaments in other provinces, provides recognized party caucuses with funding for research, communication, and administrative services. In Ontario, annual funding is provided to Liberal, PC, and NDP caucuses to support elected MPPs in their duties. The Liberal Caucus Service Bureau follows the same rules as the NDP caucus and PC caucus, both of whom use consultants and outside experts to support their elected officials. (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: Glen McGregor, ace reporter

Or, um, not.

Robo-calls? Robo-nothing. Consider the source, as they say.


Warren Kinsella: Saturday night: This Ain’t Ford Fest!


Warren Kinsella: My Jesus

Lisa’s, too (and who just became a Catholic, BTW).


Warren Kinsella: Da Brudders: 38 years ago today

Bjorn reminded me Da Brudders first LP – my fave ever, still – came out 38 years ago today. Here they are in Arturo Vega’s loft in 1975, around the time that a teenage misfit in Calgary was starting to hear about them. God-like geniuses. Can’t believe it’s been almost 40 frigging years.


Warren Kinsella: Mayor On Crack

This Saturday night at the Bovine Sex Club on Queen West – see it live, buy merch, help us pay for our therapists!

Warren Kinsella: Saturday night! This Ain’t Ford Fest!


Warren Kinsella: This ad?

Really bad.


Warren Kinsella: Dear Adam

We put our clients on our web site. Have for years.

Here’s one of the ones that, shockingly, has been there for years:

Oh, and this is where this sort of nefarious stuff all gets tracked, year after year, from the Auditor General’s web site.

Anyway, best to your Dad. Good luck and God bless, etc.


Warren Kinsella: My daughter is going to the North American Indigenous Games!

She’s in her last exam at Dal, right now, and doesn’t even know: we just got the letter announcing that she’d been picked for the Ontario swim team, so you guys get to know before she does!

Wooot! Proud Dad, here.


Warren Kinsella: $10,000-a-meeting later, John Tory returns to the campaign trail

Ever wonder why John didn’t quit the Rogers board while he’s campaigning to be mayor of Toronto? Me too. Raises interesting questions about conflict of interest and whatnot.

Warren Kinsella: SFH, mid-scream – plus, This Ain’t Ford Fest on Saturday!

From left: Bjorn Von Flapjack III, Royal Niblet, Ras Winkie Smith at CUP fundraiser – at which (we’re told) $700 came from donated merch.

This Saturday: come see us and others at the This Ain’t Ford Fest! Our new record will be on sale – and you’ll be shocked at who attends! (My nutty daughter will be staffing the merch table, for example.) (And Cola Heads, who rock, maaaan.)

Warren Kinsella: Go, Joe, go

I don’t care if he’s orange, blue, red or green. He’s a friend and I’d vote for him if I could. If you’re in Trinity-Spadina, you should, too.


Warren Kinsella: Ontario election: believe it, don’t believe it

Yesterday’s Ontario Newswatch report comes in for some particularly categorical, on-the-record condemnation from the Ontario NDP, here.

Two things: one, what else would you expect him to say? (viz., “Yes, it’s true, we are going to vote against the budget that hasn’t been tabled yet?”) Two, Bisson better hope he never runs into Sue Kelly in a dark alley one night. Accusing a veteran scribe of being a liar, as Bisson does, is something that should never be done lightly.


Warren Kinsella: The End

Son One, who is smarter than me, spoke to me at length about this morning on the way in (in a vehicle, yes). It got me so depressed, I went looking for evidence about his claims. I found it.

Bottom line: the point at which we start to destroying the planet has been passed, pretty much.

Warren Kinsella: This Saturday! You’ll be amazed who will be there!


Warren Kinsella: In Tuesday’s Sun: Reform Party of Canada, RIP

Remember the Reform Party? The Reformers rather wish you didn’t.

Twenty years ago, the Reform Party’s fresh-faced MPs – all 52 of them – arrived in Ottawa to cause all manner of dramatic change. Twenty years later, it is perhaps only the Reformers themselves that changed.

They arrived opposing gay rights. They arrived opposing bilingualism. They arrived opposing multiculturalism. They arrived opposing the “gold-plated” MPs pension.

Two decades later, the former Reformers are indifferent to, or supportive of, gay rights. They are the most enthusiastic patrons of free government French language training. They have what is, arguably, the most racially-diverse (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: I don’t believe it

I don’t doubt for a minute that some Ontario Dippers told my friend Susanna what she’s reported here – she’s one of the most honest and terrific reporters around – but it’s not what I’ve been hearing. Thus this and this and this.

I’ve been wrong before, and I could be wrong again. I kind of hope I am.


Warren Kinsella: In Sunday’s Sun: when democracy is just a word

A year ago this month, Justin Trudeau was a candidate for the Liberal Party leadership. He gave a big speech to delegates at what was called the “Liberal leadership showcase.”

Among other things, Trudeau said this: “The only person Mr. Harper wants his caucus to serve is their leader. Well, that’s not good enough. We need to be a party of community leaders, devoted to community service. That’s why I am calling for open nominations for all Liberal candidates in every single riding in the next election.”

“Open nominations” is political-speak. It basically means what the phrase implies: (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: Rob Ford, pictured on the holiest day of the Christian calendar

Just got back from Good Friday Mass with Lisa, to receive this photo. At St. Francis’ Easter procession, which is a very, very solemn occasion, that SOB cackles on the side of the road with his loathsome brother and some others.

Maybe he was looking to score, and he forget where he was. In any event, it reminded me of how much I despise him.


Warren Kinsella: Most of the victims went to my Calgary high school

Bishop Carroll.

Just can’t stop thinking about this terrible thing. Know that street, know that neighbourhood, know the family names. The horror of it – it’s hard to shake.


Warren Kinsella: In the middle of Rob Ford’s speech

At his “historic” rally.

Back to Etobicoke with you soon, Crackhead. Soon.


Warren Kinsella: Q: Does Rob Ford call people back? A: No. He’s a damn liar.


Warren Kinsella: Wikipedia – Warren Kinsella