Warren Kinsella: The rough beast, his hour come round at last

It's the eve of destruction. Literally. #uspoli — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) January 19, 2017

Warren Kinsella: The last day

I have had this poster beside my desk every day for eight years.  I supported him right from the start, long before 2008. I couldn’t vote for him, but after I saw him speak at the DNC convention in 2004, that was it. I was with him.  He has been a president who conducted himself ...

Warren Kinsella: Tonight at the Mosaic Institute 

Blood and Honour is a decades-old neo-Nazi group in Britain. Combat 18 is a skinhead group whose members have committed multiple murders. The “18” refers to the first and eighth letters, A and H – Adolf Hitler. Their posters have been put up all over Calgary. Welcome to the Trump times.  @kinsellawarren holds up a ...

Warren Kinsella: Trump to Canadian conservative fans: too bad for you, suckers!

This is the point I was trying to make on Evan’s radio show on CFRA this week: who gives a shit about Keystone when the Unpresident does this? It’ll make the NEP look like a romp in the park. Get it, yet, Canadian conservatives? Tired of kissing Trump’s fat orange ass? You will be, soon ...

Warren Kinsella: Inaugurating the Unpresident: media and protest updates

I will be on with my friends at CITY-TV on Friday to provide colour commentary.  I can’t wait to talk about the Unpresident on-air.  Tune in! Also, Lisa and Daughter Two will be heading to the Women’s March in D.C. the same morning.  Lisa is writing about it for the Hill Times, and will be doing ...

Warren Kinsella: The one Conservative leadership candidate you could support

Maybe I’ll do a do-over. Hmmm. 

Warren Kinsella: Kevin O’Octopus

A woman I know well used to work with Kevin O’Leary. She and her female colleagues called him “The Octopus.” So maybe he’s like Trump, after all.  Anyway. My column from last year about this bilious blowhard, here. What a joke the Conservative Party has become. It’s like Harper never existed. 

Warren Kinsella: Canada in a Trump world – sold out

The Mosaic Institute just let me know that tomorrow night’s event is sold out. For those who got tickets, see you there!

Warren Kinsella: The Penny drops

Here’s three links. Draw your own conclusions.  “Jean Chrétien may not have considered the sponsorship program.“ “Prime Minister’s Office Director of Appointments, Prime Minister’s Office, November 1993 – December 1997 (4 years 2 months).”  “The sponsorship program ran from 1996 until 2004, when broad corruption was discovered in its operations and the program was discontinued.“ ...

Warren Kinsella: Be of good cheer!

Life's short. The world is 4.54 billion years old. But when you are down, remember you can always say: "I lived in the same time as Warren." — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) January 17, 2017

Warren Kinsella: This week’s column: conservatives, call home

Anyone seen the Conservative Party of Canada?  They were here just a minute ago. Remember? Had just about half the seats in the House of Commons? Forty per cent of the vote, give or take? Seats in every province but one? Fundraising behemoth? Remember them? They were led by a guy who wasn’t particularly warm ...

Warren Kinsella: Unpresident unpoll 

.@realDonaldTrump-haters pre-inauguration self-deception list: — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) January 17, 2017

Warren Kinsella: Copping to the ‘copter

So, The Lobby Monitor asked me about the Aga Khan, helicopter, lobbying, blah blah blah.  Here’s my response.  The sponsor is almost always a lobbyist. CIJA, for example, sponsors a great deal of air travel – with MPs from all parties – every year. That never raises any concerns.  This case shouldn’t either. The Opposition ...

Warren Kinsella: MLK

It’s his day in the US, today.  Coincidences: Started the morning with another great black leader, my friend Chris Spence, who has also been unfairly maligned and targeted by the predominantly white establishment. And: my spouse and daughter will be near the spot seen in the photo above this weekend, protesting the racist, sexist, extremist ...

Warren Kinsella: Ontario politics: if you are seen as out-of-touch, can you get back in-touch?

Ironically, I’m at CBC right now. And that’s where I read this. Other pundits are all but writing Wynne off. “She has lost that credibility with voters and once it’s gone it’s almost impossible to get back,” said Quito Maggi, CEO of Mainstreet Research. His firm’s polling in the latter half of 2016 suggested the Liberals ...

Warren Kinsella: Trump calls NATO “obsolete”

Here.  Still think you should defend him, conservatives? If you do, you’re as seditious and as dangerous as he is.  “[NATO is] obsolete, first because it was designed many, many years ago,” Trump said in the Bild version of the interview.

Warren Kinsella: Bag of hammers 

Check out the boldface. It's a baldfaced lie. #cdnpoli #lpc https://t.co/hyzufjpkXZ — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) January 15, 2017

Warren Kinsella: SFH: new show coming up!

Placeholder poster until Bjorn gets bailed out. 

Warren Kinsella: Donald Trump: still an asshole

The anti-@realDonaldTrump anthem of this generation. https://t.co/ABQL0MChoN @SFHPunks @HotNasties @ladurantaye @bjornvf3 @AronYeomanson — Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) January 14, 2017

Warren Kinsella: I’m surprised they let me drive a car, frankly 

I only have 9 letters at the end of my name (LL.B, B.J Hons.), so I bet Kellie Leitch thinks I’m mentally retarded, pretty much. To wit: Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch is on a crusade against the elites. But it’s not going well for her, and all those letters after her name are partly ...

Warren Kinsella: Trudeau: guilty!

…of using a dangling preposition. (It’s also an auxiliary verb verb, so maybe there’s no need to contact the Grammar Commissioner just yet.) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he made use of the private helicopter of the Aga Khan during a family vacation at the billionaire Ismaili Muslim leader’s retreat in the Bahamas in what ...

Warren Kinsella: Don’t judge me

I love this tune and the vid too. The Bronx: epic genius. 

Warren Kinsella: Donald Uber Alles: French neo-Nazi visits Trump Tower

There you go. National Front leader Marine Le Pen in Trump Tower, sitting next to “Citizens for Trump” founder George Lombardi.  And they insist she didn’t meet with Trump or any of his people.  Welcome to the new Reich, folks. If you think this isn’t really happening, still, you need to get your head out ...

Warren Kinsella: Still upset after Trump’s press conference?

Sing along and feel better!

Warren Kinsella: John Horgan has had more positions than the Kama Sutra

This is a good bit about the BC NDP leader, who – on the big policy issues – seems to be whoever spoke to him last. It’s from an attack site called Say Anything John, found here.