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Warren Kinsella: Kinda glad about the not running thing



Warren Kinsella: About that LPC rumour

Apologies for yesterday’s cryptic post. My excuse: I was getting on an Air North flight (and did you know Air North serves warm cookies, and free Goldfish crackers?) in Whitehorse yesterday, on my way to Vancouver, when I received the following from three pretty reliable sources:

There was a meeting taking place at a cottage somewhere in the Ottawa area. The Liberal Party’s campaign manager was out. The leader’s senior strategist was out. The party’s pollster was taking over.

Just before the nice Air North attendant told me to turn off my devices for the sixteenth time, I let (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: I’ll say!


Warren Kinsella: Wow

Wow wow wow. #lpc

Warren Kinsella: Greetings from up North

You guys are all asleep, but I’m up in the Yukon, joyously toasting the victorious grassroots Eglinton-Lawrence Liberals!


Warren Kinsella: Yahoo!

Just landed in BC and heard the E-L news! 

Take that, brain trust!


Warren Kinsella: Flora Power

Sad to learn about this.

When we lived in Kingston, my parents voted for her. I think it was the first time either of them had ever voted Conservative. She was that kind of a person. 


Warren Kinsella: Here’s how much Canadians are thinking, and talking, about coalitions

Warren Kinsella: Harper’s Senate game changer

About to do @globalnews hit about @pmharper Senate move. Steals a main #NDP plank, wedges #LPC. Looks bold, will be popular. Smart. #cdnpoli

— Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) July 24, 2015

Warren Kinsella: Why would folks think the E-L process is rigged?

I mean, the leader hasn’t given her the green light to suggest to voters that she’s already the Liberal candidate, has he?

Has he?

Warren Kinsella: Dear Senior Liberal Strategist: do you still call yourself “Canada’s next CEO”?

Looking at the headlines, in just one paper, gently suggests that you perhaps shouldn’t.

To wit:

“CONSERVATIVE SUPPORT AMONG VOTERS JUMPS…A new poll shows Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are by far the most popular choice for Canadian voters…Among decided voters, the Conservatives lead with 38 per cent support, followed by the NDP at 27 per cent and the Liberals at 25 per cent.“ “STEPHEN HARPER TO JOIN IN CALL FOR SENATE ABOLITION…Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall are expected to appear together Friday to call for the abolition of the Senate, (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: Holy shit la merde

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall are expected to appear together Friday to call for the abolition of the Senate, according to a source familiar with their plans.

The election without a ballot question just got one. 

Warren Kinsella: Hairy

It’s weird, the stuff I think about. But, then again, politics is weirder.

1. Trudeau's hair: in ads. 2. Harper's hair: subject of news stories. 3. Mulcair hair: on his face. 4. Election 2015 will be HAIRY. #cdnpoli

— Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) July 23, 2015

Warren Kinsella: Ten reasons why E-L Liberals shouldn’t vote for Eve Adams

Her candidacy has enraged Liberals across the country – including veteran, elected Liberals. The Conservatives were delighted – genuinely and truly delighted – that Trudeau took her after they’d dumped her. The media have unanimously condemned it – with one senior pundit even saying Trudeau looked “crawlingly demean[ed]” by it all. She does not have a sterling reputation for candour, or commitment to the Liberal cause. She was (and still is) a Conservative, and she was always among the most rabid Conservative partisans in the House. More than any other case, Adams’ recruitment by Butts et al. definitively showed Trudeau’s (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: I am the undertaker, hear me squeak

On my buddy Charles Adler’s show, this fine morn.

Warren Kinsella: The calm before the sturm und drang

Periodically, I look up and say:"Hey, haven't seen Kevin Donovan's byline in a while. Wonder whose life he's about to end?" @TorontoStar

— Warren Kinsella (@kinsellawarren) July 22, 2015

Warren Kinsella: Western Addiction, Black Salt

Plague Vendor owns my tiny black punk rock heart, but God Almighty I love Western Addiction, too. Black Salt. What a friggin’ tune.

Warren Kinsella: G. I. Joke

Love this. Oh, and anyone who has cell phone numbers for his personal staff? Post ‘em in comments. There’s no better way to torpedo a campaign for a day or two.

Warren Kinsella: In this week’s Hill Times: a high IQ isn’t everything – but winning is

My Conservative friend (yes, I have some) posted something noteworthy on Facebook. It was a picture of a sign bearing the words: STOP MAKING STUPID PEOPLE FAMOUS. In this week, the Kanye West week, it struck a chord.   Most of the stuff one sees elsewhere on Facebook isn’t as noteworthy. There is the footage of the monkey with a machine gun, there is the footage of the cat snuggling with the baby deer, there is footage of people giving free hugs to strangers, there is (of course) footage of the IKEA monkey being the IKEA monkey in a tiny (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: Team Trudeau: the news is in…

…and the news is not good.

From just the past few days:

“Liberals falling further behind NDP-Conservative race” “Former Liberal acclaimed as NDP candidate” “Trudeau switches targets in bid to cut Mulcair’s momentum” “Brian Gallant won’t campaign for federal Liberals during election” “This is still Harper’s election to lose” “EKOS poll: Tories are up”

And so on, and so on. Increasingly, stories and opinion columns reflect three themes: (i) the Tories are up, (ii) the Dippers are up, and/or (iii) the Grits are down.

From the lofty heights of top spot – from an unchallenged lead in the polls for (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: You know who could use one of those government benefit cheques?

Me, so I can hire a Yorkville plastic surgeon to eliminate those bags under my eyes! From CITY-TV.

“Does vote-buying work? When does it not work?” 

Warren Kinsella: Leger: on the day the UCCB rolls out, look at this!

Also, we used black for the Tories because they’re the dark side. 


Warren Kinsella: Kinsella v. Kouvalis: an oldie but goodie

From the archives:

Because the media are in the shorthand business – and because social media renders everything bite-sized and/or stupid – some people have taken to comparing me to John Tory’s campaign manager, Nick Kouvalis.

I cannot believe I have to actually spend five precious minutes of my life on this, but apparently I do. So, as a public service, here are some of the ways in which I differ from Nick Kouvalis.

• Kouvalis has been charged, criminally, for making death threats. I have never been charged with anything, although I have received two speeding tickets in my (Read more…)

Warren Kinsella: Here is what is happening in Canadian politics 


That’s what has been going on, politically, for the past while. That’s how it is in the Summer, usually. 

That works beat for incumbent governments. Nobody is paying attention, nothing to get too upset about.   But when things start getting active in a month (and they will), then what?

Comments open. Say something about nothing!

Warren Kinsella: Ekos: everyone should be worried

Liberals should be unhappy they are behind in all but one region – and in that one region, the NDP is apparently gaining. Conservatives should be unhappy because folks aren’t wildly happy about the direction of the country. New Democrats should be unhappy because the Bloc is back, big time, and is going to steal vote from them in Quebec. The Greens should be unhappy because they are fading everywhere.

I’m unhappy because it’s rainy. You?