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PostArctica: Some Recent…

Haven’t been posting pictures regularly in a while and am thinking maybe it’s time to get back into it. Here are a few from around this winter. King’s Daughter’s wiki […] . . . → Read More: PostArctica: Some Recent…

PostArctica: Frontenac Export Ale

On De L’Eglise near Cool. Can’t find a lot of information about it but the brewery was in Montreal and closed in the 1970’s. Don’t recall ever hearing about it though.

. . . → Read More: PostArctica: Frontenac Export Ale

Walking Turcot Yards: New Mural In Ville Emard

Murale de l’Arche Montréal : un projet inspirant qui réunit des graffiteurs et des personnes ayant une déficience intellectuelle

New mural at 6115 Jogues, looks to be on the side of the presbytery of St-Jean-Damascène.


And After

And here is the city blurb.

Montréal, le 6 novembre 2012 – « Quand différentes . . . → Read More: Walking Turcot Yards: New Mural In Ville Emard

Art Threat: Blu mural tackles Italy’s Chernobyl

Italian street artist Blu has created a towering critique of the militarization of Sardinia. His latest mural depicts the devastating impact that industrialization and military bases have had on the Mediterranean island.

In the south-east near Salto di Quirra, a rocket launching site run by the Italian Air Force, electromagnetic pollution, hazardous . . . → Read More: Art Threat: Blu mural tackles Italy’s Chernobyl