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Trashy's World: Leadership – it’s vital

After watching the municipal campaigns in Ottawa unfold thus far, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the defining issue is leadership. Pro green bin or not (I pity the fools!), love Phase 2 of the LRT or scrap it, raise taxes, lower them or keep them the same, what really sets out one candidate from . . . → Read More: Trashy’s World: Leadership – it’s vital

Trashy's World: Aaaannnnd… they’re off!

Municipal election season opened in Ontario today and there will certainly be some interesting races in O Dot. Jeff Leiper will be a strong challenger to Katherine Hobbs in Kitchissippi Ward. The Centretown CA prez says he’s challenging Diane Holmes. No challengers for the Mayor’s seat yet and no one challenging Peter Hume in my . . . → Read More: Trashy’s World: Aaaannnnd… they’re off!

Trashy's World: E Day à Montréal!

Thinking of my bro-in-law this afternoon as the polls close in about 5 hours across Quebec. It’s municipal election time and Steve Shanahan will make a GREAT city Councillor! As well, Mélanie Joly will make an awesome Mayor! What a nice change from old white guys that will be. My wife just left Ottawa to . . . → Read More: Trashy’s World: E Day à Montréal! Calgary: A Tale of Two Slates

If you’ve been paying attention to Calgary’s municipal election over the last week you would likely have heard about the Manning Centre, a $1,100,000 donation by the home builders to “in order to bring Preston [Manning] on board,” and the recent comments by Cal Wenzel on buying council members — earning influence for his industry . . . → Read More: Calgary: A Tale of Two Slates

CalgaryLiberal: No, Nenshi isn’t running for the Liberals

No, Liberals and progressives alike, Nenshi isn’t throwing his hat into the provincial or federal arenas as either an MP or a leadership candidate. He’s happiest where he is right now. Twenty years of schooling, networking, and focus has brought him to the mayoralty of Calgary. His efforts at the Kennedy School of government, his . . . → Read More: CalgaryLiberal: No, Nenshi isn’t running for the Liberals