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The Scott Ross: Success Defeated Alison Redford

Alison Redford was defeated because her party is too successful. And there’s proof.

In politics there wouldn’t be many opportunities to test such a theory; to really know if it was the success of Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives that caused Redford to resign. Luckily for this experiment there just happens to be a control group next door, it even comes with its own Alison Redford.

BC’s Christy Clark has a lot in common with Redford. Both were seen as outsiders. Both ran for leadership with little caucus support, each having only one other MLA supporting them. Both became leader of a (Read more…) The Purpose of a Political Party

A political party has one purpose. It is a service organization. And it serves the public. Everything else is secondary. A political party is focused on its relationship with the voter, supporting the public servants be they a MLA or member, and creating opportunities for leadership. In this a party needs to be two things: [...] Conservative Minister: Cities Don’t Contribute to the Albertan Economy

The Conservative minister for municipal affairs made a very peculiar response to a question by Laurie Blakeman, Liberal MLA for Edmonton-Centre. She was posing a question about how the revenues from taxes disproportionately went to rural Alberta. In Alberta some rural jurisdictions receive almost up to $2,000 for each of their citizens and for cities [...] So how did you get them emails, Ms. Redford?

This week Education Minister Jeff Johnson sent an email to about 30,000 teachers. This is frightening for two reasons. (1) It is an abuse of private information of citizens. As Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman points out in a press release today it likely violates FOIP as Alberta’s teachers gave those emails solely for the purpose of registering [...] What’s in a Merger?

  We have a problem. Nobody knows what a merger is. When you want to mobilize people and get people moving you need a plan of action. A raison d’etre. A movement of sorts that congeals the product of the conversation and gets moving to the next step. For a political party the destruction of its [...] I’m with Raj. (Mergers, Kent Hehr, cont.)

Just pointing something out here. Raj Sherman says Kent Hehr can speak his mind on mergers and the very base frustration that the Liberal MLA from Buffalo has with politics as they stand in Alberta. Hehr giving voice to that fundamental frustration is fine and well. People who care deeply about the process are frustrated. I’m [...] Alberta’s Fiscal Framework: Is It Sustainable? | Liberal MLA Kent Hehr Town Hall Liberal Leadership ’13: We Don’t Really Know What’s Going to Happen

If anyone thinks they know what’s going to be the end result in the Liberal leadership contest (which just had its new rules announced) they’re dead wrong. Nobody knows what is going to happen. The National Post is dead wrong when they write that there is a predestined winner of this race. Why? The Liberals [...]

CalgaryLiberal: No, Nenshi isn’t running for the Liberals

No, Liberals and progressives alike, Nenshi isn’t throwing his hat into the provincial or federal arenas as either an MP or a leadership candidate. He’s happiest where he is right now. Twenty years of schooling, networking, and focus has brought him to the mayoralty of Calgary. His efforts at the Kennedy School of government, his [...]

atypicalalbertan: 180 degrees.

180 degrees. About face.

Alison Redford may have been called a flip flopper before, but this time it was a complete polar turn around. To be fair, I see nothing wrong with flip flopping. We all make mistakes and we all make decisions without necessarily considering the complete information. Reversing a decision simply means that a person has given an issue further consideration and deemed that a different decision would be more appropriate. Policy development should be about getting things right and it shouldn’t matter if someone thought wrong before and has since changed their mind – as long as (Read more…)

CalgaryLiberal: Alberta Votes: It’s going to turn ugly.

Today we saw another Progressive Conservative choose to throw Ms. Redford and the PC campaign under the bus: this time, for the opposite reason Ms. Kennedy-Glans did yesterday. A MLA of four terms wanted Ms. Redford to defend him and the MLAs of the PC caucus rather than flip flop on her earlier position, of [...]

CalgaryLiberal: PC candidate throws Allison under bus.

You know it’s bad in Tory town when their candidates start to throw the central campaign under a bus. Ms. Kennedy-Glans, running against Bruce Payne (Lib) in Calgary-Varsity, has called out her premier on the infamous “Do-Nothing” committee. A committee that Dr. Swann, when he was on it, used his $1,000 a month from that [...]