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Montreal Simon: Cpl. Stuart Langridge and the Horror of Harper’s Army

The other night I wrote about the tragic story of Cpl. Stuart Langridge, who killed himself seven years ago after serving his country honourably in Bosnia and Afghanistan.And I described how the military didn't accept that he was suffering from PTSD, treated him like a criminal, and didn't let his family read the suicide note he addressed to them until more than a year after he died.Well today his family finally got to read a heavily redacted secret military report, and it couldn't be more shocking.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Return of Sgt. Doiron and the Betrayal of Cpl. Langridge

They brought Sgt. Andrew Doiron back to Canada today, and I was glad to see that thousands of Canadians turned out to welcome him home down the Highway of Heroes.Once I thought that reception was too militaristic, and too American. But now I think it's right that we should value every life, and honour those who lose their lives in the service of Canada.Too bad, Cpl. Stuart Langridge and his family weren't so lucky. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Day Stephen Harper Went Off the Deep End

I always knew he was dangerous. And that madness ran in his family.I knew the first Harper to arrive in Canada had to removed from office for "violent and oppressive measures vindictive beyond all reason."I knew one of his grandfathers committed suicide, and that he was prone to violent rages, and frightening bouts of depression.But today Stephen Harper finally went over the deep end.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Outrageously Stealthy F-35 Scandal

Two years ago he told us that he was pressing the "reset button" on his plan to buy 65 F-35 fighters from his friends at Lockheed Martin, after it was revealed that their cost would blow Canada up instead of the enemy.He promised us his corrupt regime would look at other slightly cheaper warplanes, and hold an open competition.But it seems that nothing can shake Stephen Harper's insane obsession with the F-35, even though with only one engine it's totally unsuitable for patrolling Canada's vast Arctic spaces.And today we found out that he has secretly ordered four of (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Road to War

I have no idea which voice in his head was commanding him, but it was a very different Stephen Harper who turned up in the House of Commons today. An unusually subdued version.He reached out to the opposition, answered their questions politely, instead of mocking them, or setting his howling Con jackals on them.But the essential message remained the same: He will lead us into a war he calls both noble and necessary. Read more »

Montreal Simon: When Canadian Soldiers Must Choose Between Their Pensions and Their Mental Health

I've written many stories about the callous way the Con regime and the military treat our wounded soldiers.But since nothing ever seems to be done about it, and I've seen the horror up close, I'm just going to have to keep repeating this:Making soldiers choose between their pensions and their mental health is the absolute limit. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Indiana Harper and the Doomed Return To Parliament

Twas the night before Parliament, and at 24 Sussex Drive not a creature or a mouse rat was stirring.Except in the dark basement where Stephen Harper was planning his triumphal return, after his golden photo-op summer.And no doubt rehearsing his new role as Indiana Harper or Great Explorer Leader. The man, who in his mind at least, led the successful search for the Franklin expedition.As I'm sure you remember…

But sadly for him I fear his flight voyage of fancy will be short-lived. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper the Chicken Hawk Gets his Feathers Plucked

Well as you know, no world leader has screamed as loudly about the crisis in Ukraine as has Stephen Harper.If words were weapons the Russians would have surrendered by now.But now NATO is demanding that he put his money where his mouth or his snout is.And the chicken hawk has been plucked.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Robin Williams and the Demon Depression

He was such a funny man, he made so many people laugh. Which only made his sad death even more shocking. Robin Williams, the versatile actor whose madcap comic style made him one of television and film's biggest stars, was found dead on Monday from an apparent suicide at his home in Northern California. He was 63.But as the Star's Peter Howell points out, he was a clown with a dark side.Read more »

The Canadian Progressive: Chris Hedges: Israel Is Captive to Its ‘Destructive Process’

Chris Hedges agitates for a global mass movement of boycotts, divestment and sanctions to stop Israel’s ongoing Gaza assault and “destructive process.”

The post Chris Hedges: Israel Is Captive to Its ‘Destructive Process’ appeared first on The Canadian Progressive.

Montreal Simon: The Con Regime and the Never-Ending War on Veterans

I've written quite a few posts about the disgraceful way the Con regime treats our veterans.And about the disgusting way their depraved leader claims to be standing up for our men and women in uniform. God bless all of our men and women in uniform. #cdnpoli— Stephen Harper (@pmharper) June 10, 2014

While betraying our wounded soldiers so miserably.

Now read the tragic story of Colin Fitzgerald, war hero and PTSD survivor. Read more »

Politics, Re-Spun: My Deepest Apology to Stephen Harper, Military Genius


For years I have been openly mocking our prime minister. He believes he’s the combined reincarnation of General Douglas MacArthur and Winston Churchill, often touting things like the Canadian victory in the War of 1812, even though Canada wouldn’t exist for another 55 years. Pish posh.

In reality, I have criticized Harper for being an international relations buffoon, something more like Ian McKellen’s Richard III.

But despite having criticized war-mongering Harper [who nevertheless abuses and neglects military veterans and their mental health disabilities] for deciding to buy a bunch of F-35 fighter jets, I shouldn’t have.

I criticized the (Read more…)

Montreal Simon: Jason Kenney and Our Temporary Foreign Air Farce

OMG. I didn't think it was possible for Jason Kenney and the other oil pimps in the Harper regime to embarrass this country more than they already have. I didn't it was possible to be more humiliated in the eyes of the world, and still keep breathing.But sadly I was wrong. Because remember how I told you last night why Kenney's plan to crackdown on temporary foreign workers in the fast food industry was nothing but a sham or a scam?Well how about this scam? Now they're hiring foreigners to replace our Royal Canadian Air Force pilots. Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Day Julian Fantino Ran From the Wife of a Veteran

He has betrayed Canadian veterans, he has disrespected them, he has nickel and dimed them to death.There is never enough money to help the wounded, the elderly, and their families, or keep regional offices open.But it turns out there is all the money in the world to try to make Julian Fantino look good. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Day of Disappointment

Well today is the National Day of Honour. The day Stephen Harper proclaimed should honour all those who served in Afghanistan.But as I explained the other night, is an unseemly debacle mainly intended to honour HIMSELF.Even if that means elbowing the Governor General out of the way, and posing as the commander-in-chief. Read more »

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper’s Insane Ukrainian Expedition

You'd think Stephen Harper would know better than to visit Ukraine a few days after Crimea votes to separate, as it almost certainly will on Sunday.And the last thing the world needs is some foreign leader inflaming what will almost certainly be a dangerous situation.But no, he's going.Read more »

Montreal Simon: The Mother, the Soldier, and the Con Suicide Scandal

I'm glad the mother of Cpl. Justin Stark decided to speak out about the one-cent cheque the government sent her dead son.And that the Cons were forced to apologize, for the pain that was caused.The mother of a dead Hamilton, Ont., soldier who received a cheque for one cent from the federal government has accepted an apology from Defence Minister Rob Nicholson but said the incident has reopened wounds.So hopefully it doesn't happen again, because it has happened before.Read more »

Montreal Simon: Justin Stark and the Con War On Our Veterans

This is the story of two cheques.This big fat one…

The one Nigel Wright sent to Mike Duffy.

To cover up a sordid scandal.And this one, in the miserable amount of one cent…

That went to Justin Stark who killed himself after serving his country. Read more »

ParliamANT Hill: Security gaps found in destruction of top-secret military data

Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Mauling of the Military

He did so love to play soldier. For years he posed as a Great Warrior Leader. He ordered our troops into the most dangerous part of Afghanistan without the proper equipment. He spent $20 billion dollars, cost us and the Afghans so many lives. He covered up torture, but still lost the war.Then when he realized it wasn't winning him votes, he cut and run like he said he never would. He betrayed our wounded soldiers, cheated older veterans out of their pensions.And now there will be no new armoured cars for the troops.And no parkas for the (Read more…)

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Montreal Simon: Stephen Harper and the Revolt of the Veterans

There couldn't be a more powerful protest. Or a greater slap in the face. For years he posed as a patriot, for years he strutted around boasting he was the best friend the Canadian military ever had. For years he could count on the support of most veterans.But not anymore. Read more »

Blevkog: The Door’s Over There. It’s The One Under The Green Bus

If Mike Duffy can hang on for a little over one more year he’ll qualify for a senate pension. He may well have to resign before he’s charged with fraud but if he times it right a monthly cheque from the government will be secure and he can reacquaint himself with that place he’s supposed […]

Politics, Re-Spun: PTSD Update!

Updates from Kate and Robin and Stewart are below, as they approach the end of their campaigns! Kate’s Long Way Home has passed 1,000 kilometres on her way to Ottawa.

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Post by The Long Way Home. Robin and Stewart’s Marathon for Veterans is closing in on its fundraising target.

There is still time to donate.

1. During WWI more than 300 British soldiers, many suffering from “Shell Shock”, were executed for cowardice.

2. The Canadian government does not measure the suicide rates of its veterans. The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs does and a report released early this (Read more…)

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The Cracked Crystal Ball II: Remember Harper Muzzling Scientists? He’s Doing It To Veterans Too

Under the Harper Government, we have been fed enormous amounts of propaganda pablum in the name of “Support the War in Afghanistan Troops”.  The “highway of heroes” when our troops were being returned in pine boxes on a weekly basis; goodness knows how many photo-ops of Harper and Mackay on the tarmac in Afghanistan, and Harper wearing partial uniforms at various times.

You would think that the troops are some kind of privileged class under Harper.  Not so much, it seems.  In fact, if you manage to get yourself injured in the line of duty, the big old roll of (Read more…)

Politics, Re-Spun: PTSD: Transitions Are Weighty

Kate MacEachern and The Long Way Home

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Post by The Long Way Home.

There is a kind of trauma when people leave chapters in their life: graduating, retiring, marriage, childbirth, death. It takes lots of time to adjust. And it takes a toll on one’s people.

And if someone does not have enough people in their support network, or they need extra support because of the nature of the transition or trauma, they can truly suffer.

The sign that you are walking on a good path is the sheer number of people who come out of nowhere to cover (Read more…)

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