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Accidental Deliberations: Light blogging ahead

Off hither and/or yon for a few days. Try to entertain yourselves. . . . → Read More: Accidental Deliberations: Light blogging ahead

Accidental Deliberations: Light blogging ahead

Taking a break for the long weekend and a couple of days beyond. Expect little to no blogging until next week. . . . → Read More: Accidental Deliberations: Light blogging ahead

Accidental Deliberations: Radio activity

For those not yet aware, I’ll be appearing on Canadian Glen’s The View Up Here tonight (7 PM Saskatchewan time) to talk about Saskatchewan’s ongoing provincial election. Stop by and have a listen! . . . → Read More: Accidental Deliberations: Radio activity

wmtc: best of wmtc, 2015 edition

I barely wrote at all last year, but my editor and partner managed to find a few (possibly) worthy of a best-of post. Thus, this page has been udpated.I miss blogging.I love my job and I love leading our union. I love having a steady paycheque, to… . . . → Read More: wmtc: best of wmtc, 2015 edition

wmtc: u.s. election circus puts wmtc in the news again

About a month ago, I received an email from a film producer: Netflix is making a documentary about Americans who moved to Canada for political reasons, and asked if Allan and I would be interviewed. We spent a long time chatting with her, before being … . . . → Read More: wmtc: u.s. election circus puts wmtc in the news again

Dead Wild Roses: The DWR Sunday Religious Disservice – Meta-Thoughts on Conversing with the Deluded.

The authors here at DWR have a mean atheistic streak. There is no denying that. I mean we have a whole day of postings that deal specifically with religion and the goofiness that ensues when you allow magical thinking into your wheelhouse. My readership mostly knows that believing in religion is seen by most rational people, a character flaw at best and a reason to make funny and derisive comments at worst. It is obvious how toxic religion is to critical thinking, progress (social and otherwise) and advancement of the human condition (see the religion/patriarchal (Read more…)

wmtc: best of wmtc, 2014 edition

Every year since embarking on graduate school, then beginning to work full-time, I’ve thought: I have no time to write, I don’t write any more. And every year, Allan chooses a sizable number of wmtc posts as best-of for that year. I’m always surprised at how much I’ve written.

I believe 2015 will finally change that. Adding my new union responsibilities to the mix seems to have displaced this blog. This time next year, we’ll see if that proves to be true.

For now, this page has been updated. Thank you, as always, for continuing to read wmtc.

Accidental Deliberations: Merry Xmas to all!

And to all, a reminder that you’d best get your holiday dinner inspected for yourself, because the Harper government isn’t so much on the job.

wmtc: happy blogiversary to wmtc

This month – July 11, 2014 – I have been blogging for 10 years. Ten years!

I clearly remember telling Allan I was considering beginning a blog about emigrating to Canada. He thought it was a great idea.

July 11, 2004. I was working weekends at my (incredibly easy, wildly overpaid) job at Most Evil Corporate Law Firm. Our applications had been submitted, and we were waiting.

August 30, 2015 will be the 10-year anniversary of our move to Canada, but I felt the 10-year anniversary of wmtc was worth a mention. Thanks for being part of what I (Read more…)

wmtc: best of wmtc, 2013 edition

The wmtc greatest hits page has been updated with the best posts of 2012, as chosen by my partner and editor.

About this year’s picks, Allan says: “I tried to be a bit more ruthless this year. Also you should highlight our Spain trip and also the tag “what i’m reading” since so many of those are great.” All right, sir!

Thanks for reading and sharing my posts, and thank you always for your support.

Accidental Deliberations: Light blogging ahead

There’ll be little if any blogging in this space for the next week. (Since we should probably test once and for all whether readers are happier avoiding political talk during the Olympics.)

wmtc: wmtc posts now being tweeted

At the suggestion of a longtime reader – someone I had never heard from before, although he’s been reading wmtc for many years – I will now be tweeting wmtc posts. For some people, this might be an easy way to follow or subscribe to this blog. I’ve been on Twitter for a little while, under a pseudonym, mostly to follow certain feeds, and to ask the occasional question. Now I’ve changed my account name to @wmtcblog. I like how Twitter let me change the name but keep the account; following and followers all stay the same. I suspect following (Read more…)

wmtc: wmtc trolls are alive and as insane as ever

I haven’t been writing much lately, so it’s good to know loyal wmtc readers are still reading every post. Well, one is, anyway.

Yes folks, a full seven years after first appearing in comments on this blog in the guise of a female fan, the freak we call Mags is still spewing his bile on a regular basis. We delete most of the comments without reading, but once in a while, it’s good to share.

For the record, I regard every one of those (nearly) 3,000 victims of September 11, 2001, and their loved ones, among the extremely long list (Read more…)

Accidental Deliberations: Light blogging ahead

Road tripping for the next few days. I may have a chance to post intermittently, but likely won’t quite as frequently as usual. Enjoy the long weekend in the meantime!

wmtc: special update for long-time wmtc readers

In 2009, I wrote this brief history of trolls at wmtc. At that time, the sad man who calls himself magnolia_2000 had been reading and leaving comments on wmtc for about three years.

Now it’s mid-2013, and Mags is still reading. It’s been six years. Six years!! None of his comments is ever put through moderation. Ninety-five percent of his comments are deleted unread. But still, he continues to post.

GaryStJ went away. The guy from the anime forums went away. But not Mags. Allan says Mags is my most loyal reader, and at this point, I can’t disagree.

Autonomy For All: Progressive Bloggers and Meta

I’m pleased to announce my little site was accepted by the good people at Progressive Bloggers as an “affiliate.”  This means my posts will show up in their feed and I’m on their blogroll.  Aside from possibly driving more eyeballs to my work (which has become increasingly Canadian focused as I’m increasingly worried about the direction of our country in the face of the Harper majority and some worrisome long term trends in a way that I wasn’t as worried about back in the Open Left period) my rationale is also to help in my small way increase the

. . . → Read More: Autonomy For All: Progressive Bloggers and Meta

Accidental Deliberations: Light blogging ahead

Off to warmer climes until next weekend, with little or no posting in the meantime. Enjoy the week!

Accidental Deliberations: #skndpldr – Super Happy Mega Fun Pundit Navel-Gazing Post

I’ll have plenty more to add in later posts about the opportunities the Saskatchewan NDP holds under Cam Broten’s leadership. But before this weekend’s convention is too far in the rear-view mirror, I’ll take a few minutes to assess my own analysis of the leadership campaign.

And I’d like to think I had my share of successes.

My first-ballot best guess numbers were closer to pegging the candidates’ positioning than any other poll or source, getting within 3% of each of the candidates’ support levels. And my first-ballot analysis was on target in identifying exactly what Cam Broten needed to

. . . → Read More: Accidental Deliberations: #skndpldr – Super Happy Mega Fun Pundit Navel-Gazing Post

264MHz: Mobile friendly rss feeds for The Toronto Star

The Toronto Star website recently underwent another revamping. In the process the mobile version of the articles seems to have been removed, or at least I can’t access them from my smartphone. Using Firefox mobile leads me to a crazy page by page view that I suspect is design for tablets. Using the Android 2.3 Browser sends me to the desktop formatted page.

I mostly use The Star’s rss feeds on Google Reader for reading. What I’ve done is create a small php script that takes The Star’s rss feeds and changes the article links to the printer friendly

. . . → Read More: 264MHz: Mobile friendly rss feeds for The Toronto Star

wmtc: best of wmtc, 2012 edition

The wmtc greatest hits page has been updated with the best posts of 2012, as chosen by my editor and second-biggest* fan. Thanks for reading, and thank you always for your support.

* My mother, who else?!

wmtc: further thoughts on why i blog: a clarification

My recent post about no longer voting in US elections caused some dismay and upset among some of USian readers. At least one friend interpreted that post as encouraging others not to vote. I was surprised by this – but my friend was surprised that it m… . . . → Read More: wmtc: further thoughts on why i blog: a clarification

Accidental Deliberations: Light blogging ahead

I’ll be largely away from the blog for the next week and a half. Expect only a few posts in the meantime, but I’ll be back to the usual pace before too long.

Accidental Deliberations: Comments

Since Echo’s comment system is being discontinued, I’ve reverted back to Blogspot’s commenting system for now.

Please let me know if you have any issues in posting new comments. I’ll be working on importing previous comments, and will hopefully have all of them together before too long.

Accidental Deliberations: Saskatchewan NDP Leadership 2013 – What’s In Store

While the Saskatchewan NDP’s 2013 leadership campaign officially started last week and at least a couple of the candidates have already made strong entrances, I haven’t yet had a chance to comment much on the contest.

But rest assured that there’s plenty coming, especially with more candidate announcements coming over the next couple of days. In particular, I’ll be setting up a reference page (similar to this one from the federal party’s leadership race) to offer stable links to basic information about the campaign, as well as taking closer looks at the candidates as the race develops.

In the

wmtc: is back!

I am SO happy! My own domain name,, is once again working with the Blogger platform. URLs for this blog will now show the address, as they did many years ago, and I (again) have blogspot out of the blog’s URL.

I registered in 2006, before Blogger really supported custom domain names, and used a cumbersome FTP transfer to get Blogger and to communicate. It worked, but not well. Page-specific URLs (permalinks) wouldn’t publish with the domain; every page showed as You could get the permalink by right-clicking,

. . . → Read More: wmtc: is back!